27 Sep 2021

St Ives supports Prince's Trust's record-breaking art project

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Face Britain, an 'inspired' art project developed by the Prince’s Trust Foundation for Children & The Arts, has been officially awarded the Guinness World Records™ title for ‘Most artists working on the same art installation’.

Over 200,000 children and young people across the country who took part in the art project are now officially acknowledged as Guinness World Record holders. The record was achieved by creating self-portraits and uploading them onto the Face Britain online gallery. The children’s self-portraits were then combined to form an image of HM The Queen that was projected onto Buckingham Palace for 3 nights in April, to coincide with Her Majesty’s Birthday.

St Ives Group was proud to support the project, having donated its unrivalled technical expertise, print production and a variety of print and display materials including posters, leaflets, display panels and other printed materials including the auction catalogue for the Christie’s Live auction which took place on 9th May 2012 of portraits and artwork by some of Britain’s leading artists.

Face Britain is now officially recognised as the UK’s largest ever art project, with the number of artists being certified by Guinness World Records as 201,948 contributors. At the end of the year, they will also become part of history in the making. The entire collection of portraits will be handed over to The British Library to be stored for the nation, thereby providing a lasting legacy and a vibrant snapshot of the 2012 generation.  The previous world record was set in Tel-Aviv in 2009 with 28,267 participants producing an artwork resembling the flag of Israel out of fingerprints.

“The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts is most grateful to the St Ives Group for actively supporting Face Britain that aimed to put the nation’s children and its future at the forefront of the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations” Jeremy Newton, Chief Executive of the charity said. “St Ives played a significant role in the project’s development by donating their unrivalled technical expertise, hands-on support with the mass mail-out facility to every school in the UK and the print production of a wide and complex range of resource and display materials.”

To view the record breaking portrait collection, please visit the online gallery on the Face Britain website www.facebritain.org.uk

For further information on St Ives Group, please visit www.st-ives.co.uk

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