BSGA announce 2015 British Sign Awards


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The British Sign Awards 2015, organised by the British Sign and Graphics Association (BSGA), will be presented at a gala event to be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, located on the campus at Nottingham University, on Tuesday, October 13nd.

“The BSGA’s first awards, which were presented last October, exceeded everybody’s expectations in terms of entries received, support from the industry and attendance at the event,” said David Catanach, BSGA Director.

“They clearly demonstrated the need for an awards scheme which celebrates the myriad skills of sign makers and brings the whole industry together.

“Villa Park provided a great venue for the inaugural awards, but this year we are determined to make the event bigger and better and have selected the East Midlands Conference Centre as the ideal venue for an expanded event.

“EMCC is a purpose-built and equipped conference centre that provides all the facilities we need to stage an outstanding awards event, and its central location in Nottingham provides easy access from every part of the country.”

The 2015 Awards will again be presented following a gala luncheon. “The concept of a daytime event met with some scepticism when we first announced it, but the format worked brilliantly and both sponsors and visitors enjoyed it immensely,” said David. “It was hugely entertaining and proved a great success as a networking event for the industry.

“The fact that it was held during the day kept costs and the time required to be involved down for all and, as one sponsor said, it fitted seamlessly into the working week, rather than being a major interruption to it.”

Full details of the award categories and entry criteria will be published on the awards website - by the end of February together with full details of plans for the event.

The awards are open to all UK-based sign businesses and entry is free. Closing date for entries will be at the end of August. The BSGA is hoping for even more entries than were received in 2014.

“The first awards attracted over 250 entries and ideally we would like to double this in 2015,” said David. “Any sign business that has produced work they are proud of should enter. You only need to ask the winners what taking home one of these awards means to their business to get an idea of how important it is to enter”