Enfocus extends Switch 09 family with Update 2

Enfocus Switch09

Enfocus has introduced Switch 09 Update 2, an upgrade of its popular Switch automation software suite. This release includes a new tool for routing Enfocus Certified PDF files depending on their preflight status. It also adds compatibility with the newest features in PitStop Server 10, which was released in October. PitStop Server 10 users can now create workflows to not only preflight files but also to automate transparency flattening with or without preflighting. Furthermore, Switch 09 Update 2 adds four completely new configurators as well as updating some existing ones.

Configurators directly control and automate third party applications that integrate with FullSwitch and PowerSwitch. Enfocus has a growing network of partnerships with other leading software vendors and has regularly added new configurators since Switch was first introduced in 2006. Enfocus also set up the Enfocus Crossroads community of partners, users and integrators, which co-operate to enhance and extend the use of Switch and its configurators.

“In the light of the ‘Enfocus, You First’ campaign we are closely following up on the needs of our users,” explains Elli Cloots, Director of Product Management at Enfocus “For that reason we have introduced four new configurators in this new Switch update. These new configurators are responding to the needs of our customers. A wide range of configurators also reinforces our Crossroads strategy, where we aim to offer a lot of diverse solutions to automate processes.”

New configurators

The four new configurators include one from Dynagram, which is new to the Enfocus Crossroads community, while the other three are additional configurators from existing partners Elpical, ColorLogic and Axaio.

  • Dynagram inpO2: a powerful, modular PDF imposition software solution. By combining the Switch configurator and the inpO2 Automation Module, users can now fully automate their PDF impositions for digital and offset workflows.
  • Elpical Claro Premedia Server: offers a complete image processing workflow for fast processing of high volumes of images. While Claro Premedia analyzes and enhances the images for highest-quality results, Switch automates the management of these images.
  • ColorLogic DocBees Profile Tagger: a special kind of color management preflighting tool that automatically identifies the profile that suits a CMYK separation best. The tool analyzes both TIFF and JPEG image data, as well as CMYK images in PDF files, assigns them the most suitable profiles and, if required, embeds these profiles in the files. The Switch plug-in allows the combination of traditional and advanced color management preflighting.
  • Axaio Made To Print InDesign® Server: a solution for high-speed, high-volume output from InDesign® Server. Axaio Made To Print Server takes care of printing and exporting InDesign documents and seamlessly integrates with Switch which manages those documents and the different exported files.

The updated configurators are for Ultimate Impostrip Scalable Server Edition, callas pdfToolbox 4.5, ProofMaster, Axaio Made To Print InDesign®, Axaio Made To Print Quark Xpress and Enfocus PitStop Server 10. These updates guarantee compatibility with the latest software versions.

Certified PDF tool

Enfocus also added a tool that can route Enfocus Certified PDF files according to their preflight state (error, success, warning and sign-off). This is available for all Switch users (even in LightSwitch), without the need to install third party software.

Certified PDF files coming from Enfocus PitStop Pro, PitStop Server and Instant PDF can be sorted automatically, but Switch users will get the most out of this tool when processing files coming from Enfocus PitStop Connect, a new tool launched earlier in 2010. PitStop Connect allows printers and publishers to ‘connect’ with their customers, supplying them a Connector, a tool to preflight and deliver their PDF according to the required specifications.

PitStop Connect seamlessly integrates with Enfocus Switch. Once files are delivered to Switch through one of the Connectors made in PitStop Connect, they can be sorted depending on the result of the preflight process performed in the Connector. A Connector is a droplet that is created in PitStop Connect and used by a creative to preflight and deliver his PDF file.

"Users of PowerSwitch, which supports metadata and scripting, will benefit even more from this update because handling script expression and picking up metadata has been improved too," points out Elli Cloots.


Switch 09 Update 2 is available now. Existing users of LightSwitch 09, FullSwitch 09 and PowerSwitch 09 can upgrade by downloading a free update from the Enfocus website. Users of earlier versions should contact their local dealers for upgrade offers.

A fully functional (time-limited) trial version can be downloaded from the Enfocus website www.enfocus.com as well as trial versions of all other Enfocus products.