Enfocus announces immediate availability of Connect SEND 11 software

Enfocus Connectsend Jobticketing Screenshot

Enfocus has announced the immediate availability of Connect SEND 11 software which enables graphic arts and print service providers to streamline and automate file delivery from their customers..

Print service providers continue to look for ways to better serve customers and increase operational efficiency. Connect SEND 11 supports print service providers by giving their customers everything they need to submit files without requiring them to remember FTP addresses, web site locations or log-on credentials.

Connect SEND joins the Connect product family, Enfocus’ award-winning, powerful resource for PDF creation, quality control, and job delivery automation. Two versions of the Enfocus Connect 11 product family are already available: Connect YOU offers individuals a desktop application for streamlined PDF creation, verification and delivery. Connect ALL, winner of a PRINT 13 / Must See ‘ems  Award, is designed to provide service providers or large creative groups the same abilities to automatically create, verify and deliver consistently high-quality PDFs.

Michael Reiher, Connect Product Manager at Enfocus, says of this new release, “Our Connect product line is focused on making file delivery easy and efficient in a distributed environment. The release of Connect SEND builds on that goal by giving our customers a way to improve the order submission process for their clients. With the easy commands of click, drag, and drop, Connect SEND makes it so easy to submit a job that your customers might never again think of going to another provider.”

Using Connect SEND, service providers create and distribute pre-configured and branded applets, called Connectors, to customers. Connectors contain all the embedded settings for delivery of PDFs, images, native layout files or any other file type to existing FTP, sFTP, HTTP, Email, or Enfocus Switch servers. Using Connect SEND to deliver files into a Switch-based production workflow automates file receipt, sorting, management and processing, to achieve end-to-end automation. To submit a file, all the customer has to do is drag and drop the files onto the desktop icon; without the usual email and telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct.

Additionally, electronic job tickets can be defined so that all necessary customer and job information is delivered with the production files.

Connect SEND provides an automatic updating mechanism, enabling service providers to update remote connectors with any new settings. The process is hassle-free for service providers and their customers.

Availability, pricing and compatibility

Enfocus Connect is available in three editions: one for individual users, Connect YOU; and two for companies that need to collaborate with many internal and external users: Connect ALL and Connect SEND. For more information, please visit www.enfocus.com/Connect