25 Oct 2021

Applied Media supplies 'unmissable' 360 degree London Underground graphic

Applied Media London Underground

An 'unmissable' 360° station advert 'wowed' commuters and travellers as they entered the passenger walkway of London’s Oxford Circus tube station earier this week. The stunning, high impact wrap promoting Warner Brother’s UK release of the new Great Gatsby movie incorporated a unique development in digitally printed floor applied graphics to complete an all-round visual brand experience.

The large format graphic panels were printed using an efficient digital flat-bed with flexible UV cure inks which proved ideal for the polymeric base media. The printed graphics were then protected with a propriety laminate and incorporated crystalline aggregate.

The graphics system, developed by Applied Media, has effectively enabled designated floor areas within the London Underground network to be brought to life as a new, giant, out of home media opportunity now used as an integral part of the CBS Outdoor UK underground inventory.

The development at last makes the 360° experience possible within the tube network. It follows close collaboration between media owner CBS Outdoor UK, and Applied Media to gain approval from London Underground for floor applied advertising graphics.

The Applied Media product performance characteristics and technical certification, set it apart from traditional floor media. The panels which can be tessellated to any size are extremely durable under high pedestrian and even vehicular traffic, slip resistant and are easily removed at the end of a campaign without damage to or residue left on the substrate.

The Great Gatsby campaign, which fully utilises the floors, walls and ceiling to stunning effect was booked with CBS Outdoor UK by Kinetic and planned by PHD. Last month TBWA/London and Manning Gottlieb OMD had also utilised the Oxford Circus station domination experience to promote the Juke and highlight the new Nissan connect technology.

Business development director for Applied Media, Larry Walsh says, “Within the tube network we are used to seeing advertisements on the vaulted walls and ceiling. With our versatile system, which was also adopted to create unmissable branding at this year’s BNY Mellon Boat Race, we can now complete the circle and help create a full 360° experience within the underground.

“The base technology employed in our heavy duty floor graphics stems from our parent company’s highway experience who last year worked with TfL to deliver 120 kilometres of temporary games lanes for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.”

“We are delighted to be working with CBS Outdoor UK on this exciting out of home 360° advertising development, a media first now available to the industry.”

For more information, please visit www.appliedoutdoormedia.com

[Photo caption: with Applied Media and CBS Outdoor UK the 360° all round wrap has come to life within the London Underground network.]