23 Oct 2021

Pixartprinting makes the most of the unique features of Plexiglas

Plexiglas pixartprinting

As well as a refined appearance, Plexiglas also has several unique properties: it is pliable, shatterproof and lightweight, has excellent impact resistance, and has a high level of transparency. These traits combine to make it ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor settings and furnishings. Further confirmation of this is provided by Pixartprinting, its hi-tech printing partner, which offers a wide range of applications online that take advantage of the material's impressive versatility. The leading web-to-print company combines technical expertise in working with the medium with skilled use of the latest technology to give its clients the full extent of the material's benefits.

But what does processing polymethyl methacrylate involve? Skill, accuracy and attention to detail are essential aspects of Pixartprinting's work, guaranteeing excellent results, both in the direct printing and the finish. Available to order directly from the firm's website, in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 5 mm, the printed Plexiglas sheets from Pixartprinting have dimensions of up to 200 x 300 cm. Effects ranging from iridescence to translucence can be achieved, and customers can choose from two options: a transparent version, on which colours can be accentuated by printing a selective or solid layer of white, or a version with an opal background, perfect for backlighting. In addition, the web-to-print leader uses vertical milling machines and special blades to shape the material, producing extremely high quality products. These can be customised by uploading your own artwork through the templates available on the Pixartprinting website.

The applications of Plexiglas leave a lot of room for creativity; the versatility of the material makes it ideal for a wide range of settings and uses. For example, fully customisable plaques with spacers are available to order online, either in a classic or flag version, perfect for providing logistical instructions or simply to display your company's branding, and easy to install on company premises or in public spaces. Plexiglas® is also suitable for creating pictures, panels and decorative plaques, for beautiful displays both indoors and outdoors (guaranteed to last three years) for events, exhibitions and permanent installations.