08 Dec 2021
Drytac guest blog - Types of inks for digital printing - Understanding how print media and ink technology work is key.

Drytac guest blog: how print media and ink technology work

My kids love visiting Roland DGA headquarters to see all the different types of printers and the cool things our inkjets can produce. They typically ask me to print on a variety of things, ranging from banners and stickers to clothing and backpacks.

Drytac maintains a close relationship with hardware and ink manufactures to ensure its products achieve the best results. As part of this close collaboration, Drytac has launched a series of ink blogs written by some of these leading businesses.

The fundamentals of getting ink to stick to any chosen media

We spoke to ink experts Fujifilm about the science of getting ink to stick to media, and to Drytac about the part that ink profiles play in optimising that process.

The pandemic has led to a rise in the use of anti-bacterial and antimicrobial products. However, users need to choose carefully in order to achieve maximum protection.

Not all antimicrobial coatings and products are created equal

The global pandemic has changed our world and society in significant ways. COVID-19 has drastically changed our perception of hygiene and cleanliness, spurring the development of films and coatings with antimicrobial performance.

Yucel Salih, Large Format Specialist, Ricoh UK, considers the lessons of 2020 and makes predictions for 2021 in the sign and display industry and beyond.

Large-format lessons from 2020 and forecasting the future

As we approach the end of another year, we have a natural desire to look back and consider how the next twelve months will pan out.

There are pros and cons in how to go about choosing inks, whether they are alternative inks, made by Nazdar or another supplier, or OEM inks.

Demystifying the world of alternative inks

Stephen Woodall, Market Segment Manager - Aqueous & Solvent Digital at Nazdar, explains the difference between alternative and OEM inks and answers some of the market's most frequently asked questions.

Bruce Ridge, Director of Technical Services at ink developer Nazdar Ink Technologies explains the traditional process of predicting colour fade on outdoor prints and how the new IMAGE system provides greater accuracy for inkjet.

A new Nazdar process for predicting colour weathering

It's important to ensure the colours in your printed graphics stay bold and true throughout the duration of the installation – your customers will rely on it – and there is a great deal of science behind accurately predicting the speed of ageing outdoors.