ONYX Hub software brings business intelligence to wide format


Onyx Graphics has today announced the immediate release of ONYX Hub software, the latest product in its ONYX SiteSolutions family. ONYX Hub software is designed to bring real-time, historic and trend data to business owners and production managers, enabling them to make better business decisions.

Licensed through any ONYX Thrive workflow software key, customers can use the browser-based dashboard and reporting features to gain visibility into their entire production environment.

About ONYX Hub software

ONYX Hub software is a business intelligence tool with a browser-based dashboard that provides easy-to-understand data across a print service provider’s entire site, enabling them to make better business decisions. It collects data by job, station and printer, and presents it in real-time for immediate visibility into the shop’s production environment. With up-to-the-minute and historic ink usage and media waste reporting, users can better understand their costs, improve profitability and diagnose areas to increase efficiency. With ONYX Hub software, users can also gain insight through trend reporting to optimise workflow and better manage their business.

ONYX SiteSolutions

Onyx Graphics recognises that modern print shops need solutions that will increase their production and revenue, lower their costs, and increase efficiency in order to compete. ONYX SiteSolutions is a portfolio of products that take a unique approach to giving business owners information about their print jobs, costs and productivity across their entire site. ONYX SiteSolutions addresses the areas of print production, connected workflows, and leveraging data to make better business decisions.


Customers can obtain more information on how to get started with ONYX Hub software through their authorised reseller.