EFI Monarch MIS system selected by Denona, Ltd croatian printing company

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Denona, Ltd offers its initial assessment of its new MIS solution from EFI. The software suite includes EFI Monarch, AutoCount and Printflow. Denona also uses Epson SpectroProofer driven by EFI Colorproof XF. According to production manager, Robert Valpotic EFI's MIS system saves the company money, increases productivity and allows Denona to offer customers added value.
With services ranging from graphic design to finished product, Denona's workflow is not easy to manage. Valpotic identified estimating as one of the most vulnerable points in the workflow. Faulty manual calculations can quickly erode the bottom line. He recommended a central MIS system for a variety of reasons.
"Having everything in one system: estimates and jobs, purchase orders, inventory receipts and material transactions allow you to easily locate information instead of searching through lots of papers, and most importantly it allows you to compare real material and production costs with estimated costs for a job. This is really important for every company. It allows you to identify which types of jobs are most cost effective and most profitable and then build a sales strategy around that", said Valpotic.
With 90 employees, located in Croatia's capital city of Zagreb, Denona is proud of its growth over the last 18 years. Valpotic attributed this to staying on top of technology, which allows him to give customers the quality and service they require. Denona produces the full gamut of printed products from books and magazines to posters and leaflets.
"Monarch Foundation provides a comprehensive solution for purchasing, inventory, estimating and job management. One of the biggest benefits is the elimination of mistakes from manual calculation. If a customer requests a new estimate for a different quantity, you can make a revision and have a new price in only few seconds which is 100 times faster compared to manual estimate," said Valpotic.
"AutoCount gives very precise, real-time shop floor production data, which can help in comparison of press operators, for example. We can also identify bottlenecks associated with waiting for plates, paper, etc.
"Printflow improved our scheduler's productivity because it automatically evaluates each job to determine the optimal schedule for each work centre. Printflow optimises the use of employees and equipment, and the best feature is on-time delivery", added Valpotic.
Valpotic also praised EFI's Colorproof XF. The combination of the Epson, a spectrophotometer and Colorproof's linearisation capabilities ensure him his colour proofs are 100% accurate, he said.