25 Oct 2021

Delta Group wins Inca IDEAS award for Snow White project

Inca Delta Group Snow White

When NBC Universal wanted an innovative walk-through entrance for larger cinemas showing the Snow White film they turned to The Delta Group, UK.

“The brief was to design and produce a large, dazzling, walk-through display which would introduce the characters to the audience and create the right atmosphere from the moment they walked into the cinema. The whole experience was enhanced with sounds and visual displays, including live action movie footage,” says Adrian York, Snr Structural Designer, Structural Design, The Delta Group.

The main challenge was the large size of the pieces to be printed and the structural 3-D design of the final display. The print registration was also critical in order to produce an accurate print of the original artwork, as was the quality of finish. Delta printed eight displays in total, each made up of around sixty different elements, onto corrugated board, FBB and clear PVC on its Inca Columbia Turbo 4-colour inkjet flatbed printer.

The display won the 3D POS category award in the recent Inca Digital Excellence Awards (IDEAs). “The design and production of this entry is a tribute to the imagination and expertise of all involved,” said IDEAs judge Stan Kilpin.