21 Sep 2021

Next Generation Printer Support from GMG ColorProof 5.1


Gmg Colorproof

The very latest version 5.1 of GMG ColorProof incorporates GMG's unprecedented platform technology, supporting new operating systems and any new proofing printer.

Tuebingen (February 4, 2010) - GMG, developer and supplier of high-end colour management and proofing solutions, is pleased to announce today the release of version 5.1 of its award-winning proofing software GMG ColorProof. The chargeable upgrade incorporates the company's unprecedented platform technology enabling the support of all relevant proofing printers currently available in the market and of future proofing printer generations. The same functionality is implemented in the halftone proofing software GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof applicable for packaging proof applications.

Version 5.1 is compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7 and supports 64-bit computing, providing both 32-bit and 64-bit software. Recently, GMG has developed the groundbreaking printer driver for the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer achieving demonstrably best colour accuracy and repeatability. Other brand-new printers will join in the near future.

Several new technical features and performance improvements have been implemented in GMG ColorProof 5.1 providing highest-ever achieved production reliability and colour accuracy. Among others, the advanced printing of history jobs, the improved automatic nesting for saving media and time and the possibility of defining custom settings as default for jobs enable faster creation of manual jobs. Furthermore, a major overhaul of the gamut mapping algorithm guarantees best photo reproduction and new GMG ProofStandards are available out of the box for high quality proofing as well as new PSR profiles.


SAi Successfully Completes the HP Designjet L25500 RIP Certification Program


Sai Logo

SA International (SAi), the leading provider of Solutions for the Professional Sign Making, Large Format Digital Printing and CAD/CAM for CNC Machining Industries, today announced that Flexi 8.6v2 and PhotoPRINT 6.1v2 have achieved RIP (raster image processor) Certification for the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series.

Flexi and PhotoPRINT received the highest rating possible in all applicable categories of the HP Designjet RIP Certification, including Printing Performance, Calibration, HP Media Support, Media Flexibility, Printer Reporting, and Job Management.

HP’s RIP certification tests are designed to ensure smooth integration with the unique features of HP’s printers. Only RIPs that meet the criteria for certification are allowed to use the “Certified for HP Designjet L25500” designation. The results of the test, showing how Flexi and PhotoPRINT fared in the test, can be viewed by visiting this link.

“Flexi and PhotoPRINT met HP’s rigorous certification challenge head-on and achieved recognition for the most complete functionality with the HP Designjet L25500 Printer series,” states Gudrun Bonte, Product Manager for Flexi and PhotoPRINT.

The HP Designjet L25500 produces a range of indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from POP displays to vehicle wraps. Water-based HP Latex Inks do not require special ventilation and are comparable to eco-solvent inks in terms of durability. Other highlights of HP’s latest addition to the Latex Printing Technologies portfolio are user-replaceable printheads, a built-in take-up reel, and instantly dry prints.


Barbieri Announce New Spectro LFP Tex for Textile Printers


Barbieri Lfp Tex

BARBIERI electronic is proud to announce Spectro LFP Tex the new spectrophotometer dedicated to the textile and fabric printing market.

The digital textile and fabric printing market has some very special needs which especially measuring devices is concerned. Due to the characteristics of the surface and the textile itself "standard" color measuring devices are not able to deliver accurate readings.

BARBIERI electronic now offers a dedicated spectrophotometer for this market - the Spectro LFP Tex which in fact is a special edition of the market leading Spectro LFP.

The feature that makes the Spectro LFP Tex unique is his large measuring aperture of 8mm which is fundamental to measure textiles. Thanks to this large aperture textured surfaces of textiles and fabrics will be optically averaged and therefore the right color impression determined.

For easy mounting of the textile for measuring, a special sample holder will be delivered together with the measuring device. This holder prevents distortions and slipping during the whole automatic measuring process. As a result measurements of textiles will be done fully automatically and most accurate.

An upgrade to the worldwide unique automatic transmissive measurement feature for the Spectro LFP Tex is also available.

The Spectro LFP Tex will be available as from March 1, 2010 and will be shown for the first time at TV TecStyle Visions (February 4 – 6, 2010, Stuttgart Germany) in Hall 1 booth F74 exclusively by Complott Papier Union GmbH.

For an International list of official Barbieri distributors click here. Barbieri devices are distributed in the UK by IGS UK Ltd, www.igsuk.net


EFI Launches EFI XF 4.1 Colour Management System for Commercial, Sign & Display, Packaging and Remote Proofing



EFI today announced the immediate availability of its newest upgrade to the EFI XF software series. Key features include comprehensive cutting-engine support and powerful RGB print workflow. This offers users a one-stop inkjet production solution. The latest spot colour enhancements and extended support of the Epson WT7900 provides the packaging market with a high-quality, cost-effective solution. EFI XF v4.1 integrates seamlessly with EFI Web Control Center, EFI's web-based application for remote control and distribution of print jobs. These new features have been added to all EFI XF products: EFI Fiery XF for large to superwide format, production printing, Fiery® XF for Rastek™, VUTEk® and Jetrion® as well as EFI Colorproof XF.

"Our goal is to help our customers become as profitable as possible", said Stefan Spiegel, general manager of EFI's Graphic Arts Solutions Group in Ratingen, Germany. "The new tools incorporated into EFI XF 4.1 are designed to do just that. We've added remarkable colour output improvements, a dedicated cutting solution and updated PDF print engine and standards support that allow XF-driven printers to be more productive and deliver higher quality in any workflow."

Mario Levers, head of production for Toppack Summen & Bergs GmbH, a leading packaging prepress solution provider based in Ahaus-Wüllen, Germany uses EFI Colorproof XF with the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 for packaging proofing. "This solution provides the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for packaging proofing in my opinion. The output quality in terms of (spot) colour accuracy and dot quality on both transparent and metallic media, as well as XF's flexibility in handling white printing, is extraordinary," said Levers.



EFI Cutting Engine Support

A dedicated Cut Server provides a seamless connection to 1,200 cutters and routing tables from 70 manufacturers. The software generates cut marks for single jobs, nestings, and step & repeats. It lets users scale, rotate and crop jobs. The Cut Server option can drive up to eight cutting engines at a time.

In addition to the new EFI Cut Server Option, a new "Print & Cut" Option increases productivity by enabling one-step printing and cutting, alternatively cutting-only, on "Print & Cut" supported printers.


Enhanced Linearisation

EFI XF 4.1 includes a new wizard for the creation of advanced linearisations for any VUTEk printer/ink/media combination. In addition to improved ease-of-use, the enhanced linearisation provides a unique custom black point definition. It automatically calculates and recommends various ink limits and linearisation parameters while allowing customers to easily and visually verify linearisation settings. The VUTEk linearisation uses the gamut of any VUTEk printer to its fullest and leads to eye-catching colour output, smooth transitions and sharp text rendering.


RGB Contone Driver, Linearisation and Profiling

EFI XF 4.1 includes RGB contone drivers for many Epson and Canon printer models. The RGB drivers ensure smooth colour gradations, increased RIPing speeds and simplicity of profile generation.


Improved Optimiser Functionality

This new feature optimises matching between CMYK ICC reference and RGB, CMYK, CMYKOG and CMYKRGB media profiles.


Spot Colour Overprint & Measurement Devices

EFI XF 4.1 improves spot colour overprint simulation for spot colours on process colours and spot colours on other spot colours. It also includes new support for the Barbieri Spectro LFP Basic.


Visual Correction Tool

A new LinTool merges Visual Re-Linearisation and Plate Compensation into one Visual Correction tool that can be saved in either format. It also includes an extra spot colour channel that defines printer white and gloss enhancer gradation curves in vcc files and it defines the gradation curve for all spot colours in vpc files.


Enhanced Dynamic Wedge

Enhanced Dynamic Wedge provides an out-of-gamut warning in Job Explorer for spot colours compared against media profile. It also provides job-specific key colours analysis and optimisation of process colours and spot colours, process colours only or spot colours only.


Usability Enhancements

EFI XF 4.1 also provides added ease of use with features such as the XF Uploader tool to quickly upload colour files (e.g. profiles, linearization, spot colour tables etc.) to the XF Server; the server file maintenance tool to flexibly define profile, job and output folders; enhanced footer placement; enhanced systems manager and colour verifier GUI, and much more.


New Supported Technologies and Standards


  • Supported Operating Systems:Mac OS X 10.6; -Windows 7
  • Adobe CPSI 3019
  • Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.0.4004.5
  • IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2009 Color Control Wedge
  • Latest FograCert evaluation test form
  • Support of DYMO LabelWriter Series Duo and Twin Turbo for label printing of verification results



New Printer Drivers


  • Epson Stylus Pro 2880 (RGB Contone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3800 (RGB Contone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (CMYK & RGB Contone, CMYK Halftone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4880/7880/9880/11880 (RGB Contone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro x700 Series (CMYK & RGB Contone, CMYK Halftone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro x900 Series (RGB Contone, CMYK Halftone)
  • Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 (CMYK Contone & Halftone)
  • OKI C910 (1-Bit / Multilevel) / ES9410dn (Multilevel)
  • Mimaki CJV30-60/-100/-130/-160 (Windows only / Print & Cut device)
  • Mimaki JV33-260 (Windows only)
  • Rastek H650
  • Seiko ColorPainter H-74s / H-104s



For detailed information of EFI XF 4.1 visit www.efi.com/fieryxf




X-Rite and Pantone Showcase Complete Line of Print and Pre-press Color Management Solutions at Graphics of The Americas

X Rite

X-Rite, Incorporated, the world leader in colour management, measurement and communication technologies, and its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone, the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries, today announced that it will showcase its latest line of print and pre-press colour management solutions at Graphics of The Americas – February 25-27, 2010 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.

Graphic of The Americas visitors will also be able to attend a speaker session led by one of X-Rite’s pre-eminent color experts for the Latin American markets: Helmut Schubart. Entitled “Untangling the Color Pretzel Seminar” this session will look color space selection and color sample strategies. It will take place on Friday, Feb. 26 from 10:30am to 12:00pm in the Expo Theater, right on the show floor.

Together with leading Latin American distributor Printex, X-Rite (booth 632 and 634) will be displaying and demonstrating a number of design, prepress and print workflow solutions including:

EasyTrax: a semi-automated, highly affordable quality color control solution for smaller format color presses or those working in a primarily process color environment. It is ideally suited to meet the needs of printers who regularly monitor press runs to ensure they precisely match their customers’ quality requirements, and meet industry specifications and standards. In addition, EasyTrax’s laser alignment method makes it quick and easy to line up the color bar for fast scanning. The unique error detection system will alert the user if the color bar was not properly aligned, ensuring accurate, repeatable results every time.

SpectroEye: this portable, handheld spectrophotometer offers all the functions necessary to accurately measure and control color. It also features all the density measurement functions needed to quickly and easily monitor and control color thickness on-press. SpectroEye integrates digital versions of the most popular color libraries such as the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and the PANTONE Goe System.

530 SpectroDensitometer: the latest version of the 530 model spectrophotometer now comes pre-loaded with ISO 12647-2 and G7 process control standard databases and characterization data and the digital version of the PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE, Coated.

iCPlate2 and PlateScope: X-Rite’s plate control solutions offer the industry’s highest level of accuracy, repeatability, and imaging range, including extreme highlights and shadows. Featuring new firmware and software that support the latest screening and plate technologies and the FOGRA measuring bar standard, this latest version of plate readers offers unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability for the latest plate screening technologies. X-Rite’s plate control solutions support all current screening technologies including AM, FM, XM and hybrid screen types. iCPlate2 and PlateScope are ideal for customers who are disciplined about process control, printing to standards such as SWOP™, Gracol (G7™), FOGRA or ISO, or who are coordinating output between multiple CTP devices.

i1iO Automated Scanning Table: an automated chart-reading scanning table that allows users to measure substrates up to 10 mm thick, including photo paper, fine art rag, cardstock, textile, poly bag and even ceramic. Upgrading to the i1iO is ideal for anyone seeking increased automation. Providing fast measurements for reflective test charts on these types of substrates, i1iO reads more than 500 patches per minute, creating custom profiles in no time.

i1iSis XL with OBC: the i1iSis automated chart reader takes speed and accuracy to new levels. Available in two sizes – standard, which reads A4+ or letter size, and XL for A3+ or tabloid size – i1iSis reads up to 2,500 patches printed on a single A3 page. Its unique vision system automatically corrects chart misalignment and interprets bar codes to prevent chart identification problems. When used in conjunction with ProfileMaker 5 or MonacoPROFILER software, as well as the new Optical Brightener Compensation module, i1iSis is ideal for high-end applications requiring consistent color measurements and visualization of printed output, avoiding time wasted hand-scanning rows or reading individual color patches.

ProfilerMaker 5 Platinum: Allows users to build high-quality, reliable and custom ICC profiles tailored to their requirements. ProfileMaker5 Platinum combines all the key features and flexibility of previous editions of ProfileMaker 5 Photostudio and ProfileMaker 5 Publish, and now also includes the Multicolor plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop™ to simplify color separations and proofing.

MonacoProfiler Platinum: Offers customers expert profiling, diagnostics and editing tools for all of their input and output devices. Delivering precise color output for any technology, MonacoPROFILER supports up to 8 inks and 8 discrete colors, providing the flexibility to color-manage wide-gamut, extended color printers.

Judge II with split lighting to show OBC: The Judge Lighting System is an invaluable tool for evaluating color quality and uniformity. This compact visual evaluation system combines exceptional versatility and quality, in a construction that will meet users’ needs.

ColorMunki Design: this groundbreaking color control solution makes it easier than ever to get accurate color on a display, projector or with virtually any printer. It allows users to grab colors from just about anywhere, including their entire image library. Users can preview how the colors on their palette will look under different light sources and also see how they’ll appear on their printer with the new PrintSafe™ production tool.

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM: the international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors.

PANTONE Goe System: features 2,058 new, solid PANTONE Colors to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of the fast-changing, technologically advancing graphic arts industry. Also includes modern tools and interactive software to drive collaboration and improve versatility in an increasingly global, multimedia environment.

Throughout the show, X-Rite and Printex will be running limited time offers and promotions for all new purchases initiated during GOA.


Caldera Releases Version 8 of its RIP Software



Caldera Graphics has launched its new V8 software version optimised for X-Rite iPrism and the Adobe PDF Print Engine.

The new Version 8.0 includes:

The Adobe PDF Print Engine option enables integrated, end-to-end PDF workflows for printing graphically rich content, including variable content for personalised publishing. The Caldera print solutions powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine allow PDF files to be rendered natively, without conversion to PostScript, helping to ensure that complex designs and transparency effects.

i1Prism, the new X-Rite Color Management engine, contains a new ICC Profile generator that enhances Color separation and Color matching in the Caldera print workflow. With this option, users will benefit from the last state-of-the-art algorithms to print colors that were not reachable with previous profilers with a higher accuracy than before. Smoother and larger gamuts will provide an extended and better color matching. The deep collaboration between X-Rite and Caldera developers has allowed a complete adequation between the needs of Caldera end-users and the power of i1Prism. The new version of Easymedia will bring end-users an incredible color experience.

EasyMedia (Caldera's profile creating software) has two new tools for evaluating the quality of a profile and comparing profiles. The Gamut Viewer is a 2D view of the gamut of a profile in the "ab" subspace (of Lab), with a slider for modifying L in real-time. The gamut viewer can also display measurement data (LAB values measured on the ICC target) as single isolated points. This is an interesting feature allowing one to check if the profile has missed some colors. The Color Analyzer tool displays statistics about how the profile renders different colors, each grouped into different (predefined) color sets. For each set, you can visualize the average LAB deltaE, meaning the expected color difference and the percentage of in-gamut colors. For example, there is a "Pantone set" containing all Pantone solid coated colors, so one can immediately know how many Pantone colors are in-gamut.

The Caldera Image Bar now manages multiple "Tabs", allowing one to organize his work much more efficiently. The Image Bar Tabs are folders containing a certain number of images, either opened in Fileman, created with Compose, Tiling+, etc... It is possible to create new tabs, rename tabs, delete tabs, etc... But also to move/copy files very quickly from one tab to another by simple drag-and-drop or by using the corresponding entries in the menu.

Caldera is now full UTF-8. This means that the standard universal encoding (already used on Windows and Mac) is now implemented in place of the obsolete ISO-8859 system (or KOI-R in the case of Russian). This will solve problems of accentuated characters in file names, which are usually displayed as strange hieroglyphs in Caldera. This will also permit Caldera to support any language in the future, including multi-byte ones (Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

The automatic printer detection feature allows the printer drivers to broadcast over the network (or parse the USB ports in the case of an USB printer) to automatically find the IP address and port number of the printer. All newly installed drivers will have, by default; the "Auto-Connect" flag set.