24 Oct 2021

Audi boosts Q3 and Q7 SUV range with tailored campaign by BBH

Audi Poster Lfr

Audi is launching a new campaign from creative agency BBH to support its successful Q3 and Q7 SUV range that features copy adapted to the location of each of the three blowUP media Giant Posters in the campaign.

The copy for the huge 490 sqm Alfa Laval outbound poster on the M4 near Heathrow reads: ‘Don’t you just love the M4 corridor.’

On 200 sqm Birmingham Central it reads: ‘Don’t you just love Spaghetti Junction.’

And on the 294 sqm Brighton Approach: ‘A long drive with four children. What could be more relaxing?’

The media planning and buying agency was MediaCom and the out of home specialist Kinetic.

blowUP media sales director Aimee McKay says, “It’s great to see a leading advertiser like Audi and a top agency like BBH using the location of our Giant Poster sites as well as their scale so creatively .”