25 Oct 2021

Print and wrap instantly. An exhibition first from Lightbar?

lightbar instant wrap

Visitors to Poland's REMADAYS 2016 exhibition were entertained and impressed by the print and apply demonstrations on the FASTCOM Plotery stand.

FASTCOM, resellers of Lightbar printers, were showcasing the instant application properties of UV Light ink technology by printing and instantly using the vinyl graphics to wrap a Smart car.

Of course, there's nothing new about wrapping a car at a trade show but have you ever seen wrap vinyl leaving the printer and being applied to the vehicle immediately? Take a look at this video and judge for yourself.

remaday lightbar wrap

Nick Wintle, Managing Director at CSL Digital, the digital print solution specialists responsible for developing and distributing Lightbar technologies, comments: “This is the first time in over 20 years of attending trade shows that I’ve seen a vehicle being wrapped with printed vinyl taken straight from the printer.”

Lightbar printers combine the very latest UV Light ink chemistry with the quality and reliability of Roland DG production technology. For the past two years or more, Lightbar printers have been gaining significant market share thanks to the print output’s enviable reputation for instant usability straight from the printer and impressive resistance to chemicals and abrasion without any form of lamination in all but the harshest situations.

Nick concludes: "Our Lightbar systems are outperforming all the competition when it comes to delivering graphics that are ready to finish, apply or ship out to customers the moment they leave the printer. Providing a same day service for durable print is an attractive proposition for any sign, display or graphics business. The ability to print, finish and apply vehicle graphics without the delays associated with out gassing is proving to be a particularly powerful motivation for businesses investing in Lightbar print technology.”

For more information, contact CSL Digital or visit www.partner-solutions.co.uk