12 Apr 2024

Perspex acrylic production increases to meet Covid-19 demand

Perspex clear acrylic UK production increased by 300% to support Covid-19 key worker protection.

In response to unprecedented demand due to Covid-19, Lancashire based acrylic manufacturers, Perspex International Limited (PIL), have prioritised increased production of Perspex clear acrylic to fulfil requirements for protective Perspex acrylic screens across the UK and Europe.

Protective screens are set to be a familiar sight for shoppers as stores move quickly to increase protection for key workers, such as supermarket workers and pharmacists, from the growing threat of Covid-19.

Perspex Distribution Limited (PDL), operating within the same group ownership as PIL, distributes Perspex acrylic in the UK from 5 regional branches. Large PDL stock holdings enabled an immediate response to the first wave of orders, with Perspex acrylic delivered the next day to fabricators commissioned to produce the bespoke screens. This fast response supported the nationwide installation roll out at leading supermarkets within 7 days of the first order.

PDL simultaneously began liaising with the Perspex® acrylic factory to feedback the surge in demand levels and start planning distribution priorities.

“As a UK manufacturer, we believe we have an obligation to meet this demand where possible and last week we acted immediately to increase production to meet the urgent requirements,” said Bryan Welch, Operations Director, PIL. “Achieving the production volumes required in such a short time period has required the business to quickly implement new manufacturing methods and practical working changes.”

• Production schedules have been changed to prioritise the production of clear Perspex acrylic sheet.

• Production lines used for bathroom products and coloured products have been repurposed to enable production of clear Perspex acrylic.

• Shift patterns have been changed to allow for greater production capability.

As a result of the immediate factory changes, production of Perspex clear acrylic sheet has now increased by 300% compared to the same time last month.

Perspex acrylic is one of a number of materials being fabricated and installed across the UK and Europe by acrylic fabrication specialists working closely with national retailers and local small businesses.

PDL remains in daily contact with their suppliers of all clear substrates and is working with them to maximise order volumes and availability during these unprecedented times.

“We recognise the urgent requirements for Perspex acrylic to help protect key workers and keep essential stores open and will continue to work closely with our customers and suppliers to do all we can to fulfil this critical demand,” said Keith Piggott, Managing Director, PDL.

“The health and wellbeing of our staff remains a priority and PDL will continue to apply the latest government workplace health guidelines. Procedures are in place to ensure all employees adhere to the recommended social distancing and hygiene advice in the workplace and remote working has been implemented where possible.”