01 Apr 2020

Four Pees releases v4.2 of PrintFactory and ProofMaster software

Four Pees

Four Pees has released PrintFactory and ProofMaster version 4.2. The update for the PrintFactory and ProofMaster product range includes some new features and fixes reported problems. It also updates the PrintFactory GMG Edition and introduces the earlier announced stand-alone version of PrintFactory Go.

PrintFactory and ProofMaster Editor

The major change in version 4.2 is the removal of the “Quick Production” palette and the streamlined integration of the features it offered. Instead it now features a new “Production Bar” at the top of each document. This new Production Bar allows selecting printer, medium and mode directly in the document window and launching the Driver Settings dialog. With the 4.2 version it is now also possible to print multi-page documents on desktop printers.

In PrintFactory Editor, the Production Bar allows you to select the cutting device. And besides the option of printing multi-page documents on desktop printers, you can now also view a coloured wireframe display of cut layers and perform cutter tool selection per layer.

The new PrintFactory and ProofMaster 4.2 RIP makes it possible to create virtual queues for each cutter device so there’s no longer a need to manually create queues. Version 4.2 also offers some major new features with regards to device and driver support.

PrintFactory Go: stand-alone correction and production preparation

The PrintFactory 4.2 release introduces the earlier announced stand-alone version of PrintFactory Go. PrintFactory Go offers the same job preparation and last minute correction tools the PrintFactory suite has to offer, in an easy-to-use stand-alone application. Whether you need to combine and correct multiple jobs, make edits on colour, masks, shapes, scaling, rotation, mirroring, create tiles or place grommets, PrintFactory Go puts all of the tools at your fingertips. Targeted specifically at digital large format print users, it offers a comprehensive collection of pre-production tools saving time and reducing error and waste.

Prices and availability

Version 4.2 is a free update for all existing 4.x users. An upgrade path is available for users of previous ProofMaster and PrintFactory versions. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

With the update to version 4.2, ProofMaster and PrintFactory are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 – Lion.


New Fiery XF proServer maximises throughput of EFI VUTEk superwide inkjet printers

Efi Vutek Qs2000

EFI has launched a high-performance production solution for the complete line-up of EFI VUTEk® superwide format UV inkjet printers - the Fiery® XF proServer.  Fiery XF proServer offers a platform optimised for blazing fast image processing,expanded software options and support and maintenance that provide a full, end-to-end EFI solution.  The Fiery XF proServer is designed for optimal performance of the Fiery XF software to provide unparalleled RIP speed and printer throughput to increase productivity, performance and efficiency on every job.
Fiery XF proServer is a scalable system that improves printing, production and colour capabilities with its expanded set of Fiery XF options, high-performance hardware platform and integration with other EFI products such as the Pace management system and Digital StoreFront web-to-print platform.  EFI installs and configures the Fiery XF proServer with a VUTEk printer to ensure the whole solution works seamlessly.  An added benefit to customers is a complimentary 13-month support and maintenance plan on software and hardware, including free software upgrades and hardware replacement if needed. The customer now enjoys the benefits of having all pieces of the production workflow from one source - EFI.
Toby Weiss, general manager of the Fiery business unit and senior vice president of EFI, comments, "Our VUTEk customers operate in high volume, demanding environments. With speeds up to six times faster than our competitors, Fiery XF proServer maximises throughput and minimises processing time so customers can increase productivity and ultimately profits. Every minute of a performance gain reduces the VUTEk printer's idle time, which improves efficiency and lowers overhead costs by increasing the usage of existing equipment and resources. The payback of a Fiery XF proServer investment can be as little as several jobs or three hours of reduced printer idle time."
The Fiery XF proServer comes with an extended version of Fiery XF, an industry-leading inkjet production RIP solution. The complimentary second driver option supports an additional inkjet proofer, or smaller production printer, so users can proof one job on a smaller device while printing other jobs on the VUTEk printer simultaneously. This option saves money and time by eliminating non-revenue generating prints on the VUTEk printer, and cuts out unnecessary changes of media for creating a press proof.
Included with the Fiery XF proServer is the Color Verifier Option to ensure colour correct output on both production and proofing devices, by verifying a standard colour control strip or EFI's unique Dynamic Wedge against an industry or custom standard. Job-based, colorimetric correction is possible to ensure customer satisfaction, and reduce expensive trial and error reprints.
The Fiery XF proServer also integrates with other EFI products, such as Pace and EFI Digital StoreFront, to create an end-to-end, automated workflow that eliminates touch points, while improving speed and accuracy. Using JDF technology, bi-directional communication between Fiery XF proServer and select VUTEk printers allows direct job submission, reducing the risk of errors. Pace MIS software can provide important audit information, such as printing time, media and ink usage on VUTEk printers, so customers can manage costs more precisely.
The Fiery XF proServer is available now from EFI and its channel partners.

EFI Pace receives JDF certification for digital printing from PIA

Efi Pace

EFI today has announced that its Pace management system is one of the first in the industry to receive JDF certification for digital printing from Printing Industries of America. Through integration with Fiery controllers, EFI Pace offers end-to-end print shop and production management for mid-sized commercial and speciality printers. Fiery technology and Pace are on display now in GRAPH EXPO booth 2000 (through Sept. 14th, McCormick Place).
With integration of Fiery servers to the Pace MIS via JDF technology, print service providers can take advantage of a seamless workflow, with two-way information exchange.
The Integrated Digital Printing ICS document certification is EFI's fourth certification for Pace, and the tenth across its MIS portfolio. Pace also holds the MIS to Prepress, MIS to Finishing, and MIS to Conventional Printing Sheetfed certifications from Printing Industries of America, the official certification body for CIP4 (the International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress). With this most recent certification, EFI was a beta participant in the programme for Printing Industries of America, helping them build test cases and resolve issues within the testing process.
"With Fiery technology, EFI has a long tradition in digital printing innovation and we areproud to receive the digital printing JDF certification for our popular Pace management system, and to continue to the lead the industry in JDF commitment and actual product integration," said Jay Farr, general manager of EFI Pace. "These certifications are welcome news for our customers, especially those with Fiery servers, who can now increase their productivity with automated workflows, eliminate errors derived from manual keying and improve communication throughout the digital production cycle."
The JDF certification process involves a series of tests - ranging from attribute value tests to full blown JDF job ticket conformance - over several days conducted in the Printing Industries of America's state-of-the-art facility. EFI Pace passed all the rigorous standards of JDF product certification for digital printing and is now certified to create and accept updated job details as the job is running via JMF (Job Messaging Format). The system has efficient two way communication and is able to drive automation in a JDF-enabled digital environment.
"EFI has been committed to JDF from its early days, and we're very pleased to award EFI Pace this latest certification, giving print providers assurance of a smooth JDF workflow throughout their digital operations," said Dr. Mark Bohan, vice president of technology and research at Printing Industries of America.
EFI Pace includes software modules for estimating, scheduling, production, accounting, sales management, and e-commerce, and uses an appliance model that allows for installation and training in a fraction of the time required by other solutions. This advanced, secure system architecture is customisable, XML driven, JDF and ODBC compliant and allows browser-based access from Mac and PC platforms to better leverage emerging technologies that are defining the digital workflow process.
For more information, please visit www.efi.com

Enfocus Switch Named 2011 InterTech Technology Award Recipient

Enfocus Switch 10

Enfocus Switch, the uniquely modular, customizable, and easily integrated automation platform generating excitement among publishing and production professionals all over the world, was this week recognized by Printing Industries of America with a prestigious 2011 InterTech Technology Award.

"Enfocus Switch is exemplary of next-generation technology; where highly advanced, functional components will work together -- reliably and efficiently, in any number of ways -- as determined by the people using them," says Dr. Mark Bohan, Vice President, Research and Technology for Printing Industries of America, and co-chair of the InterTech Award committee. 

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says, "This is a very special year as our parent, EskoArtwork, is another one of the eight recipients being presented with the InterTech Technology Award, in that case for Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves. We're proud to say that we, together, make up a quarter of those honored with the Award this year."

The InterTech Technology Award judges cited a number of Enfocus Switch attributes as standout features; including increased security, vendor neutrality, and especially, cost and time savings. Comments from the judges, according to Bohan, are that "a product like Switch makes sense for virtually everyone", and that it can have "huge impact in transforming businesses."

The judges are also impressed with the company's well-written code sets. "It's evident that Enfocus is utilizing best practice software development given the company's ability to integrate all types of third party solutions," they remarked.

Prudhomme says, in response: "The judges' recognition of our team's coding abilities comes at a perfect time, as we are in the midst of taking our programming to the next level by utilizing a new form of agile development." Prudhomme says the new methodology will make Enfocus even more responsive, more quickly, with up-to-date functionality.

"As robust as Switch is today, it is but a hint of what's to come. We have big plans, and we are all thankful that we have such a perfect platform upon which we can build," Prudhomme says.

"We thank our customers and the InterTech committee for recognizing this work. We are quite proud to be honored this way," Prudhomme says.

Customers Who Nominated Enfocus Switch Said:

"As a commercial printer with a multitude of departments and equipment relying on files from Prepress, being able to control file movement is key. Thanks to Enfocus Switch, it's finally achievable using one software solution throughout our entire production environment."
- U.S. Customer Testimonial #1

"Enfocus Switch is quickly becoming the tool of choice when it comes to workflow automation and focusing on reducing the amount of human interaction with repetitive work. We have embraced this technology and have begun to implement it into several workflows in as many locations."
- U.S. Customer Testimonial #2

"We have a long history working with Enfocus. We already work with Enfocus PitStop Server, so Enfocus explained the benefits of working with Switch. The integration with PitStop Server, as well as Acrobat and InDesign, was important to us. We are very pleased with our integration of Enfocus Switch into our workflow here. Jobs that before were done manually, or repetitive tasks that could not be automated in our previous workflow - such as creating low-resolution PDF files, and then sending them to the customer or converting postscript files to PDFs - are now done fully automated."
- European Customer Testimonial

A closer look at the award-winning Switch technology
Enfocus Switch offers the simplest yet most robust automation backbone for organizations. Available as LightSwitch, FullSwitch, and PowerSwitch, Switch is a modular, open automation platform that gives printers, publishers, ad agencies, and those interested in higher overall efficiency across departments; the tools to accomplish repetitive tasks associated with receiving, sorting, and processing files automatically, thereby eliminating those tasks from the user's scope of responsibility.

Switch enables companies to automate the tasks that don't have added value, and that are repetitive. Automating those tedious tasks allows for more standardized processes, which, in turn, reduces errors, saving time and money. In addition, by giving employees the option to automate those tasks; time is made available for activities that create added value for a company – such as customer service, creative tasks, new marketing and sales opportunities, or simply concentrating on core business services.

New whitepaper further highlights Switch, automation benefits

Enfocus just released a new automation whitepaper entitled The Truth About Automation, which aims to dispel automation myths and further explain the ease of third party collaboration and adoption of Enfocus Switch technology. To download the whitepaper, click here. http://www.helenesmith.com/enfocus-dispels-automation-myths-in-new-whitepaper-the-truth-about-automation/#cforms_captcha2

Hybrid Software opens European subsidiary, Hybrid Software NV.

Hybrid Software

A completely new approach to automation in the graphic arts industry has been launched in Europe following the creation of Hybrid Software NV by American company Hybrid Integration, which has also changed its name to Hybrid Software as part of its recent global expansion programme.  The European subsidiary, which has its headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium, will also be responsible for Eastern Europe and Latin America.  Heading the new company is Jan Ruysschaert, who is well known in the industry for the leading role he played while at Artwork Systems and EskoArtwork.

“For thirty years I’ve worked for major graphic arts suppliers that provided systems and software for pre-press applications and I’ve never come across an approach to integration in the way that Hybrid Software has taken with its Order Lifecycle Management concept,’ says managing director Jan Ruysschaert.  “OLM turns on its head conventional thinking about how to integrate a company’s existing hardware, software and workflows.  By treating integration as a product, printers have, for the first time, the opportunity for low cost of ownership in this area.

“Printing companies, whether they operate in the field of labels, packaging, screen and signage, digital or conventional offset printing, inevitably end up using a mixture of pre-press equipment and workflows as well as planning, accounting, administration software and databases that have been purchased at different times from various sources.  Invariably, these products do not communicate with each other, which often results in significant levels of inefficiency, mistakes and wastage.

“JDF is not compatible with many legacy systems, and traditional integration methods are too expensive and lengthy for many printers to consider.  With margins today generally so tight, even the smallest error in job specifications or graphics can easily eliminate the profit on a job, and Hybrid’s products prevent this by providing a high level of process automation using a printer’s existing production systems.  One North American carton printer cut file-related reprints to zero immediately after implementing Hybrid’s Job Management System™ in its production facilities.”

Over the years, Hybrid has changed from an integrator, to a custom software developer, and finally to a product-driven enterprise software company.  The latest versions of Hybrid’s products will be demonstrated at LabelExpo Europe.  All of Hybrid’s products operate via web browser technology and provide vendor-independent solutions based on industry standards such as JDF/JMF and SQL.

The products can be organised into three main families.  The first of these is FrontDesk, which is the interface between the customer and the printer.  It provides a web-to-print portal that offers customers powerful file upload and download facilities plus comprehensive job interaction, from on-line ordering through all stages of tracking, proofing and approvals to delivery of the completed work.  Optional components of FrontDesk include integrated soft proofing and annotation systems from industry-leading vendors, on-line editing and variable data, and powerful campaign management and store profiling tools for high-volume retail applications.

The second product, FaceLift, provides seamless integration between production workflows, MIS/ERP systems, third-party websites, external databases and other sources of digitally held information.  It enables total transparency of what is happening to the job, between the initial order and its delivery.  Users can create their own templates to encompass every stage of the order’s lifecycle, regardless of the printing process or product being produced.

FaceLift provides a powerful toolset for JDF integration between production workflows, which require very specialised parameters, and MIS systems, which typically have very generic prepress instructions.  FaceLift can act as an intermediary tool to seamlessly map data between these systems without the need for custom programming.

“Hybrid will handle the process of integration for a customer if required, but in most cases they carry out this task themselves via the easy to use tools provided by FaceLift,” says Jan Ruysschaert.  “This is largely why the cost of integration is so low.  In addition, integration can usually be achieved quickly, without the cost and risk of a custom software development project.”  

The third product in the Hybrid portfolio is FileForce, which connects multiple production or printing sites within an enterprise environment, resulting in the ability to benefit from the enormous efficiencies that can be obtained by load balancing and file sharing between sites.  FileForce does not require a centralized file server or DAM system, but instead works in conjunction with local file servers at each location.  File versions can be moved, copied, harvested, scrapped, archived and tracked precisely across multiple sites as revisions occur throughout the order lifecycle.  Files are managed highly effectively at every stage of their life, but they are not altered in any way.

“Hybrid customers range from medium sized companies to large print groups spread over many sites.  As long as the systems use standard database platforms we can integrate them, and we already have close working relationships with MIS vendors such as EFI, Solarsoft, CRC, EPMS and others, as well as content management companies such as ADAM.  Several software and hardware vendors have expressed an interest in working with us, because they see that we bring an important added-value that has previously not been available in such a way.”

Hybrid was formed in Pennsylvania in 2007 and today has around 150 customers throughout North America.  The formation of a European subsidiary in July is part of its plan to expand sales and operations globally.  In September the company will open an office in Germany and by December Hybrid expects to employ seven people in Europe. 

“Hybrid’s Order Lifecycle Management is designed for use in all areas of print, from commercial offset and digital to packaging, labels, inkjet and the screen/sign markets,” says Jan Ruysschaert.  “We look forward to welcoming people to our stand (Hall 7 Stand L125) at LabelExpo Europe, September 28th – October 1st, Brussels.  We will also be at drupa 2012, when we will no doubt be announcing further exciting developments.”

Enfocus announces commercial availability of Switch 10

Enfocus Switch10

Enfocus is pleased to announce the commercial release of Switch 10. As of June 21, 2011, the fully functional new version of the Enfocus Switch family of automation-enabling software is available for users.

New and enhanced features within Switch 10 will give printers and publishers more robust automation, greater depths of data security, and the ability to extract more value from existing information sources and third-party tools.

Switch 10 is available for users directly from the Enfocus website www.enfocus.com. Also a fully functional (time-limited) trial version is available through the Enfocus website as well as trial versions of all other Enfocus products.

View the original press release including comprehensive details of the new version here: http://www.largeformatreview.com/workflow/1904-enfocus-announces-latest-version-of-switch-workflow-software