Canon Europe opens “The Centre” and introduces its new Océ Colorado 1640, 64” UV printer

Canon Centre print production

During a special briefing at its newly opened Birmingham-based showroom, The Centre, Canon Europe introduced the Océ Colorado 1640, its new high speed 64” roll-to-roll wide format printer built around the latest Canon UVgel, LED cured technology.

The Océ Colorado 1640 printer will have its first public presentation in EMEA at FESPA 2017, Messe Hamburg, 8 -12 May 2017. Its new UVgel, LED cured system has been developed for extreme versatility. Thanks to its ability to deliver both excellent, high speed productivity and superb print quality across a broad range of media and applications, Canon believes that the Océ Colorado 1640 is the perfect print performer for economically meeting “peak production requirements for businesses of all sizes, producing high volumes of wide format graphics within the short turnaround times demanded by clients”.

Mark Lawn, Director of the Graphic & Communications Group, Canon Europe, explained. “Demand for wide format graphic applications is booming, and graphics producers are keen to do more and seize opportunities to grow. Until now they have needed to make critical technology compromises between speed, quality and media choice. Thanks to the introduction of the Océ Colorado 1640 printer, Canon is delivering the optimal balance of quality, productivity, automation, application range and operating cost. This new UVgel printer redefines the boundaries of roll-to-roll printing, enabling graphics producers to evolve by extending their capabilities and pursuing new revenue opportunities.”

Said to be faster than any comparative printer, the Océ Colorado 1640 provides exceptional levels of productivity. It has a top speed of 159 m2/hr when printing outdoor applications such as billboards or banners; and even when operating at its highest print quality for close-up indoor applications the printer operates at an incredible 40 m2/hr. Beyond billboards and banners it is the ideal print solution for a broad range of other applications including: posters, signage, POS, window graphics, decals and bespoke wall coverings.

The printer’s low temperature LED-UV curing system moves independently of the printing carriage, ensuring consistently uniform print perfection. Its instant UV curing system aids print speed and quality, and the prints are ready for finishing or laminating without waiting for drying or degassing, ideal for jobs demanding fast turnaround and installation.

Thanks to its precision piezo print heads Canon’s UVgel ink is instantly ‘pinned’ on contact with the substrate, resulting in a highly controlled and precisely positioned dot with minimal gain. By minimising ink spread and coalescence on the media, only the required volume of ink will be printed during each pass, economically delivering rich, intense images at ultra high speed.

Oce Canon Colorado

Comparable with eco solvent inks

UVgel’s low-heat LED curing process ensures minimal media distortion and extends the range of printable substrates to include thin and heat-sensitive media. Furthermore, UVgel ink contains no water, which significantly reduces media swelling, thus helping to improve the print’s dimensional consistency.

UVgel ink provides a colour gamut comparable with eco solvent inks, but with the environmental and safety profile of latex and UV inks. The prints are durable, colour-fast and resistant to the stresses typical of outdoor applications, while the odourless and VCL-free prints satisfy the highest environmental standards for sensitive indoor uses.

Canon’s UVgel piezo printheads incorporate patented continuous nozzle monitoring using acoustic sampling to detect and correct any underperforming nozzles, virtually eliminating white lines. This allows for unattended printing and reduces wasted prints.

Productivity is further boosted by the dual-roll configuration of the Océ Colorado 1640, which enables the operator to switch between two types and sizes of media on the fly, for even faster production across mixed applications.

As with all roll-to-roll printers, an important factor in print quality and application range is the accuracy with which the printer advances the media. The printer’s top quality build provides a heavy, robust frame and operational rigidity, while its superbly engineered industrial components ensure world-class stability and precision of media handling. The system also uses an optical feedback loop that continuously monitors media advance to automatically correct subsequent step size as required.

Accelerated return on investment

The Océ Colorado 1640 is designed for a low total cost of operation to accelerate return on investment. Canon UVgel technology reduces ink consumption by as much as 40% compared with competitive technologies. Thanks to its piezo print head technology it places ink more efficiently while also significantly reducing the need for maintenance inks and removing the need for optimisers.

The printer’s automation features also reduce operator handling time by up to a third, for example by deploying a unique dual-roll media system to decrease the time required to load media. Canon claims the industrial design is geared towards maximum productive uptime with minimal maintenance intervention.

Mark Lawn concluded, “With the Océ Colorado 1640, Canon is bringing radical innovation to roll-to-roll printing, offering print service providers (PSPs) producing lower volumes an affordable step up to true production printing with rapid ROI. For PSPs already handling high volumes, it offers a uniquely versatile technology at an affordable price point.

“For a wide range of signage and graphics businesses, UVgel technology holds the key to unlocking their full potential in terms of productivity and applications range, giving them a powerful platform for profitable expansion.”

The Centre

Speaking about Canon’s newly opened showroom, The Centre, Adam Poole, B2B Marketing Director at Canon UK, said, “We’re delighted to be opening this new facility. At Canon we are committed to working collaboratively with our customers, helping them realise, understand and exploit the opportunities available in print. The Centre will play a key part in our offering and enable us to demonstrate the possibilities and how best to evolve and grow their business.”

The Centre, situated close to Birmingham International Airport, will bring together Canon’s expertise and insight, independent industry mentors and a broad range of real world applications including networking functions, training courses and partner events.

Adam concludes, “The facility will provide demonstrations of a least 14 of Canon’s top print devices as well as our wide range of leading software. Devices include the 100-page-per-minute imagePRESS C10000VP and the Arizona 1280GT UV flatbed printer as well as a selection of third-party finishing devices and 3D print.

“Professional printers face fierce competition and customers have high demands. However, print is now more powerful than ever before and The Centre will help provide support and expertise. We look forward to welcoming new and existing customers and partners to this fantastic venue.”

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