20 May 2024

The value of partnerships

Attributed to Ian Noble, Sales Director at UK-based plastics manufacturer Brett Martin.

As supply chain and logistics problems continue to impact the way companies operate, and increasing energy costs and supply uncertainty have far reaching implications for the future, it’s at times like these that reliable partners are more essential than ever.

While no plastics manufacturer can truly claim to have avoided all the challenges with global logistics, labour shortages, and price increases – some companies have certainly been better placed to handle the crisis more than others.

At Brett Martin, we are a globally present business thanks to our relationships with multiple trusted and reliable international distributors. At a time when economic challenges are facing every single business, working with quality products, and having confidence that they’ll provide consistent, high-level performance, is vital.

Many of our distributors are also family-owned businesses who share our ethos and values. For us, it goes beyond simply supplying a product, and instead, focusing on the bigger picture.

Our corporate customers also value the stability we provide within our structure.

We see our partnerships with distributors as relationships that go beyond transactional processes and evolve into friendships, resulting in an open level of communication and trust, leading to better results all-round. Those we’ve been working with for a long time, we really do see as an extension of our sales team, rather than separate businesses. What we do through them, we simply couldn’t do alone. Beyond the practical utility of their locations – in the markets we need to reach – they bring an understanding of the local culture, language, ways of operating, and the buying process – all of which are crucial factors when selling. That is the immense added value when you partner with the right distribution partner.

For me, in my role, every day is different. I get the opportunity to speak to a diverse range of customers, requiring different products for a myriad of applications. Furthermore, driving innovation with all of these industries, and making a real change is exciting. I’m proud to be part of a UK company that’s so respected around the world, as well as having such a positive reputation in the local community.

We’ve developed and continue to expand our portfolio for everything from sports stadiums and agricultural projects, to cladding for construction and semi-finished products for sign and display.

For more information on Brett Martin and its products visit: https://www.brettmartin.com/plastic-sheets/our-products

Attributed to Ian Noble, Sales Director at UK-based plastics manufacturer Brett Martin