24 Oct 2021

Aequitas review the Chancellors Autumn Statement


On course, off course, of course…

This review of the Chancellors Autumn Statement describes the main taxation proposals and outlines their likely impact. Some are very sensible and long overdue, such as the reform of Stamp Duty Land Tax on houses. Some are more controversial, such as a power for HMRC to take money directly from a debtor's bank account. Some come into effect immediately, such as the closure of an opportunity to save tax on incorporation of a business. And some may only come into effect if Mr Osborne is returned to his job in order to put all his proposals into legislation.

The full Aequitas review of the Chancelors Autumn Statement can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here.

Topics covered include:

  • Stamp duty overhauled
  • Pension freedom
  • ISA changes
  • Goodwill cancelled
  • Defer the benefit
  • Direct Recovery of Debt (DRD)
  • Small Business Rate Relief
  • 2015/2016 Tax Rates
  • Employee Benefit Reform

There is also a full sumary of all 2015/2016 Tax Rates and changes. Click here to read the full summary.