Fujifilm announces powerful new cloud-based web-to-print solution ‘XMF Print Centre’

Fujifilm Xmf

Fujifilm today announces the launch of a new web-to-print solution, XMF Print Centre. Taking advantage of the company’s expertise in online print services such as photobook creation, XMF Print Centre allows print service providers of all sizes to maximise the opportunities provided by the internet to create, produce and fulfil many different types of print and ultimately drive new print revenue into their businesses.

Suitable for both B2C and B2B environments, XMF Print Centre is a fully-featured web-to-print platform that builds on the renowned flexibility and ease-of-use of Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow. It allows a print service provider to easily create single or multiple e-commerce portals tailored to the requirements of individual or multiple customers, and supports a wide variety of printed products including brochures, posters, booklets, point of sale items, calendars, photobooks, newsletters and business cards, to name but a few. XMF Print Centre also features a comprehensive back office administration system for managing all aspects of the online print environment.

The addition of a web-to-print front-end to XMF not only provides print service providers with an online ordering system for their customers that is available 24/7, but streamlines the way many different print services are ordered and fulfilled. This includes the creation of new print jobs, reprints of existing jobs or complementary services such as print distribution. In particular, when coupled with Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow, XMF Print Centre takes full advantage of XMF’s in-built Pure PDF technology and automated print production capabilities, allowing print jobs to be quickly and easily routed to whichever output device is appropriate.

XMF Print Centre has been designed from the outset to be a cloud-based system and is suitable for many different types of print business, from digital sign printers wishing to add an e-commerce platform to help drive a local digital print business, to much larger print businesses utilising a number of different print technologies that wish to add web-to-print capabilities to their armoury and maximise the opportunities of tight integration with a production workflow.

John Davies, business strategy manager, workflow, FUJIFILM Europe, comments: “By introducing a web-to-print solution into our product portfolio, we are now able to offer customers a more complete offering - from selling print through to guaranteeing the quality of the final printed product. Web-to-print is yet another way to increase the efficiency of the delivery of printed products, especially when you consider the automation that is possible with digital printing systems.

“The phrase ‘web-to-print’ often underplays the benefits that an online portal can bring to a print company. Printers should take advantage of a web-to-print solution to provide them with an additional sales and marketing channel and a new way to communicate with their customers. For certain types of work, XMF Print Centre will grant printers access to specialist markets they would otherwise not address, generating new, profitable revenue streams,” concludes Davies.

Commercial availability of XMF Print Centre is scheduled for Autumn 2011. It has been developed for both offset and digital print service providers and is compatible with numerous workflow systems including Fujifilm’s own print production solution, XMF Workflow.