17 Sep 2021

Global Graphics free PDF creation software competes with Acrobat for a place on your Desktop

Global Graphics Logo

Global Graphics, probably most familiar to LFR readers as the developer behind the Jaws and Harlequin RIP engines, has launched an enterprise-level free PDF creation software: gDoc Creator. The easy to use free PDF software will be available for download by individual office workers and consumers, and be available under a corporate licensing scheme for the enterprise.

Global Graphics—which develops software for a variety of OEMs including Agfa, Quark, Fuji Xerox, Kodak, HP—is fighting for a place on the corporate desktop alongside Adobe, Google and Microsoft by providing an enterprise-level productivity application that enables:

• Creation of PDF, PDF/a (for long-term archiving of electronic documents) or XPS documents from any Windows application that prints

• Creation of PDF, PDF/a or XPS from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, complete with bookmarks, hypertext links and more

• Creation of PDF, PDF/a or XPS from a simple drag and drop user interface

• Convert PDF to .doc format for re-use in Microsoft Word

• Viewing of documents in multiple formats and a unique ‘flick view' to quickly browse documents

"gDoc Creator is the only enterprise quality PDF software tool that is available for free," said Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics. "Offering so much functionality for free will drive adoption in large enterprises at a time when their budgets are under extreme pressure. It also makes the basic free PDF software tools obsolete and puts real pressure on low-end paid-for PDF software."

gDoc Creator is part of Global Graphics' freemium go-to-market strategy for gDoc Fusion an easy to use desktop application designed to improve productivity. gDoc Fusion gives users fast and easy assembly of new documents with a simple drag 'n' drop action from a wide range of multiple document formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, XPS, JPG, TIFF and PNG. The product is designed to significantly improve knowledge workers' productivity by automatically formatting a wide range of file formats, saving hours of manual cut and paste activity.

"gDoc Creator gives immediate value to the corporate desktop. It also allows evaluation use of gDoc Fusion, demonstrating the ease of use and benefits of the full version. When an enterprise realises the productivity benefits of the full version of gDoc Fusion, it's a very simple process to then upgrade," said Fry.

"Businesses should no longer need to pay for simple PDF creation and we hope our disruptive pricing strategy will begin to redraw the lines of this market," added Fry. "Global Graphics is set to win a significant share of knowledge workers who find themselves having to compile information from a range of sources and formats, and our corporate licensing scheme will make it simple for companies to roll this out across the enterprise."


Get your free copy at www.globalgraphics.com/en/gdoc/

Free plugins with purchase of QuarkXPress 8 BOGOF

Quark BOGOF with FREE Plugins

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange, the sources for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce a promotion which offers North American users a free Enfocus Instant PDF ($299 value) and UK/Ireland users a free MadeToPrint with Imposition (£318 value) with their purchase of QuarkXPress 8 as part of the Buy One QuarkXPress, Get One Free campaign. Users who purchase new copies of QuarkXPress 8 through either company not only receive the free QuarkXPress with their purchase, but also receive an additional free product through 31st December 2009.

"We wanted to give even greater value to our customers, especially with the economic situation and this makes it even more affordable to add the power of QuarkXPress 8, or additional copies to our customers' installations," offers Tami Stodghill, Press Relations Manager. "We work with our vendors to be able to provide the most value for our customers through these exclusive promotions. Not only can users take advantage of Quark's Buy One Get One Free, they also get to add the power of Instant PDF or MadeToPrint and either product offers real value."

Enfocus Instant PDF 08 makes producing press-ready PDFs easy for creative professionals. Using award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology, it's the simplest and most reliable way to create PDFs that comply with a print or advertisement vendors' specifications. While working in their favourite creative application - Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress(TM), Adobe Acrobat - users simply select "Save as Certified PDF..." from the File menu and let Instant PDF 08 take care of creating their PDF, preflighting it, modifying it where necessary, and even sending it to their print provider  - all without leaving their application. Users can remain productive in their familiar environment without having to worry about print styles, PDF export or other complicated PDF creation settings. And if they do run into problems, Instant PDF 08's comprehensive in-application help not only gives them the answers they need quickly, but also contains tips on how to
avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

For print providers, Instant PDF 08 significantly reduces the load on customer service and pre-press operators because Certified PDF files are always output correctly right at the designer's workstation. With award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology, the files are flagged as ready for output from the moment they arrive in an inbox.

MadeToPrint XT optimizes and extends output and print options in QuarkXPress and has been designed for professional users, who have to create, organize and control larger numbers of print-/output jobs. MadeToPrint XT helps to streamline these tasks as well as the creation of PDF, EPS and PostScript files. The XTension allows even complex print settings to be saved as repetitive jobs, thereby ensuring efficient and safe production.

MadeToPrint XT 8 provides features like batch processing, token-based file naming and flexible layer output that go beyond Quark's output functionality. More than that, the XTension allows hotfolder based processing of XPress 8 files, thus enabling users to output QuarkXPress documents completely unattended. MadeToPrint XT's latest version includes the new Imposition function, so users can print fully imposed PDF files from their QuarkXPress documents. Users can output fully imposed jobs, from booklets to N-up, choose between run list (e.g. 4 pages step & repeat) and imposition sheets (e.g. 2 pages A4 single sided). The preconfigured imposition schemes cover all common imposition configurations. Users simply activate the Imposition function and compile the required imposition scheme with the entries under the Runlist and Sheet configuration categories provided.

In addition, MadeToPrint XT allows for grouping of multiple print-job definitions into custom sets that can be invoked at any time to output the same document to multiple output devices, using the parameters specified for each device in its own print job. This means that with a single operation, a user can elect to have a document output to a black-and-white laser printer, a colour-proofing device, and a high-resolution imagesetter, and be assured that all settings in all dialogues are correct. Thus, MadeToPrint XT reduces media waste caused by improper settings of chooser selections, and allows for unattended output of QuarkXPress documents to any variety of formats.

The free Enfocus Instant PDF or Free MadeToPrint XT with purchase of QuarkXPress 8 - Buy One Get One Free promotion is available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange websites worldwide. Users who purchase upgrades to QuarkXPress 8 will also receive the free Instant PDF or MadeToPrint XT with their order, although upgrades don't qualify for the QuarkXPress 8 Buy One Get One Free promotion. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites.

Free upgrade to latest Mimaki RIP software now available

Mimaki Rasterlink PRO 5 RIP

For several years now, Mimaki customers have benefited from a top level postscript RIP bundled with their printer purchase and the latest version of the RasterLink Pro package is now available. Customers using version 4 of the RIP can upgrade to version 5 via a web link, providing a host of new features and productivity gains - for free.

John de la Roche; National Sales Manager for Mimaki’s exclusive UK & Ireland distributor; Hybrid Services Ltd, said; “Adding productivity gains to the software is as important as our continued drive to develop the hardware side of the business, and to allow a large portion of our customer base to benefit from this for free is great news.”

With full support for the latest Windows 7 operating system, Mimaki RasterLink Pro 5 also delivers new features such as improved postscript handling, file and RIP detail annotation on printed images, greater productivity with improved hot folder functions and a new web update feature for simpler future product updating and profile downloading. Users upgrading from older versions benefit from the new application’s 16 bit rendering – providing seamless vignettes and smooth tonal transitions to blends and gradations.

Version 5 of the software is provided free of charge with all new Mimaki printers – with specific “Sign & Graphics”, “Textile & Apparel” and “Industrial Product” versions supplied, dependent upon the printer model. All versions support powerful white ink printing functions and achieve an exceptional quality of output.

GMG supports Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 for proofing

GMG Colorproof and Epson WT9700

GMG ColorProof and FlexoProof XG exploit the expanded color gamut of the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 inkjet printer up to the maximum, enabling the GMG/Epson proofing system to achieve perfect contone and halftone proofs on transparent or metallic foils.

Tuebingen (November 30, 2009) - GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, is pleased to announce that GMG contone and halftone proofing solutions support the brand-new Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer to enable the production of top-quality contract-level packaging proofs.

GMG's ColorProof contone proofing software and the halftone modules FlexoProof XG and DotProof XG ensure that GMG's unrivaled quality and repeatability can be produced even for spot colors and white simulation in flexographic, offset and gravure printing. The Epson Stylus Pro WT7900's new water-based white ink enables high density white tints and accurate overlays needed for packaging proof applications.

Compared to traditional proofing solutions, such as the DuPont Cromalin analogue proofing system and Kodak Approval, or press proofs, agencies, prepress businesses, print houses and brand owners can now produce with the GMG/Epson solution digital proofs at a fraction of the current costs. Due to the ease of use of the GMG software, the required time to create new color profiles and to produce the proofs digitally is reduced dramatically. Users have already given an enthusiastic reception to the extreme simplification of their workflow leading to color accurate print simulation of the print on transparent foils. "This printing system is the best and most economic solution for contract packaging proofs", says Kenneth Hostyn, Proofing Manager at Athena Graphics, prepress specialist for packaging printing. "We experience 75% time savings as all manual steps which previously had been required, became unnecessary overnight." Additionally, costs for consumables are reduced by up to!

The groundbreaking color management technology implemented in the GMG printer driver provides the best possible color accuracy and repeatability achievable using a digital proofing system. Unlike many competitive products, GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof produce genuine, absolutely color-accurate halftone proofs by directly processing 1-bit imagesetter data, so that they can be inexpensively proofed on inkjet printers, and errors detected at an early stage.

According to Dominic Weschle, Technical Consultant for Print Color Management at Janoschka's headquarter in Kippenheim, Germany, "customers have been immediately impressed by the high-quality proofing results on transparent materials and are extremely happy that they quickly see an accurate preview of the final product." This allows for faster communication and prepress approval cycles, which is of crucial importance for suppliers and their clients as product life cycles become increasingly shorter.

High quality remote proofing is another core application due to the unique calibration and profiling technology of GMG. Automated production workflows and highest repeatability of perfect color results guarantee the same high quality of packaging proofs at different locations.

Orders for the GMG/Epson digital proofing system are being taken now with shipments in January 2010.

EFI RIP Software Free with Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format Printers

EFI eXpress RIP with Canon iPF printers

To celebrate the launch of the new EFI eXpress Photo RIP software,  Velmex Distribution the UK distributor for Canon large format printers & EFI software products, are giving away this professional software free with all Canon 44” & 60” printers. The promotion will run in conjunction with the current Canon Star buy offer.

Velmex Distribution, the specialist distributor of Canon large format printers and EFI RIP software, has announced this week any Canon 44” or 60” large format printers purchased from them will receive a free copy of  EFI’s new  eXpress Photo RIP software.  The promotion will run in conjunction with Canon’s ‘Star Buy’ offer. Launched in October this year, it offers the 44” Image PROGRAF iPF8100 and production iPF8000s at £3995(including stand).   Any customers looking for a smaller 17” or 24” printer can add EFI Photo eXpress software to their order for £99. The regular retail price of EFI Photo eXpress is £560 and the postscript version has a retail price of £700.

The software is available for both Mac and PC; it includes a number of key features aimed at ensuring high quality, easily managed output.

The software is full of intuitive functions; it improves media utilisation with nesting, saving on time and media wastage; it automatically configures photos, (single and multi-image templates) and creates contact sheets. A bespoke feature allows users to create a ‘Collection’ of custom standard sizes, perfect for photo book printing.  Tasks are achieved faster with the ‘Quick Set’ function, giving users the ability to preset and select quickly, options they use regularly; such as poster printing, photo printing or proofing.  The full RGB workflow provides 16 bit for the highest quality output. All regular file formats are support: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, and PSD (customers can add postscript (PDF) at an additional charge). Latest media changes are easily managed with an online profile download. Customers can be kept up to date with new features by regular online software updates.

Mark Keeley, Managing Director of Velmex Distribution said, “EFI’s Photo eXpress is perfect for those looking to move to a 44” or 60” printer.  This RIP is very easy to operate and provides plenty of tools to make larger format photo printing more cost effective and simpler.  The savings offered on this combined bundle makes the decision to move to 44” or 60”printing more affordable than ever before.”  Offers are available whilst stocks last.

Spectro LFP 3 Spectrophotometer from Barbieri Electronic


Barbieri Spectro Lfp S3

BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT Series 3

The BARBIERI spectrophotometer for automatic measurement of most different materials in Large Format, Flatbed and Industrial Printing.



The Spectro LFP RT Series 3 is the automatic color measuring device for both reflection and transmission in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.

Main features


  • For transparent and reflective media
  • Measuring aperture switchable between 8, 6 and 2mm
  • For heavy and thick materials
  • Supported by most RIP-software
  • 3 reading modes:
    - Automatic measurements
    - Spot measurements
    - Density measurements
  • Some examples of materials which can be measured fully automatically: textiles, glass, backlit film, papers, vinyl, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone and ceramic plates.
  • Available in 2 versions:
    - Spectro LFP RT
    - Spectro LFP Tex (see table below)
  • Upgrade from Tex to RT version


Application fields


  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for most different materials (both reflective and transparent)
  • Linearization of digital output devices
  • Single measurements of logo-colors (Pantone) with subsequent check of the color-true printing
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers


Recommended accessories


  • Sample holder for different materials
  • Electrostatic sample holder for textiles and thin media
  • UV-cut filter
  • Polarization filter
  • Carrying case (trolley)
  • BARBIERI Profile-Xpert - professional Color Management software


Technical data


  • Measuring speed: approx. 10min. for 1248 fields
  • Maximum measuring area: 290 x 200mm (11.42 x 7.87in)
  • Target thickness: max. 20mm (0.79in)
  • Smallest measuring step: 0,2mm (0.01in)
  • Measuring apertures: - reflection 2, 6 and 8mm (0.08, 0.24 and 0.31in) (switchable) - transmission 2, 6 and 8mm (0.08, 0.24 and 0.31in) (switchable)
  • Geometry: - reflection 45°/0°  - transmission d/0°
  • Calibration: automatic with internal white reference
  • Physical illumination: type A
  • Measurement time: < 0,3sec.
  • Repeatability: < 0,2 ∆E94 on white or ± 0,005D (up to 1.000D)
  • Inter-instrument agreement: typ 1 ∆E94
  • Measuring sensor: diffraction grating with diode array
  • Spectral resolution: 3,5nm
  • Spectral range: 380 ... 780nm
  • Density measuring range: 0...2.3D
  • Interface: USB for Mac, PC and Linux, RS232
  • Dimensions: 571 x 433 x 160mm (22.48 x 17.05 x 6.3in) (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 11kg


System requirements


  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (32 and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)
  • Including free measuring software Profile-Xpert Gateway for Mac and PC
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