31 May 2023

Caldera addresses demand in North America with new regional headquarters

Caldera’s North American customer base will now benefit from its new regional headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Selected for its excellent geographic reach in what is proving to be a burgeoning territory for the print software developer, the offices will become the focal point of its operations in the continent and provide support and training to a growing number of clients, as well as certification and sales education for resellers.

The modern, accessible space, measuring 4,300sq ft (400sq m), includes a demonstration suite packed with Caldera’s popular RIP, workflow and digital signage solutions, and a training centre focusing on their application. As the headquarters for Caldera Inc., the manufacturer’s dedicated regional division, it will also serve as a base for resellers, providing access to a new certification programme that will ensure all printers are able to take full advantage of the extensive features and benefits of the software suite.

“Caldera has been active in the US market for more than five years now and, while some of our sales and support staff are still based locally across the country, we needed a central hub from which to base our operations,” says Ben Amor, Sales and Operations Manager for North America at Caldera. “Not only will this improve our support and helpline services, it will also allow us to deepen our presence in the market and offer a much broader service to our reseller network and end users.”

Two appointments have been made to complement this structure, adding another reference point for user support. Working with the existing team, they will extend the company’s training and certification. “We consider the training centre to be a vital part of our US facility,” explains Amor. “Our experience in meeting the extensive demand for Caldera here is that education is paramount to supporting our customers’ business models, and that, via resellers, we can open our customers’ eyes to the incredible value our software can bring to their business.”

“The US certification programme that we are developing will allow us to ensure that our resellers don’t just sell, but also support the client,” he explains. “We want to make it clear to the end user that they can expect a certain level of support, while also strengthening the relationship between the reseller and the client.”

The facility’s full unveiling is anticipated for Q4 this year, although visits to the demonstration suite are available to book immediately.