25 Oct 2021

Hollywood Monster creates Cineworld Star Wars wall-graphic using CMYUK’s Utack media

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cineworld Wall Graphic (Broad St, Birmingham)

Hollywood Monster has created a stunning 15m x 4m wall graphic for Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street to help launch this year’s biggest film – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The graphic was created on CMYUK’s Utack removable textile and printed in sections on a VUTEk H2000.

Simon McKenzie, director at Hollywood Monster said: “Utack media was perfect for this installation, being easy to install as it sticks directly to the wall with no frame needed, and it will have no problem staying up for the average six weeks it will be needed for.

“The graphics look absolutely stunning, thanks to the high resolution print and Ultradrop technology offered by the VUTEk H2000 combined with the water resistant surface of the Utack, which supports stunning colour definition that’s second to none.

“The textile will also be easy to remove when the cinema needs to make a change as it comes off easily and leaves no residue to deal with.”

CMYUK director Robin East added: “Star Wars is such as iconic film franchise, it’s great to have had even the tiniest part in the launch of this new episode. We hope it ‘awakens’ more customers to the benefits of Utack!”

The graphic was printed in tiles of 4.6m x 1.3m. To watch the installation go to http://www.cmyuk.com/showroom/?video=utack-hollywood

Utack repositionable textiles are available for waterbased, solvent, UV and latex printers and are easy to print, install and remove.