innovative design & technology at the viscom World of Inspiration 2016

Working together with INRU, Karl Knauer will present luminescent packaging for supermarket shelves, based on a new technology.

Whether it’s virtual reality or luminescent packaging, the World of Inspiration will be a real eye-catcher at viscom, features all the innovations that visual communication has to offer.

Running under the thematic focus of “Finishing”, it will showcase technology, materials, design, developments, products and applications in visual communication as well as in-store and property design solutions. In fact, the entire inspirational potential of the industry will be represented here. viscom in Frankfurt will provide a great opportunity for visitors to look beyond their own corporate boundaries. It will be held in Frankfurt from Wednesday 2 until Friday 4 November.

Working together with INRU, Karl Knauer will present luminescent packaging for supermarket shelves, based on a new technology. Whereas, in the past, any luminescence has always been a matter of electroluminescence, this is now the first time that flexible, organic OLEDs are used for this purpose. OLEDs are self-radiating, wide-area light sources that are several nanometres in thickness and made from organic semiconductors. Compared with electroluminescence, OLEDs are 100 to 500 times brighter, yet require only a fraction of energy, so that they can provide constant and effective lighting for several weeks at a time. For the first time, OLEDs can now be printed, complete with all their electronic components and even batteries, while also being sustainable and recyclable. This makes them suitable for packaging, displays, POS materials, advertising media and bottle labels. Another item on Karl Knauer’s agenda will be multisensor technology. The solution presented by the company is called “Multisensors 3.0”, involving not only a person’s sense of touch but above all also our sense of smell. It uses an innovative method for the development of a brand fragrance and allows the novel, subtle and permanent attachment of that fragrance to a package.

The latest film technologies in architecture will be shown at the world of inspiration by Avery Dennison . The Avery Dennison® Façade Film makes it possible, for instance, to redecorate the façades of entire buildings in a way that is fast, clean and simple. The Avery Dennison® Wall Film Portfolio is suitable for high-quality applications in interior decorating and is available with new structured surface coatings. The film can be applied quickly and reliably. Avery Dennison also has innovative products in illuminated advertising, including the Avery Dennison® Translucent Film Series for the simple mastery of challenges in LED-illuminated signage.

Virtual reality is a forward-looking technology whereby artificially created worlds come to life and brands can be experienced on an emotional level. How exactly this works will be demonstrated by Dingsbums. The company, which is based in Osnabrück, will present, for instance, its VR goggles HTC Vivie, the Microsoft HoloLens, several other augmented reality products, 360-degree videos and a lenticular monitor. Virtual reality can be experienced at close quarters.

Exhibitors at the world of inspiration will include Leonhard Kurz, DURABLE, YUPO Europe and Letterjazz . Visitors can look forward, for instance, to Leonhard Kurz’s decoration method called Digital Metal whereby a genuine metallic shine can be added to digital prints. And DURABLE will showcase its heat- and UV-resistant panelling frame DURAFRAME which can even withstand direct sunlight of up to 70°C. It is self-adhesive, without the use of glue, and can be removed without leaving a residue. Moreover, YUPO Europe will demonstrate its innovative film-based applications for interior design purposes, called YupoTako and YupoJelly.


Daily Happy Hour

To celebrate its 30th anniversary and as a special thank-you for many years of loyalty, viscom would like to treat all visitors and exhibitors to some free sparkling and refreshing drinks. The Happy Hour will take place from 16:30 hrs on Wednesday and Thursday and from 15:30 hrs on Friday – directly at the exhibition centre, at Stand D54 in Hall 8.