El Corte Inglés implements Enfocus Switch 10

Enfocus Switch 10

El Corte Inglés, the leading distribution group in Spain and one of the largest in the world, has implemented Enfocus Switch 10 in its graphic design department. Minimising dependency on external service providers and handling prepress tasks in-house were the main reasons the company looked for a solution to automate its processes and increase quality through standardisation.

El Corte Inglés is a distribution group with department stores, hypermarkets and travel agencies. Javier Rayón, who works at El Corte Inglés' production and advertising department, explains the company’s decision to invest in Enfocus Switch 10: “We wanted to improve our production model, as previously we were carrying out work manually and outsourcing to external providers. We publish a large amount of printed materials, such as catalogues, leaflets, magazines, posters, hoardings, etc. We needed an advanced workflow solution that could help us create an integrated set-up. Enfocus Switch 10 has become the heart of our graphic production."

The Enfocus Switch 10 automation solution can also be used in more complex graphic design environments. Enhanced features include more robust automation, greater depth of data security, and the possibility to derive more value from in-house resources and third-party tools.

Enhancing flexibility and productivity

Integrating Enfocus Switch with Enfocus PitStop Server and other third-party applications such as GMG, callas and Apago, enabled El Corte Inglés to automate its graphic material revision, standardisation and distribution. Rayón explains, “One of the reasons we chose Enfocus Switch is because it’s very flexible and easily adapts to our processes. The solution allows us to standardise quality and cut costs by keeping graphic production processes in-house.”

Despite Enfocus Switch 10 being installed only recently, El Corte Inglés is already seeing a return on its investment and savings of up to an estimated 20%. The company is pleased with the installation as results live up to the expectations. “Our decision to partner with Enfocus was largely based on our trust in the company,” adds Rayón. “As well as explaining the benefits of Switch 10 to us, they encouraged us to speak with existing users of the solution so we could find out how it performs in a working environment.”

For El Corte Inglés, this trust was a decisive factor although they indicate that pricing was also an important criteria. Their confidence in the product and in the company's expertise however were considered most important. Working with the Enfocus experts allows them to get the most out of the solution and ensures responsiveness to possible problems.

For El Corte Inglés, it's clear that the improvement of the graphic production department is only the first challenge of many to be faced in the coming years. According to Rayón, the next focus areas will be the staff's technical expertise and process automation such as the implementation of collaborative tools.

The company is very satisfied with Enfocus Switch 10 as the foundation of El Corte Inglés’ workflow. The solution enabled the company to automate a range of processes, including PDF revision according to the ISO PDF/X-4 standard; adapting colours based on the print type following the ISO 12647 standard; generating different products from a master PDF; file routing and electronic distribution. In the future, El Corte Inglés anticipates enjoying even more advantages from Enfocus Switch, especially in web environments.

For more information on Enfocus, please visit www.enfocus.com

For more information on El Corte Inglés, please visit www.elcorteingles.es