InkTec launches printer training sessions

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Focused on helping printers streamline the printing process and keep wasted print runs to minimum, the sessions will be open to printers, sign-makers and people new to the industry.

The aim is to give printers the skills and tools to enable them to print more efficiently, save time and importantly reduce costs. The first workshop will be run in association with Caldera at InkTec’s Innovation Centre in Witney on the 24th February 2016. The programme has been carefully developed to encourage open discussion, so everyone gets the most out of the workshop. Key areas being explored will include receiving the initial print files, profiling including printing with spot colours, white and varnish etc. through to achieving successful outputs. However, not limited to this, there will be plenty of opportunity for all to discuss their printing challenges and how these can potentially be resolved. Whether this is relating to the wide range of substrates available, or involving straight forward print, packaging, wallpapers, textiles, graphics or more involved creative POS.

As Joey Kim, MD of InkTec, highlights: “The nature of printing today means there is always a need to learn, as original applications and new business avenues are constantly arising for printers. It is a challenge to keep up, which is why we are endeavouring to offer courses to help printers with practical, everyday advice plus giving the skills and confidence to explore unique ways of delivering inventive new products.”

The tie in with Caldera means that many options can be explored through its user-friendly interface. Extremely fast and stable, Caldera V10’s rapidity in RIPing files matches its intuitive workflows for particular job types, plus due to its 64-bit data handling it can RIP much larger files, which opens up the options with transparencies and variable data.

As Joseph Mergui, CEO of Caldera explains, “Rather than corner users into a single type of production, it’s our mission to enable them to take advantage of printing opportunities, wherever they lie.”

However, it is not going to stop just there. InkTec are looking to run a programme of workshops, all centred on building the knowledge of printers. Not content with just doing this with Caldera, InkTec are exploring other sessions with other industry players and software manufacturers to encourage the sharing of information, skills and ideas.