24 Oct 2021

Oasis Graphic Co helps create 'iconic' interior at Pizza Express Sunningdale

Oasis Pizza Express2a

Pizza Express has worked with Quadrant Design to help create a distinctive new interior look for its Sunningdale restaurant with a combination of bespoke digitally printed wallpaper and large format canvas prints. Quadrant needed a high quality print solution, and approached print production company Andpol & Co and its collaborators in large format digital print, Oasis Graphic Co to completely overhaul the interior with an 'iconic' golf theme inspired by Sunningdale's reputation as the epicentre of English golf.

Working in close collaboration, Andpol and Oasis took Quadrant's excellent designs and produced a completely fresh new look for the restaurant. The pre-textured, digitally printed wallpaper featured an elegant Argyle pattern in lilac with black and ivory lozenges, redolent of traditional golfing apparel. A series of two-metre canvas prints in matching colours describing 'concentric circular and linear motifs, reminiscent of the flags, holes and circular striped greens familiar to all golfers' were then hung throughout the restaurant.

Mandy Jackson of Andpol was delighted with the results, and comments, "I chose to work with Oasis on this project as it always surpasses my expectations for high quality prints and service - no matter how big or small the job is. Oasis produced high quality textured wallpapers that will withstand the test of time and delivered top quality canvas prints over 2m wide. The finished piece looks exceptional and this restaurant will now be used as a flagship store for Pizza Express going forward with its upgrades."

[photos show the new 'iconic' interior at Pizza Express Sunningdale]

Oasis Pizza Express3a