DiMS! organizing print awarded 5th certification

DIMS! Organizing Print

DiMS! organizing print awarded 5th certification and another first in the industry- MIS to Finishing

Lichtenvoorde, November 12, 2009-- DiMS! organizing print, the world leader in MIS systems for the printing and packaging industries, announced today, their 5th certification from the Printing Industries of America- the testing body of the CIP4, in MIS to Finishing Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS). With this recent certification, DiMS.NET! is the first and only MIS software to be certified in MIS to WebPress, and also the only one certified in MIS to Finishing. To date, DiMS.NET! is the only MIS software being certified for 5 different JDF interfaces. DiMS.NET! has been awarded the following certifications:

•    MIS to Prepress ICS
•    MIS to Conventional Printing ICS (Sheetfed)
•    Layout Creator to Imposition ICS and Base ICS
•    MIS to WebPress ICS (Commercial Web)
•    MIS to Finishing ICS

DiMS! organizing print is also actively promoting more partnership interfacings, since the control and efficiency these relationships create can be crucial for DiMS! customers’ growth in the industry. This new certification, and the further development of vendor interfaces, demonstrates that DiMS! organizing print is serious about their commitment to JDF integration and enhancing the technology level of which their customers will truly benefit from.

Strict Printing Industries of America testing procedures

In order to achieve all ICS levels of certification, the DiMS.NET! system was required to pass the stringent Job Definition Format (JDF) testing process provided by Printing Industries of America. The DiMS.NET! system is now certified, not only because it creates and accepts job details while running via JMF (Job Messaging Format), but also because it includes within the job ticket all the information and details regarding the job, and then relays this via JDF interfacing to the pre-press and press systems. These systems then interpret and respectively re-build the layout, establish impositions, or send the necessary information to the press. DiMS.NET! improves workflow, is more compliant of two-way communications between capable devices, and increases the ability to communicate correctly to all printing systems.

“We are extremely proud that our efforts have lead to this level of certification”, commented Tonnie Marneth, CTO DiMS! organizing print. “We are keen supporters of the Printing Industries of America, CIP4, and the progress JDF is making in our industry. We have proven to the graphic arts industry that our products operate with the latest technologies available, and we will continue to create opportunities for our customers to further enhance their business performance.”

"DiMS! organizing print is setting new standards for JDF certification in the industry", said Dr. Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. “Their dedication to the advancement of JDF for the industry is commendable.”