25 Oct 2021

FESPA Hall of Fame winners announced

Fespa Hall Of Fame Logo1

The FESPA Hall of Fame is the international award which recognises the leading lights of the wide format print community. After an immensely successful campaign prior to and during FESPA Digital 2012 in Barcelona, the individual votes per country in the Hall of Fame have now been counted and verified.

Over 6,000 votes for more than 400 printers in 40 countries were received for Hall of Fame and only 60 votes separated the top 5 printers.

Duncan MacOwan, Head of Events and New Media for FESPA comments, "The calibre and overwhelming number of nominations we received for printers from all over the world for the inaugural FESPA Hall of Fame has been awe inspiring. It really does underline once again FESPA’s strong international audience, and how valued these talented printers are to our industry. To have been nominated by your peers is an amazing achievement, well done to everyone”

FESPA would like to say thank you to all that have voted and congratulations to those who were nominated for their fantastic work for our industry. View www.fespa.com/halloffame to read a personal quote from the overall winners and stay posted to FESPA.com for more information on Hall of Fame 2013.

The crowned World Print Champion for the FESPA Hall of Fame 2012:

  • 1st overall: Rich Thompson, AdGraphics, (USA)

with runners up:

  • 2nd Kishore Musale, Classic Stripes, (India)
  • 3rd Birol Fedai, Sistem Printing, (Turkey)
  • 4th Keith Ferrel, Cactus Imaging, (Australia)
  • 5th Simon Pless, Erler & Pless, (Germany)

The breakdown of the FESPA Hall of Fame 2012 winners and runners up for each country:


  • 1st Keith Ferrel, Cactus Imaging
  • 2nd Martin Johnston, VE Graphics
  • 3rd Glenn Watson, AFI Branding Solutions
  • 4th Steve Allardice, Direct Image
  • 5th Bruce Rayment, Halifax Vogel Group


  • 1st Stefan Fiedler, SALON IRIS Stefan Fiedler Imaging GmbH
  • 2nd Werner Lang, Lang + Lang
  • 3rd Thomas König, Typico GmbH & Co KG
  • 4th Martin Wikturna, Trevision


  • 1st Dan Vandevoorde, X-treme creations
  • 2nd Christian Duyckaerts, FESPA
  • 3rd Marc Verdonck, GSI Printing
  • 4th Edwin Birnbaum, Wollux

Bosnia Herzegovina

  • 1st Goran Kukic, Margo Digital Printing
  • 2nd Adrijan Kurtovic, PRINT STUDIO d.o.o.
  • 3rd Osman Kucuk, SOREA d.o.o.


  • 1st Ricardo Fantini, Fantini All Print
  • 2nd Emerson Camargo, F9
  • 3rd Ricardo Nani, Fusão
  • 4th Alessandre Pi, Fixxar Print Solutions


  • 1st Mario Stoyanov, Billboard JSC
  • 2nd Alexander Tanev, BRAVO Printing Technologies
  • 3rd Vladislav Shindov, ANDREA Ltd.
  • 4th Stanislav Draganov, Piramidi ltd


  • 1st Scott Crosby, Holland & Crosby
  • 2nd Robert Murray, McRae Imaging
  • 3rd Alan Culbert, The Central Group


  • 1st Jiwen Zhang, Beijing Taipingqiao Printing Materials Factory
  • 2nd Chunlai Li, Beijing Guohe Haidali Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.


  • 1st Robert Kunstek, Print Grupa d.d.
  • 2nd Nehad Vukovic,

Czech Republic

  • 1st Tomas Novak, Astron Print s.r.o.
  • 2nd Pavel Benes, ELON Technologies
  • 3rd Nosek Vaclav, Eclipse, a.s.
  • 4th Martin Kulisek, PrintHouse Morava s.r.o
  • 5th Ivan Dolezal, Svet Tisku, spol. s r.o.


  • 1st Anders Vangsgaard, Vangsgaard A/S
  • 2nd Allan Hansen, OK Skilte & Print ApS
  • 3rd Troels Nørhede, Visuel Print AS


  • 1st Jussi Heinämäki, Seri-Deco Oy
  • 2nd Aki Alenius, LEEVIPRINT
  • 3rd Hannu Aejmelaeus, SCA Packaging


  • 1st Jean - Philippe Delmotte, Prismaflex
  • 2nd Michel Caza, FESPA
  • 3rd Jean-marie Lambert, Horizon Numeric Center
  • 4th Guy Soffientino, Kroma
  • 5th Franck Allilaire, Cottel Com


  • 1st Simon Pless, Erler + Pless
  • 2nd Andreas Thamm, Thamm GmbH
  • 3rd Helmuth Frey, Emil Frey KG
  • 4th Gerhard Worch, Kürten & Lechner GmbH


  • 1st Ioannis Arvanitis, Image Solutions
  • 2nd Solos Sokratis, Aemex S.A
  • 3rd Joseph Athanassiou, Technographiki L.T.D.
  • 4th Elias Koutoumanos, NETPRINT S.A.


  • 1st Csaba Mile, OSG Hungary
  • 2nd Peter Bannerth, ScreenArt
  • 3rd Ivan Dimitrievics, Plastiprint Kft
  • 4th Ildikó Simon, Eclipse Print
  • 5th Csaba Horvath, Budapest University


  • 1st Kishore Musale, Classic Stripes
  • 2nd Anuj Desai, Image Care
  • 3rd Kamlakar Wadekar, Ace Printers
  • 4th Amit Shah, Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd


  • 1st Ronan Conway, Print & Display
  • 2nd Nathy McIntyre, CSS
  • 3rd Fergus Murray, Universal Graphics Ltd
  • 4th Colin Culliton, The Printed Image


  • 1st Roberto Posarelli, Esanastri
  • 2nd Andrea Masserdotti, Gruppo Masserdotti Spa
  • 3rd Giuseppe De Bartolo, Pubblicità & Stampa srl


  • 1st Rafael Munoz Morales, Prodigyo Imagen Visual SDE RL DE C.V.
  • 2nd Daniel Sunderland, Serigrafica Industrial Y Comercial S.A.


  • 1st Andre America, Matrix Frame BV
  • 2nd Nico Van Straaten, VAN STRAATEN B.V.
  • 3rd Marc Schoenmakers, Dereumaux XL
  • 4th Ed Hoogendijk, Poster Publi Print Nederland


  • 1st Egil Lindberg, Serimaster AS
  • 2nd Morten Emanuelson, Mageprint AS


  • 1st Marcin Mielcarek, Masterprint Xl sp.z o.o.
  • 2nd Maciej Urban, Grawcom
  • 3rd Jacek Stencel, Pasja


  • 1st Pedro Jacques De Sousa, Impression Portugal
  • 2nd Carlos Nevoa, Ditram


  • 1st Gheorghe Baraian, Impression Graphics Romania
  • 2nd Andrei Cascaval, Media Tech Services
  • 3rd Bokor-toth Zoltan, Multi NR SRL


  • 1st Artem Nadirashvili, Midiprint
  • 2nd Aleksandr Antipyev, CRT Perm
  • 3rd Ruslan Zakirov, Ligo
  • 4th Andrey Bayduzhiy, Mir Reklamy

Serbia and Montenegro

  • 1st Sinisa Radnovic, GRAFIX
  • 2nd Djordje Mihalacki, NS Plakat
  • 3rd Dusan Golubovic, Serbian digitalprinting association


  • 1st Mojmir Bittner, Bittner Print s.r.o
  • 2nd Lubos MacKo, Willmark, s.r.o.
  • 3rd Andrej Klima, KPK Group Ltd.


  • 1st Juan Garcia Tripero, JDJSA
  • 2nd Javier Clemente, Pioner Serigrafia
  • 3rd Luis Rovira, Sundisa
  • 4th Pep Moreno Sastre, Brown Tailor, S.L.


  • 1st Torbjörn Johansson, Tobex AB
  • 2nd Anders Nilsson, Gamlebyscreen
  • 3rd Stefan Engelin, Paravan AB
  • 4th Johan Soovéer, Aare Grafiska
  • 5th Andreas Skantze, Big Image Systems


  • 1st Philipp Gloor, movingposter.ch GmbH
  • 2nd Hanspeter Spitzer, Scanwork AG
  • 3rd Sandra Jacot, ADL Publicité
  • 4th Lorenz Boegli, Atelier fur Siebdruck
  • 5th Yannick Durussel, GIGA+print SA


  • 1st Surachet Lumpaolertwilai, President Digital Media Co Ltd
  • 2nd Nicom Ruangtinnakorn, SCALA  SILKSCREEN CO.,  LTD.
  • 3rd Prapaporn Narongrit, Papawin Co Ltd
  • 4th Pirach Thampipit, Morio Co., Ltd.


  • 1st Birol Fedai, Sistem printing company


  • 1st Richard Gardner, Gardners
  • 2nd Tim Hill, Speedscreen Creative Print Solutions
  • 3rd Mark Simpson, Simpson Group
  • 4th Lascelles Barrow, Augustus Martin


  • 1st Oleg Kalinichenko, Grand Affiche
  • 2nd Andrii Kyrchanov, Eight color

United Arab Emirates

  • 1st Tareq Ali Al Jawharji, Color Lines Group
  • 2nd Rakesh Puri, Express Print Services LLC
  • 3rd Ahmad Bin Hassan Al Shaikh, Modern Printing Press
  • 4th Amit Radia, Atlas Printing Press


  • 1st Rich Thompson, AdGraphics
  • 2nd Michael Ryan, Brilliant Graphics Group/Sampco Co
  • 3rd JR Kraft, BuildASign.com
  • 4th Charlie Taublieb, Taublieb Consulting
  • 5th Harry Bowers, Drillpress LLC