31 May 2023

Enhance your productivity with cost effective investment

The new Ricoh IP CW2200 printer features Ricoh’s market-leading GEL-Jet inks that are both UV and water resistant.

In many cases, the only way for any business to expand and grow is to invest in new technology. Simply put, they will not be able to access new opportunities or offer a certain level of service to customers without the right sort of machinery in place.

However, given the current situation of the market – and indeed the wider economy both in the UK and on a global scale – new investment may prove rather difficult for some businesses as they look to balance rising costs with their growth ambitions.

For this reason, is it critical to properly research the options available to you so that when it comes to purchasing new printing equipment, you are buying the technology that offers the best return on investment and delivers the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Designed to suit you and your business

Much of this applies to the new Ricoh IP CW2200 colour wide-format printer, a print version of the IM CW2200 colour wide format multifunctional printer that has been designed to address a growing demand for print-only technology.

Priced 30% lower than similar multifunctional systems currently available on the market, the Ricoh IP CW2200 is an ideal solution for customers with print-only CAD requirements that are seeking to invest in a machine that will allow them to deliver impressive results at high speed without having to break the bank.

Perfect for printing CAD drawings, construction plans, site maps, posters and other large-format colour and black-and-white documents, the new Ricoh IP CW2200 has a top speed of up to 3.8 A1 image per minute.

Expanding your capabilities

Often when it comes to producing work within this market, the core issues for print businesses are to ensure the longevity of applications and that printed pieces are able to perform in environments where the conditions can be challenging.

The new Ricoh IP CW2200 printer features Ricoh’s market-leading GEL-Jet inks that are both UV and water resistant, meaning that when mission critical documents such as site plans and drawings are used outside, they will not smudge if they get wet in the rain and will retain their sharp colour after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Built for productivity

Having a machine that is easy to operate is an effective way of improving both productivity and the level of service you can offer to customers in the modern, fast-paced market. Having to deal with a complicated machine with lengthy set-up will only slow you down and potentially lead to avoidable errors.

The Ricoh IP CW2200 has a newly designed colour touch-screen smart operation panel, which includes the same intuitive controls as other Ricoh product such as office printers and MFPs, meaning no additional user training is required and makes operation easy.

In addition, the printer features automatic roll take-up feeding, which holds 175m rolls of paper, helping the user save time and paper, while also offering increased convenience by making this often-tricky process much easier to complete.

To put it simply, having up-to-date equipment in place and access to the latest advancements and features is key to the growth strategy for any print business. Research the market properly and plan your investments carefully to ensure a cost-effective, profit-driving purchase.

Authored by Stewart Cobby, Inkjet Sales Manager at Ricoh UK

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