10 Aug 2022

Mid West Displays switch to environmentally-friendly inks

Mid West Displays announce switch to environmentally-friendly ‘greener’ inks.

The leading UK manufacturer of LED lightpockets has announced it will no longer use solvent inks in the manufacturer of its core product ranges after 30th April 2019. Instead it will switch to using water-based ‘greener’ inks that are less harmful to the environment.

The move requires major changes to the way the company makes their bestselling LED lightpocket range – but Mid West Displays say they are committed to increasing the sustainability of their manufacturing processes.

Their LED display products are the leading choice for estate agents and can also be seen in salons, shops and showrooms.

General Manager Clive Towe said this week “Using ‘greener’ inks is better for environment – but for us to be able to use them has meant we’ve had to change the way we print our LED lightpocket frames.”

The Shrewsbury-based display specialist previously screenprinted their LED lightpocket frames. This required the use of solvent inks. About 95% (by weight) of solvent inks is made up of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs can react with nitrogen oxides in the environment to cause low-level ozone - one of the major contributors to global warming.

Water-based inks (sometimes known as green inks) contain far fewer VOCs (about 25% by weight) and, because the ink is dried by UV-process, none of the VOCs evaporate into the environment. These inks are used in digital printing so now Mid West Displays have switched to digitally printing their frames.

The change will reduce the company’s solvent-ink use by 95%

In addition, the company believes they will use less ink by moving to digital printing – further reducing their impact on the environment further.

Clive Towe added “Changing the way we print our frames represents a significant change for the business but we feel it is an effort worth making to support the environment.”