Ipex 2014, the first global event where 'Print meets Multi-Channel'

Ipex 2014 2

Ipex 2014 to engage with printers, brands and agencies to debate, discover and develop inspirational campaigns, creative ideas and strategies

Informa Exhibitions today announces its fresh focus for Ipex 2014, which will be the world’s first and biggest Digital, Print & Marketing Communications event in 2014. Ipex 2014 will integrate Cross Media to showcase the latest print and communications for marketing and publishing campaigns – making it the only international event that brings together the whole print and media supply chain. The organisers will also place a significant focus on delivering a comprehensive, thought provoking and inspirational content programme. This will include the World Print Summit, which will follow the theme of ‘Strategies & Practices of Outstanding Leadership in the Challenging Business of Offline and Online Marketing’, where thought leaders from within and surrounding the print industry will come together to address the big issues and opportunities they face.

The conclusion to shape Ipex into a thought leadership event for the print-centric multi-channel marketing communications industry was made following a review of the results of an independent global market study during Q4 2012. AMR International carried out the research on the key trends impacting the industry and the events that serve it. 114 Qualitative telephone interviews were followed-up by an online survey which elicited 1600 international visitor responses, with the geographical spread representing the UK, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The results of the research clearly emphasised seven key trends impacting the graphic communications industry:
•    consolidation in the Print Service Provider community in developed economies
•    offset is changing
•    the rapid rise of digital
•    printers offering non print-related services
•    growth in printed packaging
•    growth in emerging markets
•    interest in multi-channel marketing communications

The findings have been used by Informa Exhibitions to produce a White Paper*, which provides an executive summary and detailed overview of the research results, its conclusions and future direction of Ipex.

“Informa Exhibitions is 100% invested in Ipex 2014 to ensure we respond to supplier and industry feedback and deliver a world-class international event that truly reflects and addresses the needs of the market it represents,” states Informa Exhibitions Managing Director, Peter Hall. “Ipex 2014 will reflect the medium-term future for graphic communications in developed markets as well as emerging markets in the coming years by placing a clear emphasis on digital and cross media technologies, strategies and solutions to effectively promote the power of print media and its integration in the marketing mix.”

Keith Dalton, Managing Director, Fujifilm Graphic Systems UK: “It is great to see an organiser committed to delivering a print-centric event, but with a strong multi-channel focus, as it is exactly what I believe Ipex’s exhibitors and visitors will respond to and what the industry needs.”

During the Ipex Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting on 24th January, which was attended by a number of major exhibitors, this focus was discussed and agreed. As part of this, Informa tabled for discussion the duration of Ipex 2014. The decision of the committee was to reduce the duration of Ipex 2014 to six days (Monday 24th March – Saturday 29th March 2014).

Trevor Crawford, Event Director, Ipex 2014, says: “Ipex is moving from being a general print event to a highly focussed multimedia experience promoting the essential role of print. It is driven by an impressive content programme to inspire print service providers to add value and increase profitability, and recognise the importance of collaboration with end users. This is an exciting development in Ipex’s history and now offers a unique visitor experience in an unrivalled new major destination, London.”

He continues: “Now that Ipex has a clear digital and print communications direction, the logical conclusion would be to change the dates so that the multi-layered content programme can run throughout the event. After careful review of the research and consultations with the IAC, the decision was made to reduce the days to bring it in line with other major industry events today and ensure that we deliver a dedicated, ‘must-attend’ event that meets the needs of senior decision makers.”

Rapidly growing interest in blending print & digital media chimes with Informa Exhibitions’ established connection with multi-channel marketing communications and its successful launch of Cross Media in 2012. Cross Media provides the latest opportunities, technologies, case studies and seminars to address how brands and the creative, marketing, print and publishing communities can maximise the effectiveness of their communications to deliver a higher return on marketing investment. With the Cross Media event integrated with Ipex 2014, the Ipex 2014 will attract a wider audience than ever before.

Neil Bather, Managing Director, Transeo Media Ltd, states: “Representing DirectSmile, we are delighted with the integration of Cross Media into Ipex 2014. The ExCeL International Exhibition and Conference centre in London is right on the doorstep of London’s 400,000 strong creative industry, providing Ipex 2014 exhibitors with the opportunity to also speak to their customers’ customers. This is something that’s becoming more and more important every day.”

Commenting on the new direction of Ipex 2014, David Preskett, President of Ipex 2014 and European Professional Print Director, Canon Europe, says: “The enthusiastic support of the IAC and the global industry report will provide the Ipex team and Informa Exhibitions with the confidence to further develop the new initiatives and to continue investing in Ipex 2014 as it evolves to meet the print and multi-channel needs of the printing industry.”

“Content is king, and Ipex’s decision to provide the World Print Summit with international keynote speakers is to be applauded,” says Frank Tueckmantel, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, EFI. “I have no doubt that it will act as a major draw for international visitors seeking solutions and guidance on the future direction of their operations.”

Graham Moore, Director Business Development, Ricoh Europe, adds: “As leading suppliers we have been responding to the accelerating shift in focus of the industry to meet customer and end client needs. Informa Exhibitions’ response to the feedback is just what the industry needs to meet these changing requirements. As a result of the new plans for Ipex 2014 we look forward to an event that will be very different from 2010 for our visitors, with a broader solutions and services focus to enhance the added value of print at the core.”

Tim Webb, Executive Director, Picon comments: “I am delighted to see that Ipex is taking a leadership position in re-focusing the event to reflect the changes that our members and their customers are seeing in their businesses every day. I have every confidence that these new initiatives will result in a highly successful Ipex 2014.”

Brian Filler, President, Screen Europe concludes: “Screen welcomes the new initiatives that Ipex has undertaken to create a strong and vibrant event which is designed to meet the needs of this fast moving industry on multiple levels.”