Neschen receives Fogra certificate for digital print medium

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That Neschen's solvoprint nolite 175 CA digital print medium delivers offset quality for the LFP sector has been officially endorsed by test certificate FograCert Validation Print Creation, which states: "CA materials produced by Neschen provide results, under controlled printing conditions, that are comparable to offset prints produced according to the Fogra 39 process standard." 

The consistent uniformity of the material means that standardised production can be achieved together with certifiable print quality which, for large format digital printers, means comprehensive process reliability. 

With the CA (Colour Alliance) inkjet coating, solvoprint nolite 175 CA is an exemplary representative of all CA media in the Neschen product range and provides proof that the company's CA print media, together with the ICC profiles it has produced in-house, can meet the highest requirements.  Dependent on the print and ink systems in use, the products can therefore exactly reproduce the print conditions for commercial offset printing. 

"Thanks to Fogra, we now have it set out in black and white: With this CA quality, we have for the first time achieved a Validation Print Standard in Large Format Printing", said Sarah Janes, md of Neschen UK.  "The uniform CA coating of our digital print media therefore provides the basis for a large step forward towards standardisation in the LFP sector." 

Solvoprint nolite 175 CA is a PET composite film, approximately 175 microns thick, which is ideal for use in Roll-Up display systems.  It has been specially developed for eco-solvent and solvent inks, but can also be printed with latex and UV-curable inks. 

The film has good scratch resistance, shows excellent light-blocking characteristics, has a high level of dimensional stability and delivers impressive vibrant colours and high brilliance.  Due to the high water resistance, solvoprint nolite 175 CA is perfectly suited for both interior and exterior applications.