25 Jun 2024

Executive changes within the parent company of Nazdar

Jeff Thrall has been with Thrall Enterprises since March 1980, while Dan Potts joined the business in May 2015 and has most recently held the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Thrall Enterprises (TEI), the parent company of the Nazdar family of companies, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Potts as President and Chief Executive Officer, as Jeff Thrall transitions to the position of Executive Chairman.

Jeff Thrall has been with the business for more than 40 years, playing a key role in its tremendous success and helping the company to secure its market-leading position. He has now moved into his new role of Executive Chairman on January 1, 2022.

Following the acquisition of Nazdar by TEI in 1977, Jeff was appointed as Vice President of Business Development at Nazdar in 1980. Two years later, he became President and CEO of Nazdar and served in both of these roles until 1991, when he moved to the position of President of TEI.

Jeff was appointed Chairman and CEO of TEI in 2009, continuing in this joint role until the present day.


jeff thrall executive chairman


“I have had a long and fulfilling career in the family business where I have been surrounded by great people who have contributed to our success,” Jeff said.

“I will continue in my role as Chair for the TEI Board and I also plan to Chair the newly-formed Family Council. I plan to continue to participate in the TEI strategic planning process and oversee key areas.”

Dan Potts joined TEI in May 2015 as Chief Financial Officer and, in January 2020, was elevated to his current, expanded position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Now as President and CEO of TEI, Dan will maintain these responsibilities and also lead the development of TEI’s short- and long-term strategies and policies, reporting to and communicating regularly with the TEI Board and shareholders.

Dan will continue to work closely with Randy Thrall, Vice President of Real Estate and Other Investments, to help guide TEI’s strategy with outside investments.

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