Onyx Graphics & MS Printing Solutions announce collaboration

ONYX Thrive workflow software for the MS-JP3 printer

Onyx Graphics and MS Printing Solutions today announced an agreement to include ONYX Thrive workflow software for the MS-JP3 printer in the graphic market.

This model is the MS entry-level printer, with resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi and print speeds of up to 860 square feet (80 square metres) per hour.

MS chose Onyx Graphics to pair with the JP3 printer in the graphics market, relying on its established expertise with an aim to build a broad synergy for the most popular and innovative print applications.

ONYX software offers maximum performance with a 64-bit platform and the Adobe® PDF Print Engine in ONYX 12. Operators can process multiple files simultaneously and faster while fully utilising the complete 64-bit platform in both the application and the Adobe APPE engine.

With the full power of ONYX software, comes ONYX Thrive, offering high levels of predictability via a pure Adobe workflow. By using the same technology in design and production with the Adobe PDF Print Engine, ONYX Thrive workflow software offers a visual interface with colour-managed previews throughout.