SCA Packaging selects EskoArtwork technology with renewed ArtiosCAD agreement


SCA Packaging, a leading European provider of customer-specific packaging solutions, has renewed its investment in EskoArtwork ( technology by signing a three year maintenance contract to ensure its ArtiosCAD installations are kept up to date. The agreement underlines SCA Packaging’s strong commitment to innovative design and highlights the company’s long-term strategy of using EskoArtwork as its supplier for the structural design of packaging.

EskoArtwork solutions provide latest advances in 3D and animation

“SCA has everything it needs to meet the exacting needs of today’s customers,” says Frank Adegeest, Director Interactive Applications Software Product Group of EskoArtwork. “World-class design demands not only innovation and speed, but also the ability to display the design in 3D, in color and using animation. Our software specializes in providing these capabilities.”

By its nature, packaging requires conceptual work in the 3D world, but the production of packaging is a flat, two-dimensional process. This requires packaging designers to ‘think in 3D’ but translate their vision into a 2D graphic design file suitable for production. In the creative packaging design process, 3D visualizations of a package early in the design phase are a major advantage for design efficiency, testing and proofing. Complete 3D integration within EskoArtwork’s ArtiosCAD allows for quick prototyping of designs and presentations, eliminating communication errors and reducing review cycles and makes creating packaging extremely intuitive.