DECAL & NetScreen present innovative solutions at SDUK 2016

Solvent-free adhesives from DECAL, Think Green and LED tech from NetScreen at this years Sign & Digital UK

Solvent free adhesives from Decal Adhesive - Think Green and LED technology equipment from NetScreen will be highlighted at Sign & Digital UK 2016.

Grupo Digidelta S.A. presents, between 19 and 21 of April, the more recent investments of these brands in the digital market of printing, graphic, decoration, textile, labelling and advertising, manufactured exclusively in their facilities at Torres Novas.

The more than 200 exhibitors coming from all over the world to NEC - National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham, consolidate the relevance achieved by Sign & Digital UK in the last three decades and this year's edition includes the Decal Adhesive - Think Green and NetScreen multi-brand stand.

Decal Adhesive - Think Green will present the new vinyl Decal Bubble Free and the textured products 'Decal.Wall Paper' and 'Decal.Wall Text', manufactured in the innovative production unit of UV cured acrylic adhesives. The brand distinguishes itself by its ecological and easily maintained solutions that revolutionise the concept of glass, walls and object decoration, without the usual costs associated to specialised support.

The replaceable vinyl Decal Bubble Free is the ideal solution for glass decoration, allowing a quick application and removal by the customer and ensuring bubble free results. Among the proposals for the decoration of walls is Decal.Wall Paper, a highly resistant wallpaper, with three FR (Fire Resistant) textures that can be applied using traditional methods. The product is 100% recyclable and does not contain plasticisers, characteristics recognised by certification from the independent German laboratory ECO-Institut.

The offer is complemented by Decal.Wall Text, a textured material (RF) that allies wall decoration to objects personalisation and differentiates customers from competition in stores, showrooms, stands and events. The environmental commitment made by Decal Adhesive - Think Green is reinforced by the combination of these products with the use of Odorless ecological paints, equally innovative because they ensure an odour free and quality printing.

The solutions presented by Group Digidelta S.A. at NEC recently arrived to the market and raise the constant concern with the development of gains for each business through their brands. The digital signalling is the novelty of this year's Sign & Digital UK edition and NetScreen's answer is based on the 100% digital technology for LED panels of standard solutions NetScreen LED Window, NetScreen LED Box and NetScreen LED Bilboard.

The digital LED panels from NetScreen are equipped with a worldwide pioneer calibration system. The new technology was developed in the only LED factory in Iberia, supported by a specialized technical team and it preserves the homogeneity and intensity of the colours that highlight the brand in the digital advertising segment during the replacement of the damaged LED modules. In case the customer demands are not limited to technology, the NetScreen LED Customized solution allows the building of LED digital panels with personalized dimensions.

Eight solutions produced exclusively in Portugal by Group Digidelta S.A. that reflect the country's entrepreneurial and innovative facet in the markets of adhesive materials and LED technology. The rest of world will have three days to confirm it at Sign & Digital UK 2016, between 19 and 21 of April.