Colourgen announces positive financial year with 20% growth

jeff biggs colourgen

Colourgen has announced positive, profitable results for its financial year ending June 2015. Revenues increased overall by 20%, with all brands represented by Colourgen benefiting from the growth.

Jeff Biggs, Managing Director of Colourgen, comments: "Our results last year were very pleasing during what was for many a difficult trading year. We have adapted ourselves well to the market and we are using our resources efficiently and productively to ensure we maintain the high levels of customer service, satisfaction and loyalty that has always been our trademark."

Highlights from Colourgen's 2014/15 fiscal year include a growth in its Epson business which saw nearly a 50% increase in printer sales. "The growth in Epson business is particularly good news for us and is a result of the quality of our technical and logistics capabilities. We will continue to invest in this area to ensure further growth in Epson business," adds Biggs.

Mutoh sales remained steady with a slight increase in the number of printers sold compared to the previous year.

However, laminator sales have shown the most dramatic rise, with Colourgen increasing sales of Kala and Seal products by 124%. Biggs, "We believe this growth in laminator sales is a result of post-recession purchases with very outdated equipment finally being replaced. There is also a lot of confidence within the market for both the Kala and Seal brands."

Specialist products like the Windo Display range from FloorWindo also showed growth, up 31% on last year. Overall, consumables business grew by 15%.

Jeff Biggs concludes: "Our results reflect the fact that we are now seeing more movement as the market recovers, which is demonstrated in increased capital investments. The market remains difficult though and we will continue to add value, especially in logistics and technical. We are also focused on finding new opportunities and products to address emerging markets."