Customer happiness at heart of Datagraf's range of Enfocus solutions

Enfocus Pitstop Connect

Happy customers are long term customers. This is the ethos adopted by Danish magazine printer, Datagraf, and one the company also uses when choosing its own suppliers. This approach resulted in a strong relationship with Enfocus and the implementation of a variety of automation and PDF preflighting tools.

Datagraf specializes in handling the entire process of producing and developing communication and marketing on behalf of its customers, from start to finish. A key part of the company's total concept approach involves improving consistency and accuracy of file delivery, and enhancing its service offering for customers. Central to this philosophy are the Enfocus tools that maximize productivity by automating many manual tasks and improving the print production process efficiency. "The integrated Enfocus tools streamline our entire operation,” explains Thomas Storgaard, (former) Premedia Manager at Datagraf. “Today, there are less steps in the production process and the set-up works much faster, which means jobs are completed quicker.”

Clear investment path

Datagraf's investment program began with a single copy of PitStop Pro to preflight incoming PDF files and check them for errors. “With the ‘desktop revolution’ people thought they could do everything, but that is not the case – lots of errors can soon add up, costing time and money,” comments Storgaard. “We wanted to introduce a new way of working to eliminate these errors. PitStop Pro has helped us achieve this. We also used the tool to report back to our customers so that they understand what to do and, crucially, what not to do. This speeded up production at our end, and helped our customers be more efficient with their time as well.”

The first step towards an automated production process came with the implementation of PitStop Server, which allowed Datagraf to use a convenient watched folder architecture to automate the preflighting of the incoming PDF files. In a following phase, the company opted for Enfocus FullSwitch and PowerSwitch to eliminate the repetitive tasks associated with receiving and sorting files, and build an advanced workflow that integrates seamlessly with third-party technology. “The Switch family lets us do a lot of the necessary behind-the-scenes technical work. It makes the entire workflow much clearer and easier,” says Storgaard. “

Continuous communication

Datagraf’s latest addition is PitStop Connect. This tool enables Datagraf to set up Connectors containing PDF preflight and delivery specifications and create a personalized level of customer service: “We make the Connectors bespoke to each client, which allows us to work more with our customers. By delivering specific Connectors that match their needs, we make clients feel as valued as possible.”

For Storgaard, the value of PitStop Connect extends way beyond ensuring little time is lost because of problematic PDFs. It helps the company enhance their service to customers. “It is a huge improvement to the way we work. Customers just drag the files they want to send us onto a special icon on their desktop. It’s that easy,” he explains. "It’s such a quick way of working and has proved very valuable – especially when everyone is pushed for time.”

Also the ability to integrate PitStop Connect directly into the Switch workflow was a key factor in the buying decision, as PDF files are seamlessly imported directly into the automated workflow. And because metadata can be linked to the file, all key customer information such as company name, contact email address, number of copies required, is imported as well. "The ability to preflight at the creative side ensures a fully automated streamlined workflow from creation to print. The combined result is a quicker, more responsive operation that addresses our customers’ needs and the market challenges they are facing,“ comments Storgaard.

Flexible solutions

Another benefit of the Enfocus solutions is that they integrate perfectly with other products such as the Adobe CS Suite®. "The fact they can link with anything makes them very powerful,” continues Storgaard. “The solutions open doors for us – they have created a new way of working, enabling us to connect with a wider range of customers.”

Storgaard is unequivocal about the impact the Enfocus solutions had on the way Datagraf operates. “We now work far more efficiently. For example, if someone in the team has to do things three times we talk about how the Enfocus solutions can help reduce the steps. That flexibility in-house gives us the freedom and power to do what we need to do, when we need to do it. And we can make changes without having to go to an external consultant, which means we’re resolving issues quicker and more cost effectively.”

“We have gradually added these tools as the company expanded and our workflow grew," he concludes. "I love the way the products have evolved over the past few years. Enfocus listens to what we need and develops flexible solutions that meet our requirements. Their products are part of the glue that holds Datagraf and its customers together!”

Datagraf has worked with Peter Leth Kjær of InProduction Aps as their preferred partner on Enfocus solutions through the process. InProduction is Enfocus Certified Expert in Denmark delivering workflow consultancy, support and implementation of Enfocus solutions.