Eyelet machines and mobile storage racks added to Josero's line-up


Josero has teamed up with Hanolex to add a range of eyelet machines for banners and a mobile storage rack for media to its portfolio. These new additions to Josero's product line complement Josero’s range of printers including the superwide Redjet printer and the wide format Ecojet printer launched at Sign and Digital UK.

Josero's printers are designed to print banners, ranging in size from 1.8 metres up to 3.2 metres. The Hanolex eyelet machines will enable printers to finish their banners once they have been printed, allowing them to offer a complete service to their customers.

Josero researched numerous eyelet presses and racks before settling for the Hanolex products. Loic Delor, Managing Director of Josero comments, “We knew we wanted high quality, easy to use eyelet presses. This is exactly what we have got with the HP450 Hand Press and the PM400 Pneumatic Eyelet Machine. They are quick and simple to use and will work in one single action, speeding up the whole process for printers. The mobile media racks, which were launched by Hanolex at Sign & Digital UK 2012 are designed to hold up to 16 rolls of media on 75mm or 50mm cores, and the heavy duty castors easily support 450kg in weight. We are sure our customers will see these as strong additions to our product range.”

Mark Guttridge, Managing Director of Hanolex adds, “We’ve been established for over 25 years and high quality products along with exceptional customer service are fundamental to our success. We believe the level of service our customers expect will also be delivered by Josero.”

The past couple of years have seen Josero rapidly increase its market share in the UK professional inkjet market through a variety of activities:

  • Teaming up with Hanolex to sell the HP450 Hand Press, the PM400 Pneumatic Eyelet Machine and the Mobile Media Racks.
  • Partnering with Colourgen to distribute a range of Kala laminators.
  • Introducing the Redjet and the Ecojet solvent printers to the UK market.
  • Distributing refurbished, nearly new superwide printers at a fraction of their original price.
  • Launching new ranges of inks as the master distributor of Triangle inks in the UK and Ireland.

For more information on Josero, please visit www.josero.com