B&P Graphic Supplies goes into ‘technical insolvency’

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Lorraine Whitburn and Andrew Wilson, the directors of B&P Graphic Supplies Ltd, have announced the ‘technical insolvency’ of the organisation following a county court case with business consultancy Reprocad Ltd.  The court found in favour of Reprocad to the value of £9,908.50.  B&P Graphic Supplies (BPGS) announced its ‘technical insolvency’ in a letter to another alleged outstanding creditor – US-based Ultraflex – stating it had ‘insufficient funds or assets to go into formal insolvency’.

BPGS has several other alleged outstanding creditors.  Responding to the allegations, Andrew Wilson has stated:”They are inaccurate and some even fictitious... there is no mention of the debts owed to B&P Graphic Supplies by the individuals and companies who have made the allegations.  No mention has been made about what debts may be paid when the company’s affairs have been completed.”

In a statement provided to SignLink magazine, Peter Barton, director of Reprocad, explained why he took BPGS to court: “Having worked as a retained consultant for BPGS for over a year, developing their supplier chain and extending their business footprint, along with handling PR issues, I was hugely disappointed to see that the payment of my invoices was slipping out to months rather than days.  My entreaties for payment brought reassurances about improvements in financial arrangements and cash flow in general, which turned out to be exaggerations. After months of defending the honour of BPGS in the marketplace I found that all the promises that my invoices had been signed off and were ready to pay were untrue. I thus found it necessary to take legal action, and gained a county court judgment on November 1st 2010 with payment ordered forthwith.”

Peter Barton of Reprocad – along with other involved companies – is now considering a joint legal action to recover their outstanding debts.

Prior to the declaration of ‘technical insolvency’ by BPGS, Wilson, along with a co-director, set up another company – South West Graphics, trading as Time 2 Display UK.  Since its creation, Ian Robertson – a former colleague of Whitburn and Wilson – has taken full ownership of the organisation – with Whitburn and Wilson becoming its employees.