16 Dec 2019

X-Rite and Pantone Showcase Complete Line of Print and Pre-press Color Management Solutions at Graphics of The Americas

X Rite

X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in colour management, measurement and communication technologies, and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone, the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries, today announced that it will showcase its latest line of print and pre-press colour management solutions at Graphics of The Americas – February 25-27, 2010 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.

Graphic of The Americas visitors will also be able to attend a speaker session led by one of X-Rite’s pre-eminent color experts for the Latin American markets: Helmut Schubart. Entitled “Untangling the Color Pretzel Seminar” this session will look color space selection and color sample strategies. It will take place on Friday, Feb. 26 from 10:30am to 12:00pm in the Expo Theater, right on the show floor.

Together with leading Latin American distributor Printex, X-Rite (booth 632 and 634) will be displaying and demonstrating a number of design, prepress and print workflow solutions including:

EasyTrax: a semi-automated, highly affordable quality color control solution for smaller format color presses or those working in a primarily process color environment. It is ideally suited to meet the needs of printers who regularly monitor press runs to ensure they precisely match their customers’ quality requirements, and meet industry specifications and standards. In addition, EasyTrax’s laser alignment method makes it quick and easy to line up the color bar for fast scanning. The unique error detection system will alert the user if the color bar was not properly aligned, ensuring accurate, repeatable results every time.

SpectroEye: this portable, handheld spectrophotometer offers all the functions necessary to accurately measure and control color. It also features all the density measurement functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color thickness on-press. SpectroEye integrates digital versions of the most popular color libraries such as the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and the PANTONE Goe System.

530 SpectroDensitometer: the latest version of the 530 model spectrophotometer now comes pre-loaded with ISO 12647-2 and G7 process control standard databases and characterization data and the digital version of the PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE, Coated.

iCPlate2 and PlateScope: X-Rite’s plate control solutions offer the industry’s highest level of accuracy, repeatability, and imaging range, including extreme highlights and shadows. Featuring new firmware and software that support the latest screening and plate technologies and the FOGRA measuring bar standard, this latest version of plate readers offers unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability for the latest plate screening technologies. X-Rite’s plate control solutions support all current screening technologies including AM, FM, XM and hybrid screen types. iCPlate2 and PlateScope are ideal for customers who are disciplined about process control, printing to standards such as SWOP™, Gracol (G7™), FOGRA or ISO, or who are coordinating output between multiple CTP devices.

i1iO Automated Scanning Table: an automated chart-reading scanning table that allows users to measure substrates up to 10 mm thick, including photo paper, fine art rag, cardstock, textile, poly bag and even ceramic. Upgrading to the i1iO is ideal for anyone seeking increased automation. Providing fast measurements for reflective test charts on these types of substrates, i1iO reads more than 500 patches per minute, creating custom profiles in no time.

i1iSis XL with OBC: the i1iSis automated chart reader takes speed and accuracy to new levels. Available in two sizes – standard, which reads A4+ or letter size, and XL for A3+ or tabloid size – i1iSis reads up to 2,500 patches printed on a single A3 page. Its unique vision system automatically corrects chart misalignment and interprets bar codes to prevent chart identification problems. When used in conjunction with ProfileMaker 5 or MonacoPROFILER software, as well as the new Optical Brightener Compensation module, i1iSis is ideal for high-end applications requiring consistent color measurements and visualization of printed output, avoiding time wasted hand-scanning rows or reading individual color patches.

ProfilerMaker 5 Platinum: Allows users to build high-quality, reliable and custom ICC profiles tailored to their requirements. ProfileMaker5 Platinum combines all the key features and flexibility of previous editions of ProfileMaker 5 Photostudio and ProfileMaker 5 Publish, and now also includes the Multicolor plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop™ to simplify color separations and proofing.

MonacoProfiler Platinum: Offers customers expert profiling, diagnostics and editing tools for all of their input and output devices. Delivering precise color output for any technology, MonacoPROFILER supports up to 8 inks and 8 discrete colors, providing the flexibility to color-manage wide-gamut, extended color printers.

Judge II with split lighting to show OBC: The Judge Lighting System is an invaluable tool for evaluating color quality and uniformity. This compact visual evaluation system combines exceptional versatility and quality, in a construction that will meet users’ needs.

ColorMunki Design: this groundbreaking color control solution makes it easier than ever to get accurate color on a display, projector or with virtually any printer. It allows users to grab colors from just about anywhere, including their entire image library. Users can preview how the colors on their palette will look under different light sources and also see how they’ll appear on their printer with the new PrintSafe™ production tool.

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM: the international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors.

PANTONE Goe System: features 2,058 new, solid PANTONE Colors to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of the fast-changing, technologically advancing graphic arts industry. Also includes modern tools and interactive software to drive collaboration and improve versatility in an increasingly global, multimedia environment.

Throughout the show, X-Rite and Printex will be running limited time offers and promotions for all new purchases initiated during GOA.


Caldera Releases Version 8 of its RIP Software



Caldera Graphics has launched its new V8 software version optimised for X-Rite iPrism and the Adobe PDF Print Engine.

The new Version 8.0 includes:

The Adobe PDF Print Engine option enables integrated, end-to-end PDF workflows for printing graphically rich content, including variable content for personalised publishing. The Caldera print solutions powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine allow PDF files to be rendered natively, without conversion to PostScript, helping to ensure that complex designs and transparency effects.

i1Prism, the new X-Rite Color Management engine, contains a new ICC Profile generator that enhances Color separation and Color matching in the Caldera print workflow. With this option, users will benefit from the last state-of-the-art algorithms to print colors that were not reachable with previous profilers with a higher accuracy than before. Smoother and larger gamuts will provide an extended and better color matching. The deep collaboration between X-Rite and Caldera developers has allowed a complete adequation between the needs of Caldera end-users and the power of i1Prism. The new version of Easymedia will bring end-users an incredible color experience.

EasyMedia (Caldera's profile creating software) has two new tools for evaluating the quality of a profile and comparing profiles. The Gamut Viewer is a 2D view of the gamut of a profile in the "ab" subspace (of Lab), with a slider for modifying L in real-time. The gamut viewer can also display measurement data (LAB values measured on the ICC target) as single isolated points. This is an interesting feature allowing one to check if the profile has missed some colors. The Color Analyzer tool displays statistics about how the profile renders different colors, each grouped into different (predefined) color sets. For each set, you can visualize the average LAB deltaE, meaning the expected color difference and the percentage of in-gamut colors. For example, there is a "Pantone set" containing all Pantone solid coated colors, so one can immediately know how many Pantone colors are in-gamut.

The Caldera Image Bar now manages multiple "Tabs", allowing one to organize his work much more efficiently. The Image Bar Tabs are folders containing a certain number of images, either opened in Fileman, created with Compose, Tiling+, etc... It is possible to create new tabs, rename tabs, delete tabs, etc... But also to move/copy files very quickly from one tab to another by simple drag-and-drop or by using the corresponding entries in the menu.

Caldera is now full UTF-8. This means that the standard universal encoding (already used on Windows and Mac) is now implemented in place of the obsolete ISO-8859 system (or KOI-R in the case of Russian). This will solve problems of accentuated characters in file names, which are usually displayed as strange hieroglyphs in Caldera. This will also permit Caldera to support any language in the future, including multi-byte ones (Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

The automatic printer detection feature allows the printer drivers to broadcast over the network (or parse the USB ports in the case of an USB printer) to automatically find the IP address and port number of the printer. All newly installed drivers will have, by default; the "Auto-Connect" flag set.


Quark Offers Printers Free QuarkXPress 8 and Priority Technical Support


Quark Bogof

Quark has announced special offers that allow eligible printers to join Quark output provider programs at no cost. Adobe Service Network (ASN) members, current QuarkAlliance members, and printers interested in Quark Promote are invited to take advantage of complimentary QuarkAlliance and Quark Promote memberships. Membership benefits can include priority technical support, a free copy of QuarkXPress 8, increased market visibility, and potential revenue opportunities.

"At a time when some in our industry are moving away from print, Quark is aggressively maintaining its investment in this community," said Cyndie Shaffstall, director of QuarkAlliance. "There is a significant opportunity for printers to take advantage of the booming Web-to-print industry, as well as traditional revenue streams. I invite output providers to join one of our programs right now at no cost."

There are a variety of ways output providers can participate in the special program enrollment offers:


  • Existing ASN members that register now will receive a complimentary one-year enrollment to both the QuarkAlliance Output Provider Program as an Authorized Partner and the Quark Promote Output Provider Program (US-only) as an Authorized Partner (at the provider's discretion).
  • Current members of the QuarkAlliance Output Provider Program are eligible for a complimentary one-year membership renewal that now also includes enrollment in the Quark Promote Output Provider Program.
  • All output providers are eligible for complimentary enrollment in the Quark Promote Output Provider Program.



Wasatch Releases Support for the HP Designjet L25500



Wasatch Computer Technology has released support for the new HP Designjet L25500 printer. Drivers for this new latex printer are included in the January 4th release of Wasatch SoftRIP and the Wasatch SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition.

In addition to providing support for the HP Designjet L25500, the full-featured SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition now includes support for all the older HP solvent printers at no extra charge. With a suggested list price of just $1,495, it is a powerful and cost effective way for SoftRIP users to manage all their HP Designjet printers with a single RIP. Click here to learn more about the HP Exclusive Edition.

With its 16-bit color rendering pipeline, Precision Stochastic Screens halftone method, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP helps HP users achieve excellent color and high quality output. SoftRIP also includes features for sophisticated color management, intuitive direct-to-layout workflows, and automated Smart Nesting, making it the perfect solution for any production environment.

The following drivers are also included in the January 4th release of Wasatch SoftRIP:


  • Océ Arizona 250 GT driver (special registration code required)
  • Vinyl Express Qe60+ cutting driver (Contour Cutting code required)
  • Updated Konica Minolta Nassenger 6 driver to fix a problem with the Interleave control in certain resolutions
  • Updated Infiniti America drivers to add an option to launch the manufacturer's controls from the printer properties page
  • Updated Graphtec FC-8000 driver to add the cross-cutting feature
  • Updated Graphtec FC-7000, Graphtec FC-8000, and Vinyl Express Q-Series drivers to address an issue with manual registration
  • Updated Dilli NeoTitan 1606ws and NeoTitan 1606vs to include the "auto-generate White from traced areas" option

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8



Software specialist ColorGATE provides for greater productivity in latex printing with two special editions

Colorgate For Hp Latex L25500

On the topic of latex printing, industry experts are currently just as enthusiastic about the new HP Designjet L25500 as about the universal Productionserver 6 software RIP from ColorGATE, which was just recently the world’s first RIP solution to score full points in all the categories in the Hewlett Packard certification process. And it’s no wonder: after all, no other RIP software supports the functions and application range of the innovative printer series for indoors and out better and more extensively than the ColorGATE solution. Productionserver 6 is already able to optimally accommodate even the latest HP concepts, such as concatenating (the automatic sorting and grouping of jobs according to the printing mode) or Professional Pantone Emulation (HP PPE) for superior reproduction results.

And with two new special editions, ColorGATE makes software investment decisions even easier than ever before for all types of users – because the PS6 HP L25500 Best Price Edition as well as the HP L25500 Producer Edition offer such great value for money that they are very hard to beat.

Excellent value for money

Both packages include the newest generation of the universal production RIP Productionserver, which now allows four times the productivity in printing data generation thanks to the automated allocation of available RIP processes with the unique Integrated Parallel Process Manager and, of course, the printer driver that has been specially customized for the HP DesignJet L25500.

And even the Best Price Edition already includes such ColorGATE high-performance modules as the Container for the versatile creation of collective jobs; the Producer Edition, which has been specially designed to meet the needs of cost-conscious power users, is able to boast, among other things, a module to drive the integrated spectrophotometer of the L25500 to facilitate the creation of high-quality ICC profiles and the sensational Ink Saver, a new ColorGATE development that reduces ink costs by up to 30 percent and offers significantly improved grey balance.

Users of earlier versions of Productionserver also have good reason to smile: ColorGATE has tied up an equally attractively priced PS6 HP L25500 Special Upgrade bundle expressly for them. Detailed information on the editions can be found at www.colorgate.com


Wasatch SoftRIP TX Provides Seamless Solution for Italian Fine Fabric Manufacturer

Robustelli Monna Lisa

Wasatch SoftRIP TX has been instrumental in helping Canepa Tessitura Serica, a fabric manufacturer in Como, Italy, produce fine fabrics for clothing, accessories, furniture, and more. Since they began digital textile printing, they've been using SoftRIP TX because of its overall quality, advanced color management tools, and powerful features for textile printing.

Equipped with eight Konica Minolta Nassenger and four Robustelli Monna Lisa printers, the Canepa inkjet department works around the clock producing fine fabrics. "The 16-bit color rendering pipeline gives us perfect gradients, even when we're working with large pieces of fabric," said Egidio Pigozzi, inkjet department manager. "The powerful tools in SoftRIP TX, as well as the excellent technical support we receive, help us produce the fine fabrics we're known for."

"We've used Wasatch since we began digital textile printing," said Egidio. "Because of its overall quality and the ability to control ink drop size for lower ink consumption, SoftRIP TX was the obvious choice for us."

Staying on the cutting edge of design and technology has helped Canepa Tessitura Serica become one of the strongest silk companies in Italy. The powerful textile printing features in SoftRIP TX, such as specialized re-sampling and halftoning that eliminates seams between repeats, the ability to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it in the software, and robust color management tools for maximum quality control, help Canepa stay ahead of their competition.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8