12 Jul 2020

HP PageWide XL printers now fully supported by ONYX Graphics' product portfolio

hp pagewide xl4000 xl4500 xl5000 xl8000

Onyx Graphics has announced full support for the HP® PageWide XL printer series, through its proven wide-format print software. The HP PageWide XL family includes the HP PageWide XL 8000, HP PageWide XL 5000 and HP PageWide XL 4000/4500 printer series.

ONYX software offers unique capabilities that take full advantage of HP PageWide XL multiple-roll workflows, enabling multiple jobs to be automatically processed for any media type loaded on a printer. Using automated media detection and profile selection, printer operators can process jobs faster and take full advantage of the incredible printing speeds of the HP PageWide XL technology. The ONYX solution also provides full support for all external features including the stacker, collation and folder, for precise, reliable printing on each individual job.

Specifically developed to make wide-format printing faster, predictable and more affordable, ONYX 12 software enables print operators to print jobs right the first time. ONYX 12 software utilises the power of a next-generation, all 64-bit platform to harness full processing capabilities, delivering not just faster speeds but greater responsiveness as well. This version includes a redesigned user interface for easier navigation making it easy to find, view and edit jobs quickly. With new finishing tools, such as bleed and mark placement, combined with full 64-bit processing, ONYX 12 software delivers the printing speed and finishing capabilities needed for an optimised HP PageWide XL printing environment.

Enfocus releases Switch 13

Enfocus Switch LFR

Enfocus has announced a new release of its business automation solution: Enfocus Switch 13. This release gives customers even more tools for flow creation, remote communication and improved speed. It also incorporates a new technology for web browser-based interface, making Switch 13 a future-proofed edition. Together, these features provide businesses with the resources they need to manage their productivity in a smart way.

Since its introduction in 2006, thousands of customers in businesses all over the world have come to rely on Switch to connect their investments in technology into one efficient flow. Feedback and information from these customers has guided Enfocus’ development efforts for adding features and functionality. The three key improvements in Switch 13 include:

1. Building on the first web browser-based interface – a new powerful phase in the history of Switch

Recognising that work does not always happen when employees are on site, the last release of Enfocus Switch introduced new functionality letting users connect to the Switch Server through any popular web browser. In Switch 13, users can now browse, view and sort their Switch log messages remotely. They can filter out the messages that are not of interest to them and keep this filter saved and bookmarked. A video illustration is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8p2-_BIBMg.

2. Improved user experience

Customers reported that the flow documentation tools that were released in Switch 12.3 made it easier for employees of all abilities to work with the technology. Features like description fields for elements, along with coloured elements and connections made flows more clear and recognisable. Moreover, these new tools let users document why, when and how the flows were built and easily access all the information about their flow with one click.

Switch 13 builds on these improvements and goes a big step further. This release includes a new, redesigned appearance with fresh icons and an extra icon for automanaged folders, to provide an easier way to understand the flows. In addition, Switch 13 also includes an invisible grid that makes it easier to align the elements, and avoids the time consuming task of cleaning up the elements after they have been placed. A line-up of User Interface improvements is showcased in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHpAIIqRbRM.

3. Significant Speed Improvement – Updated File Handling tools

Beta users reported significant speed improvements while using the updated file handling tools in Switch 13. Users report that Switch 13 is up to 4 times faster (depending on the configuration) while assembling Job or Hold Jobs, and even 7 times faster (depending on the configuration) while using the Split or Merge PDF tools.

Antje Grüger, Product Manager at Enfocus, says: “After we introduced Switch 12.3, customers told us what a positive impact the new documentation and remote communication features meant to them and their businesses. In this new release, we take those features even further to make sure the new technological additions really make Switch future proof. Customers will find improvements to how flows are created, and will also see new tasks they can manage remotely. We're confident that these features, combined with improved performance, new tools and updated configurators will make Switch 13 a release that customers will value.”

For more information on obtaining Switch 13, please visit www.enfocus.com/switch.

EFI unveils new Midmarket Productivity Suite

efi logo

EFI™ has announced a major release of its Midmarket Productivity Suite, solidifying EFI's ongoing strategy to deliver end-to-end, certified, out-of-the-box business and production workflows. Specifically created to promote the continued growth of mid-sized printing businesses, the latest Productivity Suite offering is geared to enable new business streams, optimise print production and time-to-market, drive efficiency, improve customer service, and grow bottom line revenue. 

Featuring a true end-to-end, modular software offering, the Midmarket Productivity Suite consists of the award-winning EFI Pace™ software as the core MIS and an array of market-leading capabilities including marketing automation, eCommerce, web-to-print, planning, imposition, scheduling, shop-floor data collection, fulfilment, warehousing, shipping, and direct integration to JDF-enabled EFI Fiery® digital front ends. It delivers, out of the box, 17 certified workflows that offer business and production automation for commercial, digital and wide format printing as well as fulfilment.

PRINT NW (www.printnw.rocks), based in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A., has been using the Midmarket Productivity Suite to implement workflows that span web-to-print job submissions, scheduling, tracking and accounting capabilities. By managing processes and analysing data with its EFI workflow, the company's managers found that they could not only do more with the same production resources, but they could also reduce expenses in ways that keep the company highly competitive in the marketplace. 

"Because of the efficient, integrated workflow we have with the Productivity Suite, we are already able to process double the work with the same number of people while achieving better turnaround times," according to Troy Olsen, PRINT NW's systems manager. Plus, the company is establishing a process to send jobs from web-to-print submissions directly to the print queue on its Fiery Driven™ digital presses.

"The Midmarket Productivity Suite helps customers reduce costs and drive efficiency using a fully integrated workflow offering that was built, tested and validated as a single, highly reliable end-to-end solution," said Jeffrey White, general manager, small and medium business products, EFI Productivity Software. "We've made hundreds of improvements to our portfolio as part of the suite design, build and certification efforts, creating a world-class business and production workflow for mid-size print service providers."

The EFI Midmarket Productivity Suite brings significant value to a broad range of printing and fulfilment businesses by providing:

  • Out-of-the-box, end-to-end optimised workflows that optimise users' businesses
  • Certified integration and automation that reduces touches and improves efficiencies
  • Global visibility that makes effective, proactive decision-making possible
  • A solid, modular and flexible software foundation supporting product and profit evolution.

The EFI Midmarket Productivity Suite is available now to new and existing EFI Pace MIS users. Existing Pace licensees can simply upgrade to Release 27.11 to take advantage of the new suite's benefits.

Additional details about EFI's Productivity Suite offerings are available online at www.efi.com/suite. Graph Expo attendees can see the Midmarket Productivity Suite at EFI's booth, #1902, 13-16 September at McCormick Place in Chicago.


ONYX 12 software to make European debut at Viscom

ONYX 12 duo LFR

Onyx Graphics, Inc. will show its ONYX 12 software for the first time in Europe at Viscom, Paris, following its global launch.  The company will demonstrate the power of its latest production and colour management solutions for a wide variety of graphics, textile, décor and industrial print applications at the event which is scheduled to take place between September 29-October 1, 2015.

ONYX 12 is the next generation of the company’s wide format workflow and RIP products that delivers faster RIP performance, a simplified user interface and advanced finishing tools. Specifically developed to make printing more predictable, ONYX 12 software enables print operators to print jobs right the first time.

Next-generation features:

ONYX 12 software delivers better utilisation of memory and hardware when running the latest Windows® OS to maximise the system investment with a modern, proven platform. It utilises the complete 64-bit platform throughout – in the RIP as well as modules – to harness full processing capabilities, delivering not just faster speeds but greater responsiveness as well. ONYX 12 software delivers RIP speeds twice as fast as ONYX 11 software and a more responsive user interface.

A redesigned user interface displays a visual, interactive job list enabling operators to easily find jobs, view printer information, and quickly make edits. Complete job information – including thumbnails – is displayed and can be customised to suit each operation’s needs.

Users can easily produce a variety of new applications, and improve the workflow for existing applications, with the new Bleed function. For example within ONYX 12, users can add borders for wrapped canvas prints, pole pocket trim for banners or top/bottom extensions for pop-up stands without the need to redesign the original artwork.

New finishing tools enable automatic grommet and mark placement for creating prints that are ready for finishing. Grommet marks are accurately placed without manual measurement. Grommet mark size, style and spacing can also be customised.

ONYX 12 software will be available for the full ONYX software product line including ONYX Thrive workflow software, and ONYX ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX RIPCenter RIP software.

Visitors will be also able to see the power of ONYX Thrive at Viscom. This is a full featured, scalable workflow which is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine and optimised for superior performance for all sizes of print service providers. ONYX Thrive maximizes throughput with a high-performance software architecture that harnesses the true scalability of the Adobe PDF Print Engine. It offers the unique ability to add RIP power, independent of adding devices, and ensures printers and cutters are fed at maximum capacity. For example, an eight-core processor computer can be maximized to run eight APPEs simultaneously with no reduction in speed, regardless of the number of printers being driven. Unlimited browser-based Thrive Production Manager provides a real-time dashboard into your print production from anywhere you can access the internet.

SAi launches Flexi 12 with new tools for signmakers and wide-format print businesses

SAi Flexi 12 LFR

SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has announced the launch and worldwide availability of SAi Flexi 12, the most versatile version to date of its flagship software packages for signmakers and wide-format print businesses.

The launch deliberately coincides with the release of Microsoft® Windows® 10 on 29 July, to offer customers the benefits of the latest operating system, and is fully compatible with it, as well as with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.

Not only does Flexi 12 bring new capabilities for print, cut and design, but it bundles existing Flexi features to give users a simplified way to benefit from all Flexi tools. With Flexi 12, there are three primary offerings instead of the previous eight: SAi FlexiSIGN (for vinyl cutting), SAi FlexiPRINT (for wide-format printers), and SAi FlexiSIGN & PRINT (for companies carrying out both operations) – all of which include design tools. These vector design and bitmap editing tools are also available in the stand-alone FlexiDESIGNER add-on.

“The automatic availability of SAi Flexi 12 to users with Flexi subscriptions – at no cost – once again demonstrates the value of SAi’s software subscription program,” said Gudrun Bonte, Product Director, SAi. “Flexi 12 is the future model of software for the sign and digital print market combining a reliable, comprehensive and versatile package with a low price and easy availability through subscription or one-time purchase.”

SAi FlexiSIGN combines all the signmaking and design tools found in earlier product variations.

Among the many new cut features are:

  • View and Change Vinyl Cutting Order – Often a time-consuming problem, this feature enables users to see the pattern in which design objects will be cut and allows it to be changed manually, or optimised by Flexi Design (within the program) for the best speed. It will also automatically optimise the starting point for cutting each object, saving more time and increasing throughput.
  • Animated Cut Viewer Tool – Users are now able to see exactly how designs will cut before actually cutting with an animated preview that shows all blade and cut movement for one or all vinyl colour layers.

New production features with SAi FlexiPRINT include:

  • Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools – Prepare all the finishing aspects of banners with grommet marks, folds, stitch marks and bleeds in a matter of seconds. Automatic bleed setting and marks accelerates throughput and accuracy over manual marking.
  • Job Nesting Alignment Tools – With a single click, alignment controls give fast job nesting placement across roll or sheet-fed media. Jobs can be nested left, right or in the center of the media, or along the edges for faster and easier cutting.

The fully featured Flexi Design application contained in every Flexi product includes among its new features:

  • Artwork Approval Tool – Unique to SAi, this tool provides a faster way of getting designs approved quickly while avoiding confusion. Using their SAi Cloud account, sign and print businesses can send designs to customers. Customers can then approve or make clear annotations on the design through a web browser and return it. Once changes are submitted, sign and print businesses are notified and can either proceed with production or submit a revision.
  • QR and Data Matrix Code Generation – A new QR Code Creator makes it fast and easy to add interactive elements to signage. Text is automatically converted for web links, email addresses, phone numbers and SMS messaging. A series of codes can be created automatically with the Auto Serialization Tool, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

A host of other new features geared toward efficient and precise design, cut and print are part of the Flexi 12 package, making SAi’s flagship software a robust solution for signmakers and print businesses.

“Restructuring the Flexi software portfolio has made it possible to bring together the most powerful combination of tools on the market at a price no other supplier can offer. At a time when competition is tight and jobs are price-sensitive, SAi Flexi 12 offers signmakers and wide-format businesses an established collection of tools that easily integrates with cutters and printers of all types, and extends the capabilities of users,” Bonte concludes.

New Version 12 software packages of SAi FlexiSIGN, FlexiPRINT, FlexiSIGN & PRINT and Flexi Subscription are available now through authorised SAi resellers. Existing SAi Flexi and PhotoPRINT owners can purchase upgrades to SAi Flexi 12 through their dealers. All current SAi Flexi Subscription users automatically receive the new Version 12 software at no cost as part of their software subscription. Visit http://www.ThinkSAi.com for more information.

The licenses of subscription users will automatically be converted into version 12 licenses. Users with traditional licenses for Flexi 11 products will be able to upgrade to Flexi 12 licenses. Flexi 12 is available on both subscription and traditional license bases.

Esko releases Suite 14.1

Esko Suite14 LFR

Esko has launched its Software Suite release 14.1, a comprehensive update of its full Suite of software solutions. Besides a range of functional updates for each of the Suite’s applications, Esko Software Suite 14.1 will be rolling out with Software as a Service (SaaS) and Subscription options that give users greater flexibility, scalability and a lower total cost of ownership.

“SaaS and Subscription models for software are becoming the de facto standard in the software industry,” explains Bernard Zwaenepoel, Esko’s SVP Software Business. “Esko has worked hard to keep pace with customer needs and industry trends, and to bring more value to customers with our Suite 14.1 release. While we have been offering a subscription model for some time for certain software modules, this release broadens the scope of that effort across more Suite 14.1 modules and responds to customer requests for increased cloud-based delivery of Esko software solutions. While perpetual software licenses will continue to be offered, customers now have the option of choosing a SaaS or Software Subscription model if it better fits their operational needs.”

Suite 14.1 sets the benchmark for innovation in user experience

“Esko is dedicated to providing innovative features and developments to the package and label printing industry,” says Zwaenepoel. “With the release of Suite 14.1, we bring valuable new functionality to our current and future customers, giving them the user experience, scalability and flexibility they expect. We’re excited to be providing them greater ability to respond faster to changing market dynamics.”

In addition to a broader availability of SaaS and subscription resources, Suite 14.1 also includes a number of across-the-board enhancements, all developed to maximise ease of use, make implementation faster, improve support and deliver an even more outstanding customer experience.Full details about all new capabilities and features for each of the software modules in Suite 14.1 can be found at www.esko.com/en/products/overview/suite-14/suite14-new/.


Esko Suite 14.1 is available as of July 2015 with a global roll-out during the third quarter of the year. For more information about Suite 14.1, visit www.esko.com