31 Mar 2020

Wasatch Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator

Saving money and managing inventory has become easier, thanks to the new Wasatch Cost Estimator. This powerful feature helps you control media, ink, and other production costs by accurately estimating the cost of every print you produce before you start production. Cost Estimator is included free of charge in Version 6.5 of Wasatch SoftRIP.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8

Fujifilm announces availability of XMF v 2.1

XMF Version 2.1

Unique, cross-media workflow solution gains host of new enhancements to enhance its cross media capabilities

FUJIFILM Europe has announced the commercial availability of version 2.1 of its XMF cross-media workflow solution. With a wide range of new features, XMF v2.1 is the ideal solution for managing complex, multi-process production environments, maximising both print quality and efficiency.

XMF v2.1 boasts an array of new features for advanced performance and improved efficiency. Enhanced support for existing digital presses includes high resolution rendered and colour managed files combined with JDF job tickets to ensure data integrity and improve operational efficiency. Support for the HP Indigo 3500, 5500 and 7000 digital press has been added, further expanding XMF’s cross media functionality. A number of enhancements are also included within XMF’s JDF based imposition including the smart positioning of custom marks and the ability to dynamically add proof control strips.

John Davies, workflow business manager for FUJIFILM Europe, says: “Printers are looking to reduce costs while increasing their flexibility in order to maximise their opportunities in these difficult times. XMF delivers faster processing while providing the flexibility to move jobs between presses, either offset or digital, at the click of a mouse, which in turn helps press utilisation. Couple this with an efficient web portal delivering print ready jobs direct to the workflow to maximise production efficiency, and you have an extremely competitive advantage.”

XMF is unique in being built from the ground up around JDF and the Adobe PDF Print Engine. With Fujifilm’s image processing, imposition and intelligent automation technologies built-in, XMF improves the control of quality across multiple print processes, increasing efficiency and productivity, ensuring colour consistency and optimising print production.

Worldwide GMG/X-Rite “scrapping campaign” for old i1 measuring instruments

i1 x-rite gmg 

GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, has launched a campaign enabling customers using old i1 measuring devices (Revision A or B) to buy a new i1 at the special price of Euro 699 until August 15, 2009. To take advantage of this offer, old i1 devices have to be returned to GMG via its authorized dealers.

The aim of the campaign is to ensure that as many customers as possible work with state-of-the-art devices. GMG ProofControl, in combination with i1 measuring instruments, has been an indispensable part of daily proof production and verification for years. But only measuring instruments that operate within the specifications of the prescribed standard really fulfill their purpose.

Consequently recertification is an important issue. The factory calibration of an i1 is valid for 12 months, after which X-Rite offers recertification for all spectrophotometers. As a result devices are sent to the X-Rite Service Department, where they are tested and cleaned before being subjected to the same calibration procedure as a newly manufactured unit.

However, with much older Revision A or B devices in daily use, recertification is often not worth while for financial reasons, because the repair costs far exceed the remaining value of the device. In addition, in comparison with first generation devices, new i1 instruments perform measurements twice as fast due to the progress made in sensor development.

Wasatch Variable Data Printing software is helping creative companies to increase their profits worldwide


Wasatch SoftRIP has been a key factor in helping Academy Awards, a custom car flag, banner, and sublimation print shop, make their workflow more efficient and productive. Since 2001, Academy Awards has been using Wasatch SoftRIP's Variable Data Printing (VDP) to print customized high school lockers, car flags, banners, novelty items, and more.

Academy Awards receives nearly 10,000 orders to customize lockers for high school athletes before the beginning of each school year. They also receive 20-100 orders per week throughout the year. Before they started using the Variable Data Printing option in SoftRIP, Academy Awards spent hours manually entering data for each individual order. But, with the ability to import their saved information directly into variable data fields, those days are in the past.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8

Wasatch SoftRIP helps you automate your workflow in even the most complex production environment

Wasatch Workflow

Wasatch SoftRIP helps you automate your workflow in even the most complex production environment. With the ability to set up and configure multiple hot folders for each printer installed on SoftRIP, you have the power to customize a workflow that suits your needs.

And, you can use your hot folders in conjunction with Wasatch Port Redirector or Wasatch ImageNET to print from your Mac or from any application installed on your system.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8

Wasatch News - Black Point Compensation

Wasatch Black Point Compensation


Black Point Compensation addresses problems caused by differences in the darkest level of black achievable on one device and the darkest level achievable on others. It is a powerful tool for correction of problems with "dusty blacks".

An Industry Standard

Popularized by its use in graphics applications, Black Point Compensation is a pre-standard variation of the ICC-defined Relative Colorimetric rendering intent and is under consideration for inclusion in the standard by ICC.

Color Rendering

Black Point Compensation is included in SoftRIP as a new rendering intent and can be selected for use with existing ICC profiles. It will not invalidate ICC profiles in any way, but will only work in Wasatch systems that have a revision date of April 21, 2009 or later.

Easy to Use

To use this new feature, simply select BPC Relative Colorimetric from the ICC Input Profiles section in the Color Transforms screen. This will automatically transform the gamut of your ICC profile to accommodate for the darkest black achievable on your device.

G7 Certification Easier

The addition of Black Point Compensation helps users control the overall tone of an image. It also provides another way to address the "dusty black" problem and helps make the GRACoL® G7 certification easier to achieve.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8