PRINTCafé looking for new franchisees across the UK


PRINTCafé has announced that it is looking for franchisees to extend its 'profitable and exciting' brand to new locations across the UK.  PRINTCafé is a walk-in and on-line digital printing brand which offers 'unrivalled speed, advice and service' to customers.  The brand is owned by GDL, a group of successful print businesses with many years experience within the printing industry.

The franchise specialises in photo books, printed and bound dissertations, hard back binding, posters, brochures, business cards and graphic consultation for the student and SME markets.  It also has a bespoke “Personalise” service for unique one-off customer items.

According to PRINTCafé, "In today’s difficult trading climate it can be hard to justify investing in developing new income streams for your existing print business and it can be difficult to know if your marketing and promotion campaigns are really making the mark they should.     That is where being part of the PRINTCafé franchise network can be of a real benefit as all PRINTCafé franchisees will be joining an established brand with a proven business model and can expect first rate support."

Tony Barnett, managing director at John E Wright, adds, "For minimal investment, PRINTCafé has transformed all our old tired print shops.  The brand has direct appeal to the 18-30 age group and we have become quite trendy within the local design and University communities. People come to us because they associate the brand with new ideas and a "can help" attitude.  With sharply increased sales, the result on the bottom line has been very rewarding."

Already operating in five locations across the UK, PRINTCafé is soon opening in a further 13 locations.

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