Hands-on experience for graphic students at SGIA

Graphics students get hands-on instruction in garment decoration at SGIA

Students from the Graphic Communications Program at C.S. Monroe Technology Center stopped by SGIA Headquarters to get firsthand experience in apparel decoration.

“You don’t know how valuable your organisation and this fieldtrip are to these students,” said Pam Smith, Graphics Instructor at Monroe. “Reading it in a book is one thing, but to get your hands on the squeegee puts it all into perspective. It really is that “ah-ha” moment for them!”

The students are pulled from various high schools in the surrounding area, and were accepted into the program at Monroe through an application process. Their curriculum focuses on graphics software, print layout and graphics theory, but is limited when it comes to hands-on printing due to equipment availability. But for the first time, the students were finally able to watch live instruction — and then put it into practice on the spot.

SGIA’s Johnny Shell led a captivated audience of eleventh and twelfth graders through the basics of how to hold a squeegee all the way up to proper foil techniques. Each student left the lab with a customised T-shirt that they made themselves, not to mention fundamental experience.

Both secondary and post-secondary education is vital to the growth of our industry, and SGIA strives to support all graphics students in their endeavors. SGIA members can help, too — be sure to list your available internships as well as any and all equipment you have for donation, so schools like Monroe Technology Center can continue to educate the future specialty imaging workforce.

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