25 Jun 2024

Spectro LFP 3 Spectrophotometer from Barbieri Electronic


BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT Series 3

The BARBIERI spectrophotometer for automatic measurement of most different materials in Large Format, Flatbed and Industrial Printing.



The Spectro LFP RT Series 3 is the automatic color measuring device for both reflection and transmission in large format, flatbed and industrial printing.

Main features


  • For transparent and reflective media
  • Measuring aperture switchable between 8, 6 and 2mm
  • For heavy and thick materials
  • Supported by most RIP-software
  • 3 reading modes:
    - Automatic measurements
    - Spot measurements
    - Density measurements
  • Some examples of materials which can be measured fully automatically: textiles, glass, backlit film, papers, vinyl, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone and ceramic plates.
  • Available in 2 versions:
    - Spectro LFP RT
    - Spectro LFP Tex (see table below)
  • Upgrade from Tex to RT version


Application fields


  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for most different materials (both reflective and transparent)
  • Linearization of digital output devices
  • Single measurements of logo-colors (Pantone) with subsequent check of the color-true printing
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers


Recommended accessories


  • Sample holder for different materials
  • Electrostatic sample holder for textiles and thin media
  • UV-cut filter
  • Polarization filter
  • Carrying case (trolley)
  • BARBIERI Profile-Xpert - professional Color Management software


Technical data


  • Measuring speed: approx. 10min. for 1248 fields
  • Maximum measuring area: 290 x 200mm (11.42 x 7.87in)
  • Target thickness: max. 20mm (0.79in)
  • Smallest measuring step: 0,2mm (0.01in)
  • Measuring apertures: - reflection 2, 6 and 8mm (0.08, 0.24 and 0.31in) (switchable) - transmission 2, 6 and 8mm (0.08, 0.24 and 0.31in) (switchable)
  • Geometry: - reflection 45°/0°  - transmission d/0°
  • Calibration: automatic with internal white reference
  • Physical illumination: type A
  • Measurement time: < 0,3sec.
  • Repeatability: < 0,2 ∆E94 on white or ± 0,005D (up to 1.000D)
  • Inter-instrument agreement: typ 1 ∆E94
  • Measuring sensor: diffraction grating with diode array
  • Spectral resolution: 3,5nm
  • Spectral range: 380 ... 780nm
  • Density measuring range: 0...2.3D
  • Interface: USB for Mac, PC and Linux, RS232
  • Dimensions: 571 x 433 x 160mm (22.48 x 17.05 x 6.3in) (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 11kg


System requirements


  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (32 and 64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)
  • Including free measuring software Profile-Xpert Gateway for Mac and PC
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For further information on the Barbieri Spectro 3 LFP, contact barbieri@tech8.eu or call us on Tel: 0845 873 9707



BARBIERI Spectro Swing - Easy to use, versatile and reliable.


BARBIERI Spectro Swing - Easy to use, versatile and reliable

The BARBIERI spectrophotometer Spectro Swing is the easiest way to linearize and profile your digital output device for top color quality. It is the ideal measuring device for production environments as it is tailored to the needs of all aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers.

For most different, flexible media (paper, banner, canvas, canvas cover for trucks, backlit etc.)

Thanks to his ability to measure also transparent materials and to measure most different flexible media, the Spectro Swing is a very special and unique measuring device.

As the Spectro Swing is available in reflection OR transmission version only it gives the opportunity to get a measuring device at a convenient cost with the possibility to upgrade it in a second step to reflection AND transmission.

The instrument will be delivered with a special measuring software (BARBIERI Profile-Xpert Gateway) which allows you to measure every kind of targets, to use the instrument for linearization applications and to use it with other software.


Application fields


  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for different media (both reflective and transparent)
  • For linearization of digital output devices
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers


Main features


  • Available in 3 versions:
    - Spectro Swing RT: (transparent and reflective media)
    - Spectro Swing T: (transparent media only)
    - Spectro Swing R: (reflective media only)
    - Easy upgrade by activation code from R or T to RT version.
  • For transparent and reflective media
  • Easy to use thanks to its "no-button operation"
  • For most different, flexible media (paper, banner, canvas, canvas cover for trucks, backlit etc.)
  • Time saving
  • Easy-Operation-Mode
  • Avoiding handling errors
  • Extremely high measuring precision and repeatability
  • Supported by most RIP and Profiling Software [more]
  • 3 reading modes:
    - Automatic measurements
    - Spot measurements
    - Density measurements
  • BARBIERI typical design: simple, robust and reliable.
  • Compatible for Mac and PC


Target markets


  • For all aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers
  • Digital photo and inkjet printing
  • Packaging
  • Proofing
  • Fine art printing
  • Traditional printing
  • Consumer printing


Recommended accessories


  • BARBIERI Profile-Xpert - professional ICC profile creation software [more]
  • UV-cut filter
  • Transmission sample holders (Spectro Swing RT, Spectro Swing T)


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For further information on the Barbieri Spectro 3 LFP, contact barbieri@tech8.eu or call us on Tel: 0845 873 9707

Adobe Adds Productivity and Collaboration Capabilities to Acrobat.com


Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the next release of Acrobat.com, which includes several major updates designed to make working together across organizations even easier than before. Incorporating over 35 customer-suggested features, this release simplifies the way people work when communicating and collaborating over the Web. In addition, Acrobat.com has added smartphone access, enabling people to get their work done from anywhere.

Built on the Adobe Flash Platform, Acrobat.com has an easy-to-use online file organizer that allows users to store, share and organize files, create PDF files, launch online office applications, and initiate Web meetings. With this set of applications, users can:

- Easily share files: Users can work together across organizations without the hassle of using ftp servers or worrying about e-mailing large files.
- Access work from anywhere: Any Internet-connected computer or supported smartphone gives users real-time access to all of their files on Acrobat.com.
- Collaborate in real-time: Users can easily conduct Web meetings from Macs or PCs with Adobe ConnectNow.
- Improve productivity: With applications such as Adobe Buzzword, users can easily work together to co-author and obtain feedback on documents, without the need for multiple versions.

Mobile access:
The Acrobat.com mobile application by scanR allows users to upload document images from a supported mobile phone and have them automatically stored as searchable PDF files in Acrobat.com. In addition, users can read their files stored in Acrobat.com, share files with others and fax documents from their Acrobat.com organizer or directly from their smartphone. Users of the free service will be able to send two outbound faxes and upload up to five documents from a mobile phone. An upgrade is available for users that need to fax or upload more documents.
Additional key updates:
Also new in this release are enhancements to Buzzword, as well as Presentations and Tables, which were formerly on Acrobat.com Labs and now in beta. Key updates include:

- Import and export/publishing options: Presentations now includes support for importing PPT/PPTX files, and users can export their tables to PDF, XLS or CSV for sharing data in whatever format is best suited for the situation. Buzzword also now enables export to EPUB, the electronic book publishing format for eBook readers such as Stanza on the iPhone, Sony Reader, and others.
- Web image integration: Users can browse Flickr and Google images, preview pictures and easily import them into presentations.
- Adobe Kuler integration: Users can browse color sets in Kuler and apply them to presentations to create a unique look.

Free training with Wasatch SoftRIP upgrades

Wasatch Training

Users of the popular Wasatch SoftRIP software will be able to upgrade to the recently launched V6.6 version of the popular RIP, and take advanatge of a special offer to get free training for their RIP operators.

The offer, from Wasatch distributor IGS UK Ltd, will enable all existing UK Wasatch users to attend a free 1-day training seminar, hosted at Walsall College.

All product upgrades from any previous version of Wasatch SoftRIP up to Version 6.6, purchased through any IGS reseller from November 18th to December 22nd, will entitle the user to this free training offer.

Phil Pirie of Wasatch says "We are delighted to be supporting IGS UK in this promotion, it is a genuine offer that adds a fundamental value to our product, and of course as many users would be upgrading as a matter of course, it is a real opportunity for users to familiarise themselves with the latest features and benefits at zero cost to themselves. SoftRIP V6.6 features a number of new features, and the free training will ensure that our users are able to take full advantage of these latest software developments."

Perhaps the most significant of these new features is the Tracer module, and Phil explains "Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.6 features the all new Wasatch Tracer that allows users to create contour cut paths directly within SoftRIP. This innovative tool improves workflow, simplifies the cutting production process, and gives users complete control over cut path creation, with the ability to trace, print, and cut without ever leaving the RIP".

Interestingly, this offer is also being extended to users of white-boxed OEM versions of SoftRIP, which includes Roland ColorRIP, Uniform TROOP V5, and other in-the-box software packages that are built on the Wasatch engine, from a number of manufacturers including Agfa, HP/NUR, Inca, Mimaki and more.

Wasatch SoftRIP is available in the UK and Europe from Tech8


Lenticular for less – HumanEyes 3D promotion


Positive Focus has announced an end of year promotion on Producer 3D software from HumanEyes Technologies that will enable digital and litho printers to get into the lucrative and rapidly growing lenticular market at significantly lower cost. Discounts of around a third apply across a whole range of software, training and installation packages.

HumanEyes' new Producer3D brings a level of productivity and ease of use that lenticular printers never experienced before.  It changes the face of lenticular printing with an impressive array of tools and ''industry first'' pre-press features which both simplify the pre-print process and greatly improve productivity. Digital printers can benefit from the HumanEyes LensFree technology and avoid the cost of printing on pre-formed lenses. The technique, involving double sided printing using a UV cured flatbed inkjet printer, allows an image to be printed on one side of a plain acrylic sheet, with a barrier layer on the opposite side. It lends itself to larger format, backlit advertising and point of sale material, and a recent development now allows use of thinner, flexible substrates that can be easily changed within suitable lightboxes.

There is a resurgence of interest in 3D images, with major 3D movies and 3D television in the news in recent months. Lenticular posters can display 3D, Flip and Motion effects and compete effectively for attention against other forms of advertising. ‘A 60 x 40 3D backlit poster which we displayed on our stand at mediaPro created a lot of interest,’ said Ivor Dixon, Managing Director of Positive Focus Europe, ‘even people who had not considered the technique before were asking searching questions about the ease of production.’

‘We provide a complete package, including training in the creation of the images and the actual printing techniques that need to be mastered. It’s not a difficult process, but it does need a high standard and careful printing to get the best from it and avoid wastage. We have some users who print onto an opaque substrate that is then laminated onto the lens, but with the increasing number of flatbed printers coming onto the market, especially those with a white ink option, printing direct onto the lens is a more viable solution.’

With the offer, which runs to the 22nd December, a digital printer can get started in Lenticular printing for around £4,500 ex VAT, plus training. Thinner lenses, designed primarily for litho printing, can be used and also help keep production costs down. There is a short term rental option, to ease companies developing sales in this market into production before committing to the full purchase, starting from £750 for 3 months.

DiMS! organizing print awarded 5th certification

DIMS! Organizing Print

DiMS! organizing print awarded 5th certification and another first in the industry- MIS to Finishing

Lichtenvoorde, November 12, 2009-- DiMS! organizing print, the world leader in MIS systems for the printing and packaging industries, announced today, their 5th certification from the Printing Industries of America- the testing body of the CIP4, in MIS to Finishing Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS). With this recent certification, DiMS.NET! is the first and only MIS software to be certified in MIS to WebPress, and also the only one certified in MIS to Finishing. To date, DiMS.NET! is the only MIS software being certified for 5 different JDF interfaces. DiMS.NET! has been awarded the following certifications:

•    MIS to Prepress ICS
•    MIS to Conventional Printing ICS (Sheetfed)
•    Layout Creator to Imposition ICS and Base ICS
•    MIS to WebPress ICS (Commercial Web)
•    MIS to Finishing ICS

DiMS! organizing print is also actively promoting more partnership interfacings, since the control and efficiency these relationships create can be crucial for DiMS! customers’ growth in the industry. This new certification, and the further development of vendor interfaces, demonstrates that DiMS! organizing print is serious about their commitment to JDF integration and enhancing the technology level of which their customers will truly benefit from.

Strict Printing Industries of America testing procedures

In order to achieve all ICS levels of certification, the DiMS.NET! system was required to pass the stringent Job Definition Format (JDF) testing process provided by Printing Industries of America. The DiMS.NET! system is now certified, not only because it creates and accepts job details while running via JMF (Job Messaging Format), but also because it includes within the job ticket all the information and details regarding the job, and then relays this via JDF interfacing to the pre-press and press systems. These systems then interpret and respectively re-build the layout, establish impositions, or send the necessary information to the press. DiMS.NET! improves workflow, is more compliant of two-way communications between capable devices, and increases the ability to communicate correctly to all printing systems.

“We are extremely proud that our efforts have lead to this level of certification”, commented Tonnie Marneth, CTO DiMS! organizing print. “We are keen supporters of the Printing Industries of America, CIP4, and the progress JDF is making in our industry. We have proven to the graphic arts industry that our products operate with the latest technologies available, and we will continue to create opportunities for our customers to further enhance their business performance.”

"DiMS! organizing print is setting new standards for JDF certification in the industry", said Dr. Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research, Printing Industries of America. “Their dedication to the advancement of JDF for the industry is commendable.”