11 Jul 2020

Enfocus PitStop Connect takes problems out of PDF transfers for Strandbygaard Grafisk

Enf Pitstopconnect Boxshot

Smart tool builds communication bridge and enables Danish printer to receive print-ready, preflighted PDF files


Strandbygaard Grafisk A/S, a leading Danish print company, invested in Enfocus PitStop Connect to streamline PDF transfers from its clients. The software, just launched at Ipex 2010, enables the Danish printer to receive PDF files –already preflighted– directly from its clients. The new streamlined workflow reduces communication efforts by 25-40%, saving valuable time and resources and boosting production efficiency significantly.

Strandbygaard Grafisk A/S, a family-owned and operated print company, has been serving the Danish market for more than 100 years. Like many printers, the company has seen a gradual shift over recent years towards PDF for printing, with more than 95% of files received today in that format. Unfortunately, many of those PDF files fail preflight scrutiny. A series of communication loops between the printer and creative is then required to resolve the issues and make the file print-ready. To solve this problem and streamline the workflow, Strandbygaard Grafisk invested in PitStop Connect which eradicates errors in PDFs before they reach the printer.

“Before we installed PitStop Connect, 25% of PDFs received failed our preflight checks,” says Allan Bernhard, Prepress Manager at Strandbygaard Grafisk. “We spent a lot of time going back and forwards to the client to resolve the issues and this just soaked up valuable time. Now, when creatives attempt to send a file, the Connector first conducts a preflight check. In case of errors the creative receives a preflight report identifying the problems that need attention. In some cases we even allow our creatives to sign-off on certain errors and still allow a file that failed preflight to be delivered."

"Almost every file we receive now is print-ready, and we’ve reduced our communication efforts with customers by around 25-40%," Bernhard continues. "We’re extremely happy with the improved workflow and our customers see a real value-add as well.”

Integration with Switch workflow

The company works with a number of Enfocus solutions – including PitStop Pro, PitStop Server and Switch – for more than a decade. The ability to integrate PitStop Connect directly into the Switch workflow was one of the main drivers behind Strandbygaard Grafisk’s decision to invest in the new software.

“Enfocus Switch is the backbone of our automated prepress workflow for some years now,” explains Bernhard. “Because PitStop Connect integrates seamlessly with Switch, PDF files are imported directly into the automated workflow. And because metadata can be linked to the file, all key customer information such as company name, contact email address, number of copies required, etc. gets imported as well. With preflight now carried out at the creative side, we have a fully automated streamlined workflow: from creation to print – which boosts production efficiency with no end.” 

No charge for printer’s clients

Unlike the click-based pricing models used by competing products, the Enfocus PitStop Connect is available for a one-off fee of €3,999 – irrespective of the number of users.

“The pricing model was also what did it for us,” says Bernhard. “We could have equipped every customer with PitStop Pro, but that would have proved too complex and too expensive for most of them and on top they would be able to deliver files to other printers as well. With PitStop Connect, they simply download the software on to their desktop. When they have a PDF ready to send, they simply drag and drop it on to the 'Connector' and press 'go'. They pay absolutely nothing and from our end we know in advance exactly what the costs are.” 

Powerful marketing tool

PitStop Connect can also be branded for an individual print company. “We will definitely take advantage of the branding feature,” says Bernhard. “With PitStop Connect we offer clients simplicity and a hassle-free way to get their PDFs to us. It's a real added value for them and we want to ensure they associate that value with Strandbygaard Grafisk. It’s powerful marketing.”

Strandbygaard Grafisk purchased PitStop Connect through Peter Leth Kjær of InProduction ApS, Enfocus’ Danish Certified Expert. InProduction delivers first line of local support for all of Enfocus’ solutions in the Danish market and also provides workflow consultancy services to its clients.


Caldera to present the new V8 solution on multiple FESPA booths

Caldera V8

Besides the  Caldera official booth (#379), Fespa 2010 will allow visitors to see the largest spectrum of machines and applications ever, driven by the widely known and many times awarded caldera solutions. It is unique in the recent history of that market that so many manufacturers are relying on Caldera range of products in order to run their respective printer range.

  • On booth B1-260, Durst will display a high-end Rho 1000, a new Rho 750 recently released and a brand new printer model that will be officially released on fespa 2010, all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ including the new APPE rip engine
  • On booth B2-360, Epson Europe will run an eco-solvant Stylus Pro GS 6000 printer for high quality vinyl & textile printing driven by Caldera VisualRIP+, including the new n-color engine for the support of Orange & Green inks. (il faudrait lui trouver un nom !)
  • On booth 2B-145, Fotoba, the Italian X&Y cutter manufacturer will run a Mutoh Blizzard and a HP DesignJet L25500 with VisualRIP+, including the exclusive Nest-O-Ba option that is nesting jobs in an optimized way for the fotoba cutter and adding the adequate registration marks on the fly for a fast and efficient job finishing
  • On booth B1-449, Gerber will show an integrated print-to-cut workflow made of the new Gerber IonZ and the M-Class flatbed cutter driven by GrandRIP+ and GrandCut option
  • On booth B2-460, Grapo will show for the first time the Manta White & the Shark printers driven by a Caldera GrandRIP+ solution
  • On booth B2-120, HP Scitex will show the new UV flatbed HP Scitex FB500 recently released on Ipex, the new HP Scitex LX800, the XP, TJ all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+
  • On booth B1-169, Inktec, the Korean ink & printer manufacturer, will run the UV Floatbed Jetrix 2513RQ and a new printer model to be released for Fespa with GrandRIP+ using the exclusive feature for the management of extra channels such as White, Varnish & Primer.
  • On booth B1-360, INX International will run some eco-solvant printers using Triangle inks with Caldera VisualRIP+. All calibration process will be done through the integrated ICC profile builder EasyMedia, involving the brand new i1Prims technology from Xrite.
  • On booth B1-371, Kip Europe will display the unique large format color laser printer Kip Color KC 80, driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ for billboard applications, and a brand new printer to be released on Fespa.
  • On booth B3-627, Matan will show the new Barak HS, taking full profit of the Caldera GrandRIP+ strength of processing in order to output at the top speed of 353 m²/hour.
  • On booth B3-320, MTL Print will propose the Meital 304/D, a UV Flatbed printer with a remarkable dual table architecture, driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ taking full profit of the unique grayscale management developed by Caldera.
  • On booth B2-165, Mutoh will drive every printers available on the booth with Grip+, the exclusive OEM Version of Caldera VisualRIP+. Visitors will be able to see regular eco solvent & UV printers made by Mutoh such as ValueJet, Zephyr, Blizzard, Spitfire, Viper. Recent textile printers will be driven by the special Grip-TX edition, including Viper TX & Viper TX SoftSign.
  • On booth B1-140, Seiko Instruments Infotech will run a total of seven mild-solvant printers with Caldera VisualRIP+ on a set of vinyl and banner medias.
  • On booth B2-175, SwissQprint will show the high end UV flatbed Oryx printer driven by Caldera GrandRIP+
  • On booth B3-467, Teckwin will show the new TeckPro UV 3200, a roll-to-roll UV printer, and a TeckStorm TS300 UV flatbed printer, all driver by Caldera GrandRIP+ :
  • On booth B3-184, Sun-Nsk will display for the first time some of its UV Led printers driven by a Caldera GrandRIP+ solution
  • On booth B3-120, Zund will display the new ZCC cutter contoler in connection with the integrated print-to-cut workflow made of Caldera GrandRIP+ and the GrandCUT option. It is illustrating the natural integration of the print –to-cut workflow from Caldera to the leading flatbed cutter manufacturers controllers.

“The Caldera presence through so many different partners proves the highest value proposal of Caldera solutions when it is about to drive high level printers on a wide range of application. “ says Valery de MARCH, OEM Director

Caldera launches New Caldera EASYCOLOR spectrophotometer at FESPA 2010


Caldera Easycolor

Caldera will be launching a new improved spectrophotometer at the FESPA 2010 in Munich.

The Caldera EASYCOLOR, an OEM version of the Barbieri SWING, has a new design, is faster and will be positioned under 3 000 euros. Thanks to several improvements the new device is approximately 30% faster than its predecessor.

“The EasyColor is the ideal measuring device to enter into the professional world of color management. Measuring a wide range of media (as long as it is flexible and thin) and getting most accurate color is a breeze. Once started, a measurement it does it fully automatically. This is for both, reflective and transmissive media” says Wolfgang Passler, Marketing & Sales Manager of BARBIERI electronic.

The Caldera EASYCOLOR, an affordable, easy to use, versatile and reliable calibration automatic device is built to achieve top quality prints from digital output devices. It is a solution for linearization and profiling of photographic and wide format output devices for flexible reflective AND transparent materials with a thickness up to 0,7mm.Target markets for the device are aqueous and solvent large format inkjet printers, entry to mid range UV flatbed printers, packaging, proofing, fine art printing and prepress.

“We believe the EasyColor corresponds to what our clients need: an easy to use yet powerful color calibration tool at a nice price. It is a complete solution for automated profile creation.” says Sebastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing at Caldera.

The Caldera EASYCOLOR is driven by EasyMedia, Caldera’s integrated color management, color calibration and profile making solution.

EASYCOLOR specifications:


  • Able to measure flexible materials with a thickness up to 0,7mm (paper, banner, canvas, canvas cover for trucks, backlit, film, etc.)
  • Able to measure targets with up to 3000 patches
  • Able to measure the ECI2002 and IT8/7.4 chart in original size
  • Measuring aperture :Reflection 2mm (0.08 in) and Transmission 2mm (0.08 in)
  • Measuring speed : ~10min. for 1248 fields
  • 3 reading modes : Automatic measurements, Spot measurements, Density measurements
  • Dimensions : 500 x 240 x 110mm
  • Weight = 4kg



Wasatch Announces New Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens



Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens (WPRS) have been fundamental to helping SoftRIP users produce high-end separations on inkjet printers. Their freedom from rosette failures and tonal quantization problems on inkjets remains unmatched, while SoftRIP's support for hybridization with FM plates has been a powerful tool for control of moiré. Wasatch Computer Technology is now pleased to announce an entirely new hybrid screening option, available only in Wasatch SoftRIP SP, that provides users with state-of-the-art halftoning.

Wasatch's new Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens transition from AM to FM methods at a minimum dot size. At densities above or below these thresholds, dots are held to that minimum size, and density is reproduced by removing dots in an FM or "stochastic" pattern.

This technique can be used to eliminate the "highlight break" that occurs in screen and flexo printing due to physical issues with small dots. It is widely used to address similar issues in offset printing. It can also be used to eliminate "plugged holes" in the shadow areas of inkjet separations. To address both types of problems independently, Wasatch SoftRIP allows users to set thresholds for both highlights and shadows.

These new Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens are very valuable for the flexo, screen, and offset markets, where the need for high-lpi film output is extremely important. This Hybrid method can also be combined with the Rosette/Stochastic Hybrid method to address both minimum dot sizes and 15 degree moiré simultaneously.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8


Onyx Graphics Announces X10 Version of its RIP Products

Onyx X10

Onyx Graphics Inc. has announced the availability of Version X10 of its production RIP products: Onyx ProductionHouse, Onyx PosterShop, and Onyx RIPCenter. Version X10 dramatically simplifies everyday printing tasks, giving shops greater control over their workflow.

"Based upon the positive feedback from customers and partners that have tested our Version X10 RIP products, we are confident that we have met their needs and are ready to release the product globally," said Jeb Hurley, CEO of Onyx Graphics. "The innovations in Version X10 give print shops the ability to automate their print-and-cut processes, provides faster color profiling, and greater color control—improving their shops' efficiency and profitability."

Onyx Version X10 RIP products include an improved profiling process [Onyx ProductionHouse software only] and an automated print-and-cut workflow. It also includes an improved native PDF, PostScript, and raster image processing engine for more reliable file handling and reproduction of images from Macintosh and PC-based creative applications. Onyx software Version X10 also improves wide format output quality with an innovative Smart 16-bit processing technology and the new Pantone Plus Series spot color matching system.

With Onyx Version X10 RIP products, users can more easily and quickly build workflows for print-and-cut jobs using Quick Sets for storing cutter parameters; they can save time and reduce production costs with unattended printing and automatic nesting of images. Users can also save time by eliminating the need to return to the design application to fix unwanted cut paths and manage multiple cutting styles in CUT-Server.

"Onyx software Version X10 is a cutting solution that works the way I work," said Dennis Davison of Big Systems, an Onyx software user. "Layers, queues, various cutters, CUT-Server—Version X10 has it all."

Users will see significantly fewer steps for creating profiles with Version X10 RIP products. With its new highly-automated color profiling system and easy-to-follow guide, users can build media profiles in minutes instead of hours. The new Profile Build options maximize output quality and offer the ability to use dynamic or custom-defined ICC presets. New Enhanced Color gamut mapping provides the ability to achieve more vivid color output.

"I've been intimidated by profiling, but Onyx software Version X10 takes out all the guesswork," said Scott Manwaring of Rainbow Signs, an Onyx software user. "It's simple, quick and painless. I'm able to get multiple profiles done in the time it used to take me to get through one."

For those who prefer to fine-tune their output color, new advanced Black Diamond tools are available for greater control over output quality. With easy recalibration tools, users can quickly and easily maintain consistent output over multiple media types and devices.

Additional new Version X10 features include:

  • Streamlined Quick Set user interface to easily build the workflow automation.
  • Smart 16-bit Processing has been added to the Onyx 32-bit color engine for better color while maintaining production speed.
  • Job-based RIP options enable increased automation and reduction in errors by enabling users to easily manage and build workflows for more complex PDF and PostScript files without changing the default behavior of the RIP.
  • Onyx Links web customer support integration for easy access to support resources.
  • Native PDF and PostScript raster image processing for reliable and optimized file processing.


"Files from Adobe Creative Suite applications work great in Onyx software Version X10, keeping my production running," said George Owen of Spectrum Graphics, an Onyx software user.

Also included is Onyx PrintMetryx JobView service, an advanced job log that enables on-line tracking of job costs and resource usage. This service gives print shop owners and production managers insight into daily printing operations. Each print job contains a thumbnail image, detailed information about the print job, and costs for ink and media.

New Version X10 is available now through Onyx authorized dealers for Onyx ProductionHouse, ONYX PosterShop, and Onyx RIPCenter software packages. For current ONYX Advantage or Onyx Premium service agreement holders, Version X10 is available at no charge. Licensees currently using version 7.0 or above should contact an Onyx authorized dealer to purchase an Onyx Advantage or Onyx Premium service plan.

ixPressia brings variable data and customisation to wide-format graphics


Cambridge software specialist ixPressia has introduced an easy-to-use stand-alone program designed to simplify the production of customised and variable data printing for display producers, designers and sign-makers. Designated ixPressionist, this innovative solution is a powerful, professional VDP package which enables individual and versioned elements, such as text, images and barcodes, to be incorporated automatically into wide-format applications as well as for a host of smaller jobs, such as labels, stickers and decals.

ixPressionist is designed to work off-line and is not reliant on a specific RIP or printer to generate data. This means that designers, print service providers and end customers can now produce variable output for signs, wide-format displays and posters, plus other applications where repeat graphics need to mix with individual elements.

As well as being ideal for today's wide-format display producers, ixPressionist is also of great value to designers and pre-press operatives who don't own a printing machine, but who want to send finished jobs, ready to RIP and output, to a third-party production house. Its easy-to-use handling of CSV test elements, combined with graphics, means that it is compliant with any printer or RIP that supports PDF input.

ixPressionist is a stand-alone Windows-based product, not a plug-in, and supports embedded RGB and CMYK colour profiles, plus industry-standard JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF file formats. Users can design and edit high resolution graphics to contain variable data such as text, barcodes and graphics. Links can be made to external data sources, or the variable data can be generated internally, with the output being an optimised, multi-page PDF file, ready for RIPping or printing using standard drivers.

Early assessment from potential users has shown that this is the product that the industry has been waiting for in their drive to offer greater automated versatility with their digital printers. The sheer simplicity and effectiveness of ixPressionist software makes it an essential option for anyone who wants to handle VDP and customisation quickly and easily.

With extensive experience in specialist software development for print, Jim Taylor, Managing Director of ixPressia, explains: "This is a break away from our traditional industrial market. We have applied our proven high-speed variable data technology to create an easy-to-use VDP creation tool for the graphics printing market."

ixPressionist is making its international debut on stand 161 in Hall B1 at FESPA, Munich, where ixPressia will also be exhibiting its established industrial software range on the Xennia stand. The software will be available via selected distributors and resellers.