24 Oct 2021

ROLLSROLLER is the 'Blueprint' for huge savings in time and material

Blueprint Rollsroller

Supplied and installed by UK distributor William Smith, the ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applicator is enabling huge savings in production time and material wastage at Blueprint Nottingham. The company is the leading East Midlands-based provider of large-format graphics and in particular those used for vehicle wraps, internal point-of-sale, banners and posters for which the machine has provided an ideal cost-saving finishing solution.

Founder and Director, Richard Monk comments, "The ROLLSROLLER, with its single-operator capability, is much easier to use and faster than the previous manual method of finishing employed which required two people to mask, for example, 1,220 digital prints but which can now be carried out by just one person and in a fraction of the time. The machine has saved us a lot of man hours and in view of the compact design of the applicator there is little that could be exposed to damage, leading to problem-free operation."

The ROLLSROLLER installed at Blueprint incorporates the optional illuminated glass bed. This greatly increases the accuracy with which materials (particularly those used for multi-coloured or translucent graphics applications) can be applied, leading to minimal wastage and a much higher quality of finished product.

A typical recent project undertaken by Blueprint in which the ROLLSROLLER played a pivotal part in its success was the wrapping of 600 cars with an Olympic theme, all of which required masking using the machine, added Richard Monk.

For further information, please visit www.williamsmith.co.uk

For further information on the services provided by Blueprint Nottingham, please visit www.blueprintnottingham.com