InPrint 2014 to include 3D Print Forum

Inprint 3d Forum

In recognition of the growing role that 3D print technology plays within the design and manufacturing process, InPrint 2014 has announced that it will have a dedicated 3D Print Forum - a conference stream for 3D Print and Additive Manufacturing - within the show.

3D Printing utilises the same inkjet technology that has driven innovation in wide format printing and rapid prototyping is already being successfully deployed within many different manufacturing design departments around the world.  It assists the speed and production of innovation from design to production and, as such, is a compelling tool providing competitive advantage. Experts believe that the manufacturing process of the future will incorporate 3D printing within the production line, as opposed to it being deployed solely as a sophisticated prototyping solution.

As Professor Neil Hopkinson at University of Sheffield explains, “Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing is receiving a lot of interest with particular media attention on the lower cost systems that are appearing everywhere. However in the longer term I expect the higher cost, industrial systems, capable of displacing many of today’s industrial processes, will have the most profound impact on industry and society”.

The conference programme will feature speakers, experts, case studies of technology and innovation within the 3D printing sphere focusing upon 3D Print's integration into design and manufacturing.

"This exciting technology is grabbing the attention of the world, and with the recent launch of 4D Printing at the TED Conference in California in February, it makes sense for us to profile this rapidly growing area of technology and its awesome potential within the manufacturing sector to enrich the InPrint Show," concludes Marcus Timson, Co-Director, InPrint.