27 Feb 2020

HP announces availability of collaborative ePrint & Share Solution

Hp Designjet T2300 Emfp

Design professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction industries will be able to save time, improve collaboration and reduce review cycles using the industry’s first web-ready large-format printing solution – available today.

The new HP ePrint & Share and HP Designjet T2300 eMultifunction Printer (eMFP) solution allows design teams to easily access, share and print large-format project files online anytime, anywhere.(1) HP also introduced new HP Graphics Solutions Partner Program offerings that come bundled with the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP to help simplify and improve the technical design process.

“In September, HP announced a breakthrough in the way design professionals can collaborate and share information through its ePrint & Share platform and the new HP Designjet T2300 eMFP,” said Santiago Morera, vice president and general manager, HP Designjet Large-Format Solutions, HP. “Today, HP is making this innovative solution available to allow technical design professionals to reduce review cycles and unleash their creativity.”

The world’s most collaborative printing solution

The HP ePrint & Share platform revolutionises the way design professionals manage project workflows. Available for download at www.hp.com/go/eprintandshare, HP ePrint & Share allows architects, engineers and construction professionals to directly scan project files to the cloud, quickly print and access plans from the road, share designs with remote project teams(1) and seamlessly collaborate with design partners around the world.

HP ePrint & Share is available for all HP Designjet customers and will be accessible from the touchscreen of the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP(2) – the industry’s first web-ready large-format printer with scan, print and copy functionality.(1) Designed to match today’s collaborative and mobile work styles, the new printer allows technical design professionals to easily scan and upload documents to the web and to print drawings wherever needed.(1)

Autodesk solutions for end-to-end workflows

HP and Autodesk, a leader in 3-D design software, are providing a completely integrated workflow solution that helps design professionals improve efficiency, collaboration and productivity on every project, from start to finish.

Autodesk software solutions bundled with every HP Designjet T2300 eMFP purchase include:

  • new HP ePrint & Share plug-in, which allows customers to simplify their printing directly from AutoCAD, industry-leading software that offers powerful tools for exploring design concepts and accelerating documentation
  • AutoCAD® Raster Design,(3) which enables the full scanning and vectorisation of sketches, printed plans or blueprints, is one of the leading raster applications for design professionals who need to use or reuse scanned paper drawings to manage, convert, analyse and edit those images in AutoCAD software and applications based on AutoCAD.

“With the new HP Designjet T2300 eMFP, architects and designers can scan existing drawings and blueprints, and then rasterise and vectorise them through AutoCAD Raster Design, and then bring them into AutoCAD for editing,” said Amy Buszel, senior director, AutoCAD Products, Autodesk. “Beginning a project with a CAD file instead of manually creating a design in AutoCAD based on paper files is a much more efficient process.”

Trial version of Scan2CAD software from Softcover

Also bundled with each HP Designjet T2300 eMFP is a 30-day trial version of Softcover International’s Scan2CAD software. Customers who have purchased an HP Designjet T2300 eMFP also will be entitled to a significant discount on Scan2CAD software, version 8.

With Scan2CAD, users can quickly scan drawings and printouts into Drawing eXchange Format (DXF) files suitable for editing in any PC computer-aided design (CAD) program using Softcover’s automatic raster-to-vector and PDF-to-CAD conversion technologies. The program can extract CAD-editable data from a variety of formats, including single- or multipage vector PDFs, single- or multipage raster PDFs, single- or multipage hybrid PDFs (raster and vector), and scanned (raster) images created with desktop/large-format scanners and saved in many standard image file formats, including BMP, CAL, CIT, JPEG, TIFF and PNG.


(1)   Internet connection required.

(2)   Upgradeable functionality planned to be available in 2011. May require an internet connection to the printer. Feature works with any internet- and email- capable device.

(3) Software delivered as a free 30-day trial and requires the 2011 release of AutoCAD software or an AutoCAD-based product.

ONYX Graphics joins initiative to bring JDF standards to wide format printing


Onyx Rip Software

ONYX Graphics, Inc. has joined forces with industry leaders to define open Job Definition Format (JDF) standards for the wide format printing market. JDF is a technical interface standard developed for and by the graphic arts industry to facilitate cross-vendor print workflows.

"Today, our customers maximise productivity and quality using ONYX® Quickset automation and software tools available in every ONYX RIP product," said Danielle Mattiussi, Director of Product Portfolio and Business Development at ONYX Graphics. "JDF further enhances our automation capabilities by extending our connectivity to other JDF-enabled products. This digital job ticket can now be shared between systems automatically, reducing the manual intervention that is required to move a job through the shop. It minimises the expense associated with errors, increasing reliability and ultimately leading to higher quality. We are excited to be a part of the JDF initiative as it gains momentum in the wide format market."

This initiative, under the guidance of the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) is chaired by HP, which introduced a new certification program that enables alliance partners' workflow products – including those from ONYX Graphics – to be "HP Certified for Wide Format Printing JDF Exchange." The initiative is designed to resolve interoperability shortfalls between web-to-print tools, production devices, raster image processors and digital front ends so that they work together to streamline wide format printing workflows for increased productivity. ONYX Graphics is among the first alliance partners to achieve certification through the program. This enables wide format print providers using ONYX Graphics production software products to take advantage of automation tools that reduce costs and differentiate their service offerings.

ONYX Graphics has also joined the CIP4 workgroup and will release certified JDF workflow interfaces for its various production workflow products, starting with an update to ONYX ProductionHouse™ software Version X10 early next year.

ONYX Graphics has worked closely with other JDF alliance partners including Cyrious Software, a leading provider of estimating and business management software, to increase automation of job submission and business information. "Cyrious is very pleased to be working with ONYX Graphics, HP and the other certified JDF partners in what is a natural next step for increasing productivity and profitability," said Cyrious co-CEO Charlie Carter. "Being able to exchange information between Cyrious Control, ONYX RIPs and the other JDF certified equipment and systems will sharpen the accuracy of estimating profitability, increase the visibility and manageability of work-in-process in production, and reduce costly errors."


X-Rite announces new i1 Professional Color Management Solutions

X Rite

X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in colour management, measurement and communication technologies, today announced its new portfolio of i1 Professional Color Management Solutions.  Designed to accommodate all levels of proficiency and expertise, these high performance solutions are specifically targeted to meet the unique needs of photo, pre-press, and publishing professionals, providing exceptional value at very attractive price points.

The portfolio is comprised of i1Basic Pro, i1Photo Pro, i1 Publish and i1Publish Pro.  All four feature groundbreaking new technology and applications: i1Profiler, X-Rite's entirely new next generation colour profiling software; new PANTONE Color Manager colour swatch bridging software; and ColorChecker Proof, a new colour checker chart for direct viewing analysis against a printed target.

"With the availability of our easy-to-use, next generation colour profiling solutions, X-Rite puts unprecedented colour control and robust features into the hands of a broad array of imaging professionals – people who require precise colour in a variety of projects," commented Dr. Sonia Megert, X-Rite's Vice President of Inbound Marketing. "The integration of the industry-standard i1Pro spectrophotometer and today's most powerful colour profiling software ensures tremendous value for our customers. Our new i1 Professional Color Management Solutions are more-than-ever within reach, with features that are designed to accommodate all skill levels, and provide the power and control needed to create the highest quality colour profiles in one, convenient solution."

About X-Rite i1 Professional Color Management Solutions

i1Basic Pro is a fundamental solution for high-end monitor profiling, monitor and printing quality verification, and spot colour measurement. Designed for an imaging professional's unique needs, i1Basic Pro is ideal for an effective workflow in a colour-managed ecosystem. i1Basic Pro includes i1Profiler software, PANTONE Color Manager software and an i1Pro spectrophotometer.

i1Photo Pro is specifically designed for discerning photo professionals to manage their RGB workflow from camera to display and projector to print. Thanks to the iterative profiling capability of the i1Profiler software, professional photo users will enjoy the highest quality colour results that especially target highlight and shadow details and delivers greater colour accuracy for more neutral grays and natural skin tones.

i1Publish (a standalone software package) and i1Publish Pro are the ultimate, fully-featured ICC profiling solutions for graphic arts professionals that need to organise and manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+N (CMYK plus any 4) prepress workflows, complete with new assurance validation and verification functions using digital standards. This includes a display QA function to check soft proofing for ISO (G7, SWOP, PSO, Japan Color) and a printer QA function to check print quality using ISO media wedges (IDEAlliance ISO Control Wedge or Fogra Media Wedge).

i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro include i1Profiler software, an i1Pro spectrophotometer, PANTONE Color Manager software, ColorChecker Proof target, mini ColorChecker Classic target, and ColorChecker Passport camera calibration software. i1Publish includes all of the above except for the spectrophotometer.

About i1Profiler Software

With the new i1Profiler software, X-Rite has developed a next generation toolset that combines the best features of its i1Match, ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER solutions. i1Profiler software offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of digital imaging workflows. It features a number of unique colour management capabilities, adding to users' power and control in creating professional quality profiles. Users can chose between a 'basic', wizard-driven interface; or an 'advanced', user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles for monitors, projectors, printers, and presses.

At the core of i1Profiler is X-Rite's i1Prism engine, whose unique profiling technology lets users build printer profiles for up to 8-colour workflows (RGB, CMYK and CMYK plus any 4). This reliable, iterative technology is extremely robust, allowing for further profile optimisation based on any combination of images, spot colours or captured colours. Users can select from any of the included PANTONE colour libraries, including the new PANTONE PLUS SERIES and PANTONE Fashion + Home. This results in the best possible image quality and colour accuracy.

Using just one software tool, users can optimise their profiles, build profiles with ambient light measurements, compensate for optical brighteners in their papers, and utilise simple yet advanced controls for black separation. i1Profiler lets users save and reuse assets or preferred settings with drag-and-drop functionality - meaning profile generation workflows can be created or shared with others quickly, easily, and efficiently. This exchange functionality also allows users to communicate palette information and other colour data across the office or around the world using X-Rite's Color Exchange Format (CxF) for the most comprehensive digital colour data exchange.

About PANTONE Color Manager

PANTONE Color Manager will dynamically keep all digital PANTONE libraries up to date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe and Quark creative applications.  The tight integration of i1Profiler with PANTONE Color Manager swatch bridging software gives users seamless access to all PANTONE colours for precise spot colour matching, and unparalleled accuracy of spot colour reproduction. It also makes multiple colour space selections simple for easy colour translation to multiple applications and is ideal for photographers that need to shoot corporate ID images.

PANTONE Color Manager includes a unique new feature, which simplifies the creation and distribution of corporate brand style guides.  Designers can include palette information, digital colour data, and output profiles to ensure that their brand colour is faithfully reproduced in any print production process around the corner or across the globe.

About ColorChecker Proof

To help users perform a visual colour evaluation of their results using physical standards, i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro solutions include the new ColorChecker Proof, a 24-patch ColorChecker Classic target precut for direct viewing against a printed target. When used in proper lighting conditions, this offers a much more precise visual verification of output quality, so that the user can quickly determine if any adjustment is needed.

About ColorChecker Passport Software and Classic Target

With the ColorChecker Passport Camera Calibration Application and Lightroom Plug-In, users can quickly and easily build DNG profiles for Adobe Imaging solutions including Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Bridge. This advanced profiling technology, which has become widely adopted in RAW workflows since its launch in September 2009, provides excellent results with just the small 24-patch ColorChecker Classic target included in both i1Photo Pro and i1Publish Pro. It produces DNG profiles that work exceptionally well, even in unusual or artificial light sources. Plus, software auto-detection will locate the target automatically.  Whether shooting with just one camera or multiple cameras, photographers can easily establish an accurate colour foundation and maintain control of their colours.

Pricing, upgrades and availability

The new i1 Professional Color Management Solutions will be available in October 2010 from X-Rite's online store (North America and Europe), and also from the company's worldwide network of resellers. i1Publish will also be offered with two upgrade options based on original solution purchased.

EFI win large print MIS customers


Efi Pace

EFI announced two new print MIS customers at Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago - ANRO Inc. of West Chester, Pa. (USA), purchased EFI Monarch, and The DATA Group of Companies of Canada selected EFI Pace™.

Founded more than 55 years ago, ANRO Inc. are one of the premier full-service commercial printers in the Philadelphia area, providing turnkey printing, mail, fulfilment, and digital communication services.
After reviewing various MIS systems, ANRO choose EFI Monarch to bring efficiency and integrated workflows to its hybrid print environment. "ANRO was looking for a complete integrated solution from the shop floor through to accounting, with the need to seamlessly handle our digital, conventional, wide-format and direct mail lines of business", said David Spinelli, chief financial officer, ANRO Inc. "Monarch fit these requirements perfectly. The fact the system is JDF certified and is backed by the size and financial strength of EFI, we know we made the right choice to move our business to the next level".
The DATA Group of Companies is Canada's largest and most innovative provider of enterprise document management and a leader in digital and specialised print, direct marketing and web-enabled solutions. The company purchased EFI Pace to be used initially in seven of its many facilities across Canada - one commercial plant, one all digital facility and five in-plants, all located in Calgary, Alberta.
Steve Galarneau, president, Western Canada, The DATA Group of Companies, said: "EFI Pace was selected after a thorough RFP process. Its powerful capabilities will allow us to bring consistent workflows to these seven locations, and to improve overall efficiency. We plan to use the API kit developed by EFI to customise the system to our unique needs - a capability that our team found superior to the other providers we researched".
"ANRO and The DATA Group understand the critical role a print MIS plays in the future success of their businesses - without one, it's almost impossible to eliminate redundancies, improve workflows and increase profits", said Marc Olin, senior vice president and general manager of APPS, EFI. "We look forward to working with them to implement their systems and to ensure they fully utilise all of the capabilities in order to maximise their investment".
EFI Pace provides end-to-end, integrated management for mid- to large-sized printing businesses with any combination of digital, wide format and litho operations. Pace is browser-based and JDF certified and is integrated with other EFI products including Digital StoreFront® and Fiery XF.
EFI Monarch is a flexible, powerful, intelligent and automated Print MIS and planning solution for large, single and multi-plant operations. Scalable from five to 5,000 users, Monarch includes an array of intelligent processes with a high degree of functionality and flexibility - capabilities necessary for the efficient management of every work type from the most basic jobs to the most complex projects.


GMG to present version 5.2 of GMG ColorProof

Gmg Colorproof

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end colour management software solutions, is showing version 5.2 of GMG ColorProof for the first time at Graph Expo in Chicago from October 3-6. Version 5.2 incorporates major innovations such as the integration of the new Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 and support of the new Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers. The packaging market will benefit from a number of improvements to the SpotColor Editor.

GMG ColorProof 5.2 is compatible with the completely new GMG ProofControl Inline module, supporting the recently launched Epson 4900, 7890, 9890 proof printers as well as the 7900 and 9900 printers with an integrated measuring device. It provides time-saving, automated verification of contone proofs. Furthermore, the interaction of ProofControl Inline and the GMG AutoCalibrationWizard helps to keep these printers automatically calibrated.

Version 5.2 will be available for purchase at the end of the year.

Integration of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5
The Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 supports the latest PDF technologies and specifications providing, among others, exceptional reliability when proofing graphically complex effects created by any application. The most accurate compatibility with Adobe® Creative Suite 5 is guaranteed.

Improved SpotColor Editor
GMG ColorProof 5.2 incorporates new, advanced tools for expert handling of spot colours,  increasing efficiency by saving time and minimising errors. It is now possible to create a spot colour database with normalised paper tints. Based on GMG MX-profiles, an accurate paper tint can be applied during the process of proofing. A new feature is the ability to export a report showing spot colours, listing the spot colour name, CMYK values, the target and current values, and even out of gamut colours according to current value estimates and delta E.

Support for the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers
With the help of the GMG AutoCalibrationWizard and an internal measuring device, Epson Stylus Pro 4900 (17''), 7890 (24'') and 9890 (44'') printers can be calibrated automatically without requiring any user intervention. The 4900 printer features a super-wide colour gamut for the simulation of saturated spot colours and is very suitable for colour-accurate remote proofing applications. The unique combination of the GMG printer driver, AutoCalibrationWizard and the GMG ProofStandard technology deliver remote proofing with the highest possible reliability and efficiency.

Compared to previous-generation printers, Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers will certainly impress the proofing market with faster print speeds and, therefore, increased productivity.

GMG ProofControl Inline for fully automated proofing
GMG ProofControl Inline is an additonal module for GMG ColorProof 5.2, allowing fully automated proofing and fast, error-free verification of contone proofs on Epson Stylus Pro printers with an integrated measuring device.

GMG ProofControl Inline automates selection of the correct target values and manual printing of proof labels within the Epson printer, making this "seal of quality" forgery-proof. Verification results can be seen within ColorProof, while measurement results of several GMG ColorProof 5.2 installations can be stored in one central database. If proof verification fails, the printer is automatically re-calibrated.

GMG ProofControl Inline is initially available for Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, 9900, 7890 or 9890 printers with an integrated measuring device. Because user intervention is limited, the proof system can be successfully installed at sites where people are less skilled or who have little knowledge of digital proofing - for example, at advertising agencies, publishing offices or marketing departments.

GMG ProofControl, the company's well-known quality control software for digital proofs, is still the proof system of choice, consisting of GMG ColorProof 5.2 and proof printers that do not have an integrated measuring device. In facilities with different types of proof printers, GMG ProofControl Inline can be used along with version 1.5 - or more recent versions - of GMG ProofControl.

According to Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG, the implementation of the latest features in GMG ColorProof 5.2, "fits the users' growing needs for more automated proofing workflows, very easy use of any software, and continually higher demands on productivity - as time and cost savings are more and more becoming crucial factors of company success. We are therefore convinced that our new version 5.2 represents a milestone in this direction while delivering GMG's renowned, highest possible contract proofing quality and production reliabilty according to our stringent quality standards."

GMG Color Management software supports the Mimaki UJF-706 inkjet printer for colour-accurate packaging proofing and mock-up creation

Ujf 706 Mimkai

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end colour management software solutions, and Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets today announced that the GMG ColorProof proofing solution will be available shortly for the Mimaki UJF-706 inkjet printer. This new joint solution from GMG and Mimaki, enabling high-quality contone and halftone proofing applications, is being demonstrated for the first time from October 5-8 on the booth of Mimaki 5i-21 at Tokyo Pack 2010.

The strategic partnership of both companies provides highly innovative solutions for high value packaging applications. The latest combination of the Mimaki UV UJF-706 inkjet printers, supported by the GMG ColorProof contone and GMG FlexoProof/DotProof halftone proofing solutions, allow for best quality packaging proofing on original substrates, creation of colour-accurate mockups and label prototypes as well as personalised short run production. White and varnish are also supported. The costs per proof or mockup produced digitally in this way are much lower than produced with analogue proofing systems.

Due to the unrivaled GMG colour management technology, GMG ColorProof, FlexoProof and DotProof are able to achieve perfect colour match, optimum spot and process colour reproduction as well as the highest repeatability and consistency. GMG FlexoProof is highly suitable for the digital production of mockups where the visualisation of final print characteristics such as substrate structures or register fluctuation is required. GMG FlexoProof and DotProof process not only industry standard data formats, but also the original 1-bit data of the imagesetter RIP. These data are colour-profiled, retaining the original screen information, and output on inkjet printers in contract-proof quality.

The Mimaki UJF-706, designed for industrial digital printing applications, prints directly on flexible and rigid substrates up to 15cm thickness such as metal, tin, acrylics, glass, styrene, PET, polycarbonate, shrink film and PLA, as well as coated and uncoated papers. With the roll-to-roll option on UJF-706, it is possible to print on thin packaging film (minimum 0.025 mm) with the highest precision currently in the market.

"The close integration between the Mimaki UJF-706 printer and GMG colour management technology represents a great leap forward with regard to our partnership and joint customers," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG. "The new solution will enable users to implement highly demanding packaging applications for high-end proof and mockup production based on any original substrate. The further strengthening of our technological collaboration helps both companies to meet the steadily growing challenges in packaging printing such as very short product life cycles and therefore great pressure in time during design and approval processes."

Mikio Noguchi, Executive Vice President of Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. adds: "Compared to very expensive and time consuming press proofs or analogue proofing, we are very pleased to offer the offset, gravure and flexo packaging industry a new time and cost saving complete solution for digital proofing and short run production. Due to the advanced GMG colour management we are able to guarantee maximum colour accuracy, repeatability and reliability in daily production."